Saturday, October 3

unsaid 1


Hala Sara, shlonech?

*shyaby hatha...tawny kint weyah bljam3a. i hate formalities...i wish he could just say alo flana aby blablabla*
Wallah tamam el7amdella, enta shlonk ?

Mashy el7al...

*whats with the silence...9ij shyaby hatha...he's still quiet...awkwaaaaaard...t7acha!! alooooo!*
Thats good to hear

Sarooona, bghait a6lb mnch 6alab

*saroona?! mn 9ija hatha? shfeeh m6aye7 elmyana khair?

erm...eb9ara7a ana shway metwaheg eb course elcalculus oo I was wondering if its okay if you can help me with it

*now things are making sense...sarooona hathy ma 6la3at ghair for the pruporse of ass-kissing*
ee sure...which lectures do you need help with?

Eb9ara7a, ana mo fahem wala kelma from the entire course...

*hala wallaaaaaaaaah*
Oh, I see

Look, I know ena its too much ena you help me with the entire course, bs ana adry enich tdreseen bl library sometimes...fa if I wont be intruding, I'd like to join you, oo etha twahagt eb shay, I can ask you oo akhaleech tkamleen derastch , fahmatny?

*ya7laila he already has a plan, I dont even have to think of anything...oo chenna its not so bad either?? Yes?? No??*
Sounds good to me

Bas akeed mara7 a2atheech this way?

*ofcourse you will!! I enjoy my solitude! why do people ask rhetorical questions? I wonder how he'll react if I say ee*
Ofcourse not, eshda3wa 3laik! Dont worry about it!

Great! 3ayal meta ma btro7en, let me know. Oo etha tgdreen a little bit before that, ya3ny not spot on 3shan azaheb 3umry I'd really appreciate that

*6arar oo mshar6 el2akh?*
Inshallah dear...will do

Khalas 3ayal, akhaleech al7en...have a good night

*elnas ygoloon thanks ya 7mar* too

this is something i've been contemplating for a while...
maybe it'll be something and maybe not, but i like the diversity it will give me and i seem to be getting lots of inspiration for it...
what do u think? i could alternate posts between this and contrasting realities for diversity's sake ;)