Saturday, August 22


awwal shay mbarak 3laikom elshahar oo kil3am wentaw bkhair...oo inshallah yen3ad 3laikom b2alf 9e7a oo salama ;**

you guys confused me with your results! al7en the results of the poll says ena u guys want short posts, bs the results of the comments say ena u want long posts! fa al7en im confused! lol!

so i decided ena i will only take into consideration the results of the comments since i can actually see people's points of view hny and what they have to say...

so again, i ask the same question...taboon short frequent posts wla long occasional posts?

please leave your answer in the comments box 3la this post or the previous one!

oh, and for the people who were wondering about my long & short posts...basically short is the last two posts...and long is everything else lol ;)

i know ena fe e7temal kbeer an6ag 3la what i'm about to say next, bs i might (keyword: might) be taking a break from blogging in rmthan. i just feel like i dont want to waste a single minute of this month and that i wanna dedicate all my time to God. again, i'm not sure whats gonna happen, bas i'm giving you a heads-up incase i disappear hehe

may your month be filled with forgiveness and peace ;**

Wednesday, August 19

choose wisely ;)

bema ena ana t3abt weyakom...i've decided to let you guys choose what you want ;Pp

here's the deal:

i can either write one long post once a week
several little post (like the past 2) every day or every other day or something

fa entaw think about it oo vote either here or on the poll on the right ;)
or leave a comment...kaifkom ;)

oo inshallah the next part will be after the poll closes next week, and according to what you guys want =)

Tuesday, August 18

Contrasting Realities 28

I opened the door to be faced by an empty room, save for Layla’s suitcase sitting on top of her bed and a couple of shopping bags laying around it. I stepped into the room to look for Layla, only to realize that she was in the bathroom. Moments later, she stepped out.

To say that her face was achromatic would be an understatement.

When she saw me, her eyes instantly filled up with tears, just like mine.

“Haya” her voice broke as a single tear rolled down her cheek.

“My Lilly” I felt my own tears rolling down my face as I walked over to her and wrapped my arms around her. She placed her head on my shoulders and I felt the warmth of her tears on it as I heard her gasp for air. I held her tighter and patted her hair and back.

“Shhhhh…bas galby bas bachy”

“Haya she’s in the hospital oo ana mo weyaha…what kind of daughter does that make me?”

“Lilly galby 3umry…there was no way you could’ve known this would happen”

“Ee bs that doesn’t matter! She’s there now oo ana hnee oo ehya broo7ha” she said in between sobs.

“Baby Lilly don’t blame yourself for this…hathy mashee2at rabbich”

“I should be there Haya I should be there” she gasped loudly, “eli eli….eli 7ata lma they called and told me and I figured I had to go back, I couldn’t go back empty handed and I went and bought her the things eli wa9atny 3laihom” and she broke down into my arms as she lost her balance. I supported her till I got her to lie down on the bed.

Placing her head on my thigh, I sat stroking her hair and calming her down for what seemed like an eternity. I only realized that she had fallen asleep when she had stopped sobbing, yet her gasps for air continued even as she lay asleep on my thigh. I looked at her, and it just broke my heart to see her like this.

The worst feeling in the world is to watch someone you love in pain, and realizing that there's absolutely nothing you can do about it.

My thoughts were interrupted by Layla's ringing phone. She immediately sprang up from the bed and, in a split second, was halfway across the room, picking it up from the nightstand. After taking a look at the name flashing across the screen, she took a deep breath, let it out and then answered.

Monday, August 17

Contrasting Realities 27

I promised a post within a week, and sure enough i started writing, bs...erm...there was a slight complication...
im now on page 13, oo im nowhere near done lol!
oo elmshkela ena 9ar wayed, fa its become confusing when i wanna go back and alter or change something =\
fa i decided i'll start posting it in little parts instead of duf3a wa7da 3shan a6al3a mn my head cz i keep overthinking things when its unpublished!
VERY short i promised a post within a week, and here it is =D

I got into the elevator and went up to our suite. Before slipping my key-card into its slot, I tried to listen by the door and find out if anyone was in there, but I heard nothing. I cursed under my breath when the key-card gave me a red light, and swiped it a second time. I felt the handle give way and I pushed the door open, walking into the suite.

M7ammad was standing next to the sofa with a bewildered expression on his face and the remote control in his hand. His face was drained of color, and exhaustion filled his eyes.

Oh, how I missed those piercing baby blues…

There were a few minutes of awkward silence as we both stared at each other blankly.

The tension was growing. The longer I looked into his eyes, the more I felt uneasy, and the longer the silence lingered on, the bigger the lump in my throat grew.

Memories started coming back to me. Guilt started coming back to me. Tears started coming back to me. I decided to break the silence to stop myself from crying.


“W3ailakom elsalam walra7mah”

A loud thump came from the direction of my room. I turned my head to look at the closed door for a few moments before I turned back to him.

“Layla da5el?”

“Ee…” he paused hesitantly, “…umm…she’s packing”

“SHINO?!” I spoke, not realizing how loud my voice would come out.

“Umm…daggaw 3laiha mn lkuwait…galoolha her mother 6ay7a mareetha oo nayma blmustashfa”

I stared back at him, speechless and expressionless.

Another loud thump came back from my room, snapping me back to reality. I turned and started walking towards the room.

“Haya?” he called out my name as I walked away.

I turned around to look at him and was faced by a dubious M7ammad.

“Erm…listen…erm…you know…about ummm….you know,” he paused, “erm…earlier –“, he spoke while fidgeting with his fingers, not once making eye contact with me.

“M7ammad,” I interrupted him as he looked up at me questioningly, “mo wagta al7en hal7achy” and I left him standing in the middle of the room as I walked away from him.

Monday, August 10


adry adry 6awalt eb ghaba2 lai darajat enha m9a5at oo if i were you chan ma a36eeny wayh kilish =/

bs wallah i had my reasons =(

this hopefully means im back, oo im gonna start writing again soon, fa expect a new post within a week inshallah

did i mention i was very very sorry? =(
sam7oony! =(