Monday, November 9


so this basically is why i've been away for so long...bas if you wanna find out more details and read the whole post, click here =)


I hate sixth year.

I'm so overloaded with work, its not even sad anymore. Its just pathetic. I dont have time to do ANYTHING. Between oncalls, lectures, presentations, PBL's and case reports, wallah el3atheem and I kid you not, I have to CREATE time to squeeze in my showers. I dont even have time to study. Its just work overload. Assignment wara assignment, oncall wara oncall, case wara case...its just ridiculous.

I'm drained...and honest to God I'm having second thoughts about this whole medical school shit.

So even though i'm overworked and underpaid, and even though i'm having all these doubts and second thoughts, i'm gonna assume i'm PMSing (cz ironically it really is that time of month) and thats where all this garbage is coming from...

or maybe cz I got a few comments over the past few weeks eli 3awraw and I realized that I missed you guys way WAAAAAAAY too much;**

sam7oony 3al g9oor...i'll post and comment whenever I can =)

but until then, I shall now go finish my lunch (thats right...lunch) then go lay my very tired body on my bed and hope I catch a few good hours of sleep before the cycle begins again tomorrow morning!

i miss spilling like this...

and i miss you guys much more than you could imagine or than I ever thought I would ;**


Captivated said...

7aram! i feel for u.. both my sister and brother have been in ur place fa 7addddiii fahma! allah y3eenechh wewafgech! Oo kelma u go through a rough time, just remember the reason eli dashaitay 6eb oo let it be ur motivation. e7na we'll wait for u whenever u can enshalla... and good luck with everything;*

Shushu said...

U r a med. student!!
That is soo cool :Pp
3adee.. inshallah one more year other that this one w tiftakeen !!
and We miss you too!!
try ur best to post.. but dont feel pressured at all!! :)

Standy said...

waraki waraki ya dana o el zaman 6aweeel ;)
you wont get rid of us that easily =p

missed you like crazy!

Anonymous said...

.•*Silent Reader*•.

Awww allah yi3eenich i wouldn't how to even tolerate this much pressure on me especially with my period i'll end up breaking down XS i wish u the best and hope u'd post whenever ur free :S

until then (hopefully) NEXT POST PWEEEEZ ^_^

Anonymous said...

we miss u tooo!

weeeh ya3nee ma tin9i7een med school.. is it THAT tiring :/

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

thanks love ;*
i appreciate the support wallah ;**


wallah i am trying, bas everytime i do try, i just fall asleep on my laptop mn kithr elta3ab :(


me loves you ;**


do u have any idea how much comments from my silent readers make me smile? =D

shayfa lebtesama wla la2?! =D

i think that post was a breakdown from my period lol
bas el7amdella im feeling much better now =)


mary poppins,
wallah its very demanding =/
i mean, its really nice and interesting as well, bas it really is demanding, physically, mentally and emotionally =)

bas i love it! =D

aned i miss you! ;**