Monday, August 17

Contrasting Realities 27

I promised a post within a week, and sure enough i started writing, bs...erm...there was a slight complication...
im now on page 13, oo im nowhere near done lol!
oo elmshkela ena 9ar wayed, fa its become confusing when i wanna go back and alter or change something =\
fa i decided i'll start posting it in little parts instead of duf3a wa7da 3shan a6al3a mn my head cz i keep overthinking things when its unpublished!
VERY short i promised a post within a week, and here it is =D

I got into the elevator and went up to our suite. Before slipping my key-card into its slot, I tried to listen by the door and find out if anyone was in there, but I heard nothing. I cursed under my breath when the key-card gave me a red light, and swiped it a second time. I felt the handle give way and I pushed the door open, walking into the suite.

M7ammad was standing next to the sofa with a bewildered expression on his face and the remote control in his hand. His face was drained of color, and exhaustion filled his eyes.

Oh, how I missed those piercing baby blues…

There were a few minutes of awkward silence as we both stared at each other blankly.

The tension was growing. The longer I looked into his eyes, the more I felt uneasy, and the longer the silence lingered on, the bigger the lump in my throat grew.

Memories started coming back to me. Guilt started coming back to me. Tears started coming back to me. I decided to break the silence to stop myself from crying.


“W3ailakom elsalam walra7mah”

A loud thump came from the direction of my room. I turned my head to look at the closed door for a few moments before I turned back to him.

“Layla da5el?”

“Ee…” he paused hesitantly, “…umm…she’s packing”

“SHINO?!” I spoke, not realizing how loud my voice would come out.

“Umm…daggaw 3laiha mn lkuwait…galoolha her mother 6ay7a mareetha oo nayma blmustashfa”

I stared back at him, speechless and expressionless.

Another loud thump came back from my room, snapping me back to reality. I turned and started walking towards the room.

“Haya?” he called out my name as I walked away.

I turned around to look at him and was faced by a dubious M7ammad.

“Erm…listen…erm…you know…about ummm….you know,” he paused, “erm…earlier –“, he spoke while fidgeting with his fingers, not once making eye contact with me.

“M7ammad,” I interrupted him as he looked up at me questioningly, “mo wagta al7en hal7achy” and I left him standing in the middle of the room as I walked away from him.


Anony said...


Anony said...


kil hal na6ra o bs hal jumleteen :@

Anonymous said...

That was tooooooooooooooo short ;( il7adath ilwa7eed ili 9ar uhwa ina she came back! That was like extra short ya3ni egoulun mn 6awal il'3aibat yab il'3anaym...wain '3animich mashouf.ha??

A Journal Entry said...

ma hagait hal short! ;p

Anonymous said...

abaiih! 9ig post gi9eer bas wayed 7ilw. plz la t6awleen 3alaina.

Anonymous said...

ag9ar ag9ar !

Halaa;* said...

hahahaha okay imlaughing about the ppl suprised 3an how short it is bss i loved the post please keep them presistent thannkksss;**

Pearla said...


Aurous said...

it's a start... which is good :D
bs ma ra7 etna6rena week kamel for the next part, 9a7? ;p

Starlight<3 said...

As much as you rock my socks, my friend this post was waaay too short.

You know how addicting M7ammad gets, it's not very healthy to keep us waiting so long.

I expect a new post soon.


ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...


ambaih shakly ban6ag elyom lol ;*

bs wallah im posting elyom ba3ad...oo hopefully (hopefully being the keyword) on a daily basis ;)

yooy said...

hahaha wa3alaya shway shway 3ala dandoon !
allay ilyoum you'll post ba3ad!
anasa! i cnt wait !! =)

Anonymous said...

MA9ADDIG!!!!! YABBIBOO YA NAS YA 3ALAM!! DANDOONS BAAACK!! ;p bas tara too short >:l

Glowing Aura said...

Finally ! but short indeed ya3ni basically you said she went up to her room ...sick mother , m7med shutted up ...the end-.-

but but but YOUR BACK AND YOU FREAKIN POSTED ! thats awsome ! at last 3al a8al sema3na shey mn m7ammed !!

missed ya alot yabooch ente t5tfeen mn el5a6r mara we7da chee !

Dandoon said...

r u freakin kiddin me ....

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

ambaih shakly 9ij ban6ag lol ;Pp

Carpe Diem said...

Can't believe I didnt know you updated :O.
I was so swamped, breathing was a difficult task.
Will comment more on next one.
Off to read ;)