Wednesday, February 11

Contrasting Realities 17

We were just about to grab a bite when M7ammad’s phone rang. He put it on speaker when he saw it was Layla.


“Hallah wallah eb Lilly! We9altay?”

“Ee I just got into a taxi and am heading to the hotel now”

“7amdella 3asalama. 6ab3an ma yebty A7madooo weyach?”

“Madree galolek we’re here on a holiday for M7ammad & his bestie?”

“Afaaa!! Kint agoola la t5aleeha tsafer broo7ha...geltla adree murtek bs ana maly she’3l feeha…ent ta3al deer balek 3aleha”

“9ij? Ya3ny moo ta3al eg3ad weyay 5al ngezz eb London?”

“Meno? Ana? Gazz?”

“Ee ee mskeen ent wallah mathloom. Loo ent sha59eyan ma tyee oo tgooly 3n swalfek kan momken a9adeg” she said teasingly.

He gave her a nervous laugh and blushed just a little.

“Balash fadaye7 odam elnas!” he said in the funniest Egyptian accent I’ve ever heard.

“Nas meen? Haya?”

“7amdella 3asalama Lilly”

“Allah ysalmch 7beebty. I tried calling your phone bas madree shfee! You forced me eny anazel mn mostaway oo adeg 3la hal ahbal” she teased.

“Zain 7eshayy mn waray mo che ashkara eb wayhy!! Bagool 7ag a7madooo!”

“5al ashofk bs al7en oo nshoof shino bngool 7ag a7madooo!” she said in an evil voice, “entaw wainkom?”

“Tawwna m5al9een oo we were gonna go for lunch. Bs damich hnee, we’ll meet you in the hotel oo we go eat together”

“5alas ashoofkom hnak 3ayal”

We made our way back to the hotel to meet up with Layla. It was around 5pm now. We both changed into jeans and sweaters, and sat infront of the muted TV, making conversation.

“Tadreen this sofa ma ra7 tkafeena lma Layla tyee”

“Ee wallah 9ij. Lazem a7ad yeg3ad on the floor.” I teased.

“Orrrr…” he said as he picked up the phone, “…we could just call the reception and ask them to bring another one in”

Why didn’t I think of that earlier?!

Better yet, why didn’t he think of that earlier?

My thoughts were interrupted by the knock on our door.

“That was fast” he said as he opened the door. Layla stood in the doorway with her luggage. “Nawwar l suite!! Hala eb Layla eli yaya bdoon A7madooo”

“Ennas tgool 7amdella 3asalama” she said as she elbowed him, pushing him aside. The concierge followed her with the luggage. “Haya! Ambaih eldawam bedoonich mo shay!” she came over to me and gave me a big, warm teddy bear hug.

I hugged her back tightly. Even though Layla and I weren’t very close off-hours, she was my favorite colleague during work. When I first started in our company, she was the single most helpful person in the company. She made sure I knew exactly how things were and that I was comfortable all the time. As time progressed, our relationship got stronger and we managed to become closer. We would go out to eat, or go shopping if we had nothing to do at work.

But somehow, we rarely made it past working hours. Partly because I was too wrapped up in 3abboud after-hours, and partly because she was too wrapped up with her husband, too. She did invite us a couple of times for get-togethers at her place, but I always managed to make up an excuse since I couldn’t stand the thought of seeing M7ammad, her husband’s childhood friend, when I didn't absolutely have to.

She finally let go of me.

“I’d kiss you bs I know you’re not a big fan of that”

“You know me too well, Lilly” I winked.

“So how’s everything been? How have you guys been?”

“Wallah all good el7amdella. How are things back in Kuwait?”

“Not so good wallah. Nasser is really struggling with everything. I hope things turn out well” she paused for a moment. ”Enough with that, 5anroo7 nakel! I slept throughout my flight oo mo metrayga!”

“Wain tabeen?” M7ammad asked her, not looking at me.

“Wherever, I just really need to eat right now”

M7ammad rushed towards the door, and we followed behind him. He held the door open for Layla as he spoke to her.

“So shlon A7madooo?” he said, stepping infront of me as soon as she stepped out of the door, unannounced. I stopped in the middle of my step to allow him through. It didn’t help that he didn’t hold the door for me after he walked through.

What the hell was that?

As we walked towards the Chinese place at the end of the street, I noticed that M7ammad didn't do so much as look at me, or direct any of his conversation towards me. It looked as if he was completely sucked into her world, paying attention to every little thing she said. I’ve never seen him act this way around her before. If I didn’t know any better, I would’ve thought he had a thing for her, but I knew that was just about as logical as flying pigs.

When we got to the restaurant, M7ammad quickly sat next to Layla, leaving only the seat opposite hers for me to sit in. He sat there discussing what they would have with her, completely ignoring my presence. When Layla would talk to me, he would just lodge his face in the menu. Eventually, when the waiter came, he asked Layla what she wanted to have, then told him their orders.

“That will be all, thank you” he said, signaling for the waiter to leave.

My jaw dropped open as I stared at him.

“M7ammad shfeek? Haya didn’t order”

“Ee 9a7, chenny nesait’ha. Tabeen anadeeh, wla t3arfeen tnadeenah bro7ich?” he said, with his head still in the menu.

Layla looked at him, clearly more surprised than I was. I was too frozen to even react, never mind speak. Layla tried to fix things.

Hatha mn 9ijja?

“Shino tnadeeh ehya? Ma7soub 3alena rayyal enta? Nadeeh yala bser3a!”

“You know, Layla, I’m not feeling well. I think I’ll just head back to the hotel and get some sleep”

“Haya! Shfeech entay elthanya?! Ge3day weyay tawny wa9la oo b3dain redday namy weyay 7ata ana ta3bana oo bared anam. Say something M7ammad”

“Kaifha. Etha ta3bana, 5atroo7 tnam,” he said, looking at Layla and waving his hands in my direction, as if to tell me that I’m leaving, “she knows the way”

I felt my tears forming. I had to get out before he saw them.

“I’m so sorry Layla wallah. I promise to make it up to you soon. Bs baroo7 arta7 shway oo b3dain e9eer 5air” I said as I stood up and grabbed my bag.

“Ne6ray bas – “

I didn’t. I made my way to the door as fast as I could. As I moved, I saw Layla smacking M7ammad on his head and saying something, as he moved to sit infront of her, where I was sitting only moments earlier.

Once I was out the door, I took a deep breath and inhaled all the air that my lungs could hold. Why was he acting so rude? What was all that about in the morning? What the hell happened between now and the morning? Why did Layla’s arrival make so much of a difference to his attitude?

That was the M7ammad I knew. That was the M7ammad I've been working with. That the M7ammad I hated and despised.

I felt my tears running down my face, but I quickly wiped them off as they fell, worried that either of them might be coming behind me at any moment.

No one ever did.


Lilo said...

OMG no comments yet? seriously? i'm first??@@ wait right here! *runs to read post* umbai so excited, brb!

Lilo said...

omg hey no fee approval, inzain probably not first hmph. *runs to read less enthusiastically*

Lilo said...

7araam Hayaa =( *smacks m7ammad on the head* men can be so 7ameer! I like Layla cuteha twannis! ♥

Anonymous said...

La2 il7mdila wshkr hatha mo mn 9ja!? Way3 i hate ppl with double personalities 59o9an when its a guy i9eer wayed childish... 5al iwaly i7mar kilish mo gentleman.

BOnita_LuLu said...

Sorry BAs 7a8eeeeeeeeer laish ya3nee ouuuf i hate him now....abee 3boody to come back into the story i miss him !!!

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

laa laa first sh3alaich ya entayyyyyy ;)

layla cuuutaaa! ana a7ebha! ;)


ee adree!
kilish mo shay his attitude! =\


bonita lulu,
ashooofa gam e6ee7 mn 3yoon el2awadem ;)

Pourqoui said...

maleeeeeeeq laish chithe ysaweeeeee i hate him

Starlight<3 said...


I was beginning to fall for this guy and now he's being a two-sided jerk ='(

me no likey!

Post soon, I want to see how long this side of him lasts :P


sexy_sour_sweet said...

HE'S AN ASS.. Enough said

zwena said...


geltlich i hate him :@

ween 3abbood 3ana bs :(

o 7ata am mad at 3abood :@

Aurous said...

M7ammad probably has a (bad) reason for what he's doing, but a reason non the less..

no one seems to like him... so does that mean that he's mine now? :p
I can fix him ;Pp

Anonymous said...

=/ startin to hate him...

Charmbracelet said...

shda3waa 3alaihh!=O 18!!!

7aLeeB KaKaW said...

7araaaaaaaaaaaaam !!! ish-hal na7ees m7mmed !! faj2a galaab 180 !!! wai3 kilish mo 7abitaa !!

In My Closet said...

abai eshda3wa chethe waaaaai3 7mar !!!

A Journal Entry said...

abaih eshfeeh hatha mo 9a7y?!

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

ee adree!
i dont know whats gotten into him =(


arent all men two-sided jerks?
no one likey =(


sexy sour sweet,
9a7 lsanich =D


9ara7a ana 3abboud ba6 chabdy!
7ata no call no message ye6aman 3laiha echoof if shes still alive?!


NO! ;Pp

ana 9ameda and i will still fight you for him ;Pp

first guy who dies loses ;Pp


me too =(
we can always have hope, no?
tra i miss you ;**


he's maynoon!
aka man =(


7aleeb kakaw,
ee wallah yann l9bay =(
9ayer 7adda wai3 =@


in my closet,
7adda! =@
ba6 chabdy =(


a journal entry,
t9adgeen ymkn?
madree shfee ethaher yann! =@

Anonymous said...

Lool that was cute in my opinion :p
I think Mohammed loves her and so when he realized that he started acting in this way so that he doesn't want Layla to notice wela cause he wants to stay in denial ! Cause ya3ni I feel it oo b3ad cause when haya left he changed seats ... Okay okay u might find my opinion to be weird bas that's wat I think ;)

P.s I can't explain myself properly !

Karamilah said...

9dg nathel
i dont like him anymore
let her love 3abood a7san

libero anima said...

hmmm .. that was weird ..
dude maybe he doesn't want to show that he loves haya in front of layla?

can't wait for the rest ..

and i demand longer posts
and yes longer than this =p

Gutter Flower said...

dandoon =|!!! mn 9ijichh?? e7na matefaqna 3ala chethi!! kiliiishhh matefaqna 3ala chethi! 3ndy e7sas inty ga3da t7awleen t5aleena nkerha 3ashan u have him all for urself.. bs 7abeebti ur a capricorn like me fa a3arf shitfakreen.. bs lai7een a7iba.. DANDOON LAAISH!! uhwa mo kfaya il ka2aba il nafseya mn il mentally ill guys that we already know? LAZIM b3ad fel story LAZIIIM ya mama? 7a6amteeny il 9ara7a =S.. bs ana i still think ina he has feelings for her.. which is quite scaring him fa qarar e9eer nathil kz he knows she's with 3abood.. wat i dont get is why faj2a jidam layla... hmmmmmm.. maybe kz he duznt want her to notice... maybe he cant be neutral ya 7mar ya yef'6a7 roo7a.. dandoon weli esalmich 5ala ekoon fi good reason.. PLZ.. hal mara im left breathless bs mn il qahar!!! =( 5al e9ale7ha 3ad..

Silhouette Crime said...

M7AMMAD- character analysis :P when its just you and him he is the man he is , but when he is around others he changes.. he doesn't want her to sense any of it.. he wants it to be a secret

Gutter Flower said...

aaahh sh6ool il comment maly.. qe9aa mo comment thi! tawny mla7'6a! sorryy =$

MashMosh said...

wth hes a loser !!!!
btw mako a5bar 3n 3aboody??

jooj said...

OMG! 7aqeer i hate himmmmmmmmmmmm laish ysawe feeha cheeeeee

Ghareeb said...

I said to myself that was not very nice then i said come on misunderstanding happens no?

moi said...

excuse me?!!! hatha shfeeh?? 7da mu rayal:S!

zuz said...

agool bas roo7 moot;\

Captivated said...

i like 3aboodi bss a7ess she's not in love with him kelishh.. I love m7amad bss a7ess he did that cuz he's in love weyaha.. oo mayabi layla et7ess. still mo 3ether.. bss that's the only explanation..

lost said...


what the hell!!?
7aqeeer! :(

On-The-Rocks said...

i have a logical answer, she's the wife of his friend ahmed, and any emtions he shows to haya, layla would notice it and possibly tell her husband which mohammed doesn't want... thats the most logical answer :)

Starr ;* said...


He is SO in love with Layla, its SO obvious ;p

Oh I stayed up most of the night reading your blog, love ;** talkes about it so much and now I AM HOOOOKED!

I love the way you write babe!

Pearla said...

i have a feeling that this all will turn out right ..
maybe later at night she'd be up can't sleep and then m7mad will come and see her on the couch o layla will be sleeping ofcourse,, and they'll talk and get more hotter :p he'd be like i couldnt be nice she'd know i have a thing for u bla bla u know that talk ! bs m7mad and his charm is coming baaack ! LOL

mwauh ;* love it dandoon

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

laa bl3aks i know what you weird!
i know what you mean ;)
we never know! i guess we'll see =D


ambaih faj2a 5awantaw bl9bay elmskeen!
7aram =(


libero anima,
maybe ;)

3ad this was a short one...i think lol ;)
bs aslan i wasnt planning to post at all this week ;)
bs i found shwayat time ;)


gutter flower,
wallah your comment mawwatny the7k!
esp ena im keeping him for myself loooool =D
oo b3dain the story has to be realistic, 9a7? ;)
fa lazem ekoon fee mentally ill guys eli n9adefhom fee kil mkan =D

wla shrayech? ;)

ps: dont worry abt the comment ;)
i love the long ones akthar shay =D


silhouette crime,
wallah 5osh analysis ;)
i think i like it ;)


3abboudy 3abboudy 3abboudy =\
mako 5abar mn 3abboudy =(

3ajbch chithee?


7ata ana i hate him!
just like i hate all PMSing men =@
malee8 =(


i agree...misunderstandings happen ;)
maybe this is one...
then again, this is the m7ammad i know ;)


ee wallah hatha shfee!
malat 3la elbamya =@


la tmoteeeen =(
5alas ana athba7hom kilihom bs la tmoteen =(


wallah apparently hathy eltheory eli most probable ;)
kilman egool chithee!
we'll see ;)


stupid idiot madree shfee 9ayer schizo! =@


wallah thats another logical explanation ba3ad =)
i think kilman concluded ena he doesnt want layla to know =(
bs salfat a7mad is very valid =)


well, the layla theory is new i guess ;)
we'll see what happens =)

and galby wallah im so glad you're enjoying this =)
i hope your eyes arent in pain now =)


yah yah yah ;)
fans for hot m7ammad ;)
3la rasy wallah ;**

Gutter Flower said...

hahahaha bs 3ayal! now that u gave me the green light ma bawagef! jk im not gonna over do it dont worry.. ill leave space for ur other fans to comment too =p.. so anyways.. yeah its wat i really think.. inich tabeen 7ag roo7ich.. now thats evil of u.. offer us the candy and then take it away just like that b4 we even taste it =(.. anyways.. uhwa true.. the story has to be realistic.. or urs is very realistic.. y3ni 3abood is her childhood friend oo 7amood is her colleague oo she's been working with him for quite a while.. fa whether she has feelings for him or for 3abood is shay lah ma3na y3ni.. its not like they met yesterday oo ilyom 7abaw b3a'6.. thats one of the reasons im in love with ur story.. and thats also the reason that YOU are one of my FAVORITE writers ;* i loove u dandoon! oh oo b3ad lanich capricorn.. choofay wayed reasons y3ni.. ahahahah.. ok seriously now i better shut the hell up now. shhhhhhhh..

Gutter Flower said...

bagolech.. stupid valentine is coming up soon.. shrayech u post something as a present for us? and by us i mean il misakeen ili nafsy ili brokenhearted oo valentineLESS.. haha =(

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

gutter flowe,

7beeeby wallah ;**

yuba write away wallah i love comments!! malich she'3l eb my other fans, blogger is big enough for everyone lol ;)

oo ee...i kinda want m7ammad for me...oo im prepared to fight you all for him ;Pp

basssss tra im gona take him when you all want him, mo al7en when everyone hates him lol ;)

3shan ta78edon 3ly lma eyee weyay


m7amaaaaaaad 7amoooooood wainek? hal tasma3ony? =(

i think i lost him =(

oo wallah thanks! as cliche as it may sound, it actually does draw a huge smile on my face when i read your comments ;**

love you too wallah ;**

oo abt valentines, bema ena ana 7ayeshny depression mn awal elwinter since red is in oo kilmkan ashoof shay red athker valentines, fa i already have something in mind lol ;)

bs mo hnee =\

check my other blog on valentines and i promise you wont be disappointed ;)

after all, kilna bl hawa sawa, mo? ;)

Gutter Flower said...

AHAHAHAHAHAHA cuuuuuute ur reply qe9a mithly!! m7aaamaaad 7amooood waink? hal tasma3ony? AAAHAAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAA.. theba7teeny mn il '6e7ek.. egolich.. Allah may6eg eb 3a9a.. tabeen t5aleena n7tar gmty u lost him.. karma!!! oo b3dain darling join the club.. il depression mn kilshay red =S shino thi? ok fehamna its for all the couples oo salfa bs e7na il single il mkta2been shinsawy fi 3mrna? do u HAVE to rub it in our faces? kil ma a6la3 mokan hearts fi wayhe.. oo ana broo7y im not a heart person ma7ib ay shay 3alaih heart =@ 3a9abt.. 5al ewaloon.. anywayss.. akeed ill check ur other blog inshalla.. oo u dont have to promise me ina i wont be disappointed.. i KNOW ina i wont be.. its dandooooooon!! =D xx

Pearla said...

so when is the next post ?! hehe ;D

Hessa said...

OMG !! wa8e7! 9dg e9ndaammtt :O ! WTH IS GOING ONN !!

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

gutter flower,

loo elmawthoo3 karma chan ana oo entay with amazing men because of the amazing women we are!! =D

karma is an evil unfair thing! we no likey karma =(

oh and ive decided to go blue this valentine...shrayech? screw RED! =(

we love gutter flower ;**


wallah madree!
aslan i wasnt planning to post this bs legait wagt fa bser3a i wrote it hehe ;)


mo chenna entay gelteeha? wa8e7!
hes a man 3ady ya3ny =(

Gutter Flower said...

no no..we love DANDOON!!! oo 9ij karma is an evil thing.. =(.. a55... CHAN ZAIN DANDOON WALLA.. a9lan uhma il 5asraneeen *humph*.. la i decided to go BLACK this valentine.. blue is shway cheerful m3ana its BLUE bs lana i like blue.. fa ee.. black is good.. im grieving yaza3am.. =(.. aw blue? oho.. la la black.. oo batim fel bait b3ad.. aw a6la3? ohoooooo!!! sh-hal yom thi!

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

gutter flower,
i was gonna go balck as well, bs la7ath't ena lots of people yalbesoon red m3 black on valentines day...fa 8arart ena i be nothing like them oo a3areth was either blue or yellow...oo yeloow isnt really avaiable in winter hehe ;0

oo entay mn 9ijich teg3deen bl bait? i like going out and seeing how many people are on the streets bro7hom 3shan la at7aba6 =D

Gutter Flower said...

wat if i dont see single ppl oo kila achoof couples lovey dovey oo 7alat-hum 7ala? b3dain bi9eedny enheyar 3a9abi aw shay =p im contemplating whether i shud go out or stay home.. bs ur right.. 3ayal 5ala9 ana weyach blue on valentine.. oo itha ge3adt fel bait balbas blue pjz.. shrayech? haahahaha =S shit loser 7adi

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

gutter flower,
you have to hang out in the right places 7beeby!
la tro7en resturant or anything like that cz kila bekonoon couples...roo7ay a mako a7ad bya5eth his date oo yeg3doon yeftaroon eb a mall ;)

oo tra blue pjs arent SAD! ana labsa blue pjs al7en as a precelebration of vday! shrayech? ;)

Gutter Flower said...

oh yes i know! i have a few blue pjz and i love them! wat i meant by iny loser 3an ina ma3ndy valentine oo im thinking of staying at home.. 7amooood? ayna ant? hal tasma3ony? ta3ala wa 5othny fi a7'6anika wa 3aneqny.. ineee oreeedo an o7isa bel 7ob wal 7anan fi yawm al 7ob.. come and rescue me my love =(

Gutter Flower said...

i hate valentines =(

Pearla said...

dandon i think im the mosty annoying reader ever ! LOL bs i need to ask this 3shan at7mas ,, When is the nxt post ?? wedi ajm3 ktha part o agrahm mara w7da bs i can't im too addicted...

and gutter flower , don't hate valentines , its a nice day bs not for us, i mean someday we're gona love it and wait for it , bs its still not our turn .. on Valentines me and my friends do this all red dinner gathering at beat w7da mn elbanat , and sit and chitchat, enjoying our single life ;) u should do that .. don't be sad , l2no i don't see all the single guys being sad :p hehe

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

gutter flower,
ee ee blue pjs!
oo la tnadeen 7amood oho ra7 eyee ana ;Pp
dawwray wa7ed thany! nadee 3abboud aw shay 7ammoood is mine ;Pp

i hate vday too babe wallah ;)


eshda3wa annoying?! wallah its a pleasure to know that you actually care =) wallah i love it lma i see your comments ;)
bs wallah galby i dont know when i'll post next...ya3ny it depends etha i have time, thats when i start writing...
bs ive been soo soo soo busy sooo sorry wallah =(
etha tabeen, you can leave your email oo i can add you to the email notifications?

bs sam7eeny 3al g9oor babe ;**

Gutter Flower said...

Pearla! hahaha! Cuuta 7adich walla! uhwa what u said was all true.. bs until then i think ill just keep on hating this stupid day.. and wats making it worse ina its almost that time of the month for me.. so im basically hating everything.. oo 7adi dwelling on some stupid things from the past.. uffff shut up Gutter Flower.. anyways.. well yeah some of my friends r coming over we're planning on watching movies and bbq-ing! so yeah.. oh and b4 that im going to the mall dandoon kz a friend of mine needs to get a few things.. so i guess ill be taking ur advice as well! and ill be wearing BLUE!! oh and Pearla.. guys rnt sad kz they suck a'6in.. we love them.. but they suck.. and lel2asaf we're the emotional ones.. aaahah bs thaank u for trying to make me feel better 7abeebtii! so sweet of u! xxx

Gutter Flower said...

o b3dain dandoon mn tabeeny anady y3ni? MAFI YA MAMA!! u created 7amood and offered him on golden platter so deal with it... kaifich 3ad.. 8-)

Anonymous said...

Oh my god =( 3 days late!! ambeeh y3ni how dare me lol...
2awl shy Happy Valentines Day to you ;)

Hatha shfeeeh? kel ma y9er 5osh wa7d eb my eyes y6e7 menha... either he's being "rude" for a reason or el rudeness tamshi eb his BLOOD!! bs ham y3ni even law kan fe reason Haya mskena shno sawt =\ wallah 7ada ba6 chabdi...
o Layla embayn 3leha 5osh wa7da bs hal Mohammed 9ij 9ij mal 6aaaaaaaq!!


Anonymous said...

wain il-takmilaaa?!?! nabcheee!? :''(
Yalla 3ad.. kaifay oo traba3y oo gi3day jiddam il-screen oo type away bsir3aa!! bas not too bsir3a oo yi6la3 everything ruined ;p U KNOW WHAT I MEAN!!
3aaad 3ogob hal-na6ra il-reward part 6WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL!!
'3a9ib ;p

Abdullah said...

Listen, its only stupid to blame you or him on whatever it is on his mind.

what he did was not pleasant at all. thats for sure.

he was not fully conscious my dear. thats the whole deal. you guys need to talk, not while your tense though, find a private happy moment, throw it at him in an "effortless" way, so he wont feel pressured.

you know how most men are, they hate confrontation for some reason. Lets not forget the EGO my dear.

Pearla said...

dandooooon,, 6waalty 3leena waajed :p LOL I'm waiting 3la a7r mn eljmrr :p LOOL ..
and i don't like the notifications, i like to be suprised and go like yaaay the new post is here LOL ;p ..
mwauh :x

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

gutter flower,
la tnadeen!
7amood 7aggy ana broo7y ;Pp

btw, how was vday in blue? ;Pp


i was starting to wonder where you were yousef!
i was worried hehe =)

sheft laish haya ma kanat t7eba? hes maynoon =\

oh, and happy feb 14th =)


im sorry (A)
wallah ive been so incredibly busy =(
adree 6awalt 3laikom wallah sam7oony 3alg9oor =(

inshallah tonight i promise =)


you guys seems to have a little too much of that ego business lol =)
i dont like it. not one bit. throw it away =(


wallah adree 6awalt 3laikom wayed halmarra =(
im so sorry =(
bema ena u want me to surprise you, ma ra7 agoolich meta the next post ;)

Finicky:* said...

when r u gonna post:s

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

in a few minutes ya gumar ;**

Labna said...

Barredat chabdey bel smack, 3afya 3alaiha barredat chabd el 58 people ele garaw hal post ;Pp
Qalil adab!