Sunday, January 31

when she missed him the most...

It was late at night that she missed him the most. 

Not after a long day at work when everything fell apart in one go, and she broke down because she had no one to pull her out of it with. 

Not after her best friend told her point blank that she was a spoilt brat who got everything she wanted, somehow not managing to see through the tornadoes inside her. 

Not after she'd had a huge fight with her family about the guy who is proposing to her, while she was still thinking of him. 

Not after she'd called her brother because she'd felt so terribly alone, but who was too busy with his friends to notice her cry for help. 

Not after she went out for her solo coffee while surrounded by couples and friends, but still managing to make a good night out of it despite the mess that was her day.

She was one tough cookie. All that she could handle by herself. None of that broke her.

But when she lay in bed for hours late at night...
When tears filled her eyes because sleep couldnt...

She would remember how she used to wake him up in the middle of the night, and hear his husky voice.




"Ok. T9ba7 3ala khair 7abeeby. I love you" 

"Love youhmmmmm....."

And just like that, she would fall asleep to the sound of his breathing. 

And that....

That was when she missed him the most.


Madliar said...

OMG where have you been *sigh*
I've missed these old blogs i used to read, what a coincidence refreshing the dashboard and a new post from you appears :D

doona said...

Hey! I'm surprised anyone still reads actually!
I guess times have changed but i was here and i was reading and i thought its been a while since i've written something! Such a shame that everyone left :(

Fofa Al Ali said...

Pls update the story 😭😭

Anonymous said...

Are you gonna finish the old blog

shaikha aljar said...

Are gonna finish your own blog

doona said...

who knows:)

Reem Luq said...

Please finish your story ! You're a great writer im so captivated!

M said...