Sunday, July 25

another him

He didnt look like him.
He didnt have the same hair.
He wasnt as tall or as dark.
He had a narrower chin and a sharper nose.

He didnt dress like him.
His shirts were much tighter and jeans much skinnier.
He biceps were much less defined and his chest less warming.

He wasnt him.

She knew it and she didnt have to look twice to confirm.

But something about him struck her as familiar....

The way he walked?
His confidence?
His Ray-Bans?

The way he smiled?
His arrogance?
His tan?

She didnt know....she just couldnt quite place her hands on it.

He wasnt him.

But was he another him?

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Taha Yusuf said...

WOW this is perfect one
i really liked it, it is full of passion
keep it upppppppppppppppppp