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Monday, August 9

Contrasting Realities 33

ok recap saree3 ;p

haya is on a business trip with hottie snobby m7ammad in london, and because of a grudging rana (the secretary) is stuck sharing a suite with him, making her see a whole new side of him

m7ammad flirts with her chenna el3eed...3abboud calls her marra zaffha oo hung up on her ;p

layla comes to london for 2 days, but is called back to kuwait because her mother is sick. she tells haya that m7ammad has always had a thing for her, but that he was told to stay away from her.

haya is slowly falling for m7ammad...they kiss, then she freaks out and leaves the suite...m7ammad follows her and tells her he loves her blabla. the lonely-and-inlove haya decides to give him a chance to see if things would go anywhere

adry wayed kharboo6a....bas this is just to jog your memory loool ;p

i know this post is kinda slow oo mako wayed action, bas i need it to kinda 'jog' my writing too since i havent written in so long...bas it still has tiny little hints that will serve a purpose later ;)

so do enjoy! ;**

ps: mbarak 3laikom elshahar ;**


Wrapped around each other, we walked back to the hotel in complete silence under the pouring rain. The only thing other than our bodies that was keeping us warm was the aura of the love surrounding us. It was strange how I no longer felt sparks or butterflies, but how the peace of it all still intoxicated me.

When we walked into the hotel, we were dripping from every side. Still wrapped around each other though, we couldnt care less about the stares we got or about our squeaking footsteps on the marble floor as we headed to the elevator. Moments after we stepped inside our room, 7amood spoke with his hands still wrapped around me.


I didnt reply.


"Say it again" I turned to face him as he embraced me.

"Say what again?"

"Eni 7abeebtik"

He smiled, and softly kissed my lips. I closed my eyes and felt the rush.

"7abeebty..oo 3umry...oo 7ayaty kilaha"

I smiled shyly.

"Lazem tdish tetsaba7 oo tbadil 3shan la t6ee7 mareeth" I said, running my fingertips around his face playfully.

"7ta entay"

"Khalas 3yal netsaba7 oo we meet here for dinner again?"

"Eli yray7ich 3umry...bas I'll miss you"

"7amoood...dont be cheesy" I teased.

"I'm not wallah...I dont wanna lose a single moment of you Haya....I've waited so long for this"

"Its just a t9er daloo3" I said as I broke free from him, but he held my hand and I bounced right back to my place.

"Enzaaaaaain ana 3indy e8tera7..." he said as he brought my hand to his lips, "dam ena ana ra7 atsaba7 oo abadil, oo entay ra7 tsab7ain oo tbadleen..." his voice came down to a very low and oh-so-sexy tone, "shrayich nitsaba7 oo nbadil m3 ba3ath? Nwafir may 3al a8al" he said as he raised his eyebrow at me in amusement.

"Eglub wayhik zain" I said as I lightly punched his chest.

"You cant blame a guy for trying" he kissed my palms once more.

"Yala 7abeeby 3shan ma nimrath"

"Zain 3a6eny bosa"


"Hayooyaa.." he whined and gave me his puppy eyes, "yala 3ad!! Lazem shay y9aberny through my shower"

"Laa mako...dont get too used to this. I'm not that type of girl" i looked down feeling guilty, "I know this is wrong and I think my conscience was a sleep today"

"That means its still asleep for a few hours till the day ends" he whispered into my ears, "so what do you say to the shower offer?"

I gave him a death look.

"Fine fine...lets shower oo we'll discuss the conscience issue ba3dain" he said as he let me go.

"Mafeha discussion" I said as I stuck my tongue out and walked away.

I took the longest hottest shower I ever took, using my favorite shampoo and shower gel to wash both my hair and body three times. Even after I stepped out and put on my purple Juicy tracksuit, I still felt very cold. I decided to blow-dry my hair instead of letting it air dry.

A few minutes after I turned on the blowdryer, I heard knocks on my door. I turned it off to hear.


"Ya3ny btkhaleeny bro7y oo btsawen sha3rich?"

"Bas ga3da anashfa mmo ga3da asawy feh shay"

"Zain ta3aly saweh eb dary" I heard a naughty tone in his voice.

"Laa mako"


"Ok 3ayal khal9y oo ana bara. shino taben takleen?"

"Laa maby akil shay mo yo3ana"


Less than 10 minutes later, my hair was dry and I went to join him. He was lying on the sofa, wearing a light cotton shirt than nicely flattered his torso and sweatpants. I stood at the foot of the sofa and stared at him.

"Mn 9ijik enta?"


"Mo bardan?" I said through my velevt tracksuit that was zipped all the way up to my neck. I sank inside it a little more as I spoke.

He gave me one of his happy smiles. The ones I've only seen in London, but never back in Kuwait.

"Ta3aly 3umry"

"Wain ayee?" I asked in confusion.

"Hnee" he opened his arms up to welcome me, "3la 9adry...ana adafeech"

I did as I was told and placed myself into his arms. He wrapped his strong arms around me and rubbed them against mine to warm me up. Suddenly, all the events and exhaustion of the day hit me. Layla's departure, the unbelievable rush of tangled emotions, the rain, our intoxicating kiss under the rain.

As his warmth radiated to me, I closed my eyes to take it all in.


"mmm..." and that was the last thing I remembered before I drifted into deep sleep.

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