Tuesday, February 17

Contrasting Realities 18

tra ana bamoot men elta3ab!
like literally bamoot!

bs adree 9ayra 7addy mo shay, oo I haven't posted for a while, so metfashla menkom oo '3a9abt 3la nafsy akteb =(

oh, and one more thing I noticed, it seems that I get more followers and comments kil ma i go away for a while =\

so a5aleeha 3ada eni a6awel wla shlon? ;Pp
ela a6awel ya3ny 3shan you follow oo comment? ;Pp

tra I like your feedback, la ta7remoony menna =(

hope you like it! =D


I woke up to find that all the tears that had escaped my eyes as I cried myself to sleep had dried up on my pillow. The sky outside was dark, informing me that night has fallen. I turned over to my side to find that Layla’s bed was empty, but her luggage still lay where she had left it.

I quickly scanned the room for my bag that I had thrown on the floor once I had entered. Amidst all the body aches and pain, I tried to reach my bag with my hands, without actually getting out of bed. I needed to find my mobile. I needed my mobile screen to read 3abboud so desperately. I needed to talk to my best friend.

Then the door sprang open and Layla walked in. I had to shield my eyes from the lights coming from the outside.

“Noum el3awafi” she said. Her facial expression was strange, but I assumed that it was all in my half-awaken head.

“Lilly 7abeebty” I said with my baby voice.

“Awww! 7abeebat Lilly entay wallah!” She sat next to me on the bed and put my head on her thigh. “Ashoofich nayma eb malabsich ma badaltay” she said as she gently stroked my hair.

I looked down at my jeans and sweater.

“Yeah, kint 7addny ta3bana I guess”. I tried to change the subject. “What time is it anyway?”

“Nearly 10pm. 9ayratly sleeping beauty entay ya3ny 3shan 7abeeb elgalb mo hnee?” she teased.

My heart ached upon his mention. “La bas sleeping, bedoon beauty”

“Shaklich you haven’t had the best day”

“I havent had the best week wenty el9ajja”

“Come, tell Lilly all about it” she said as I fixed myself into her teddy bear arms. I sunk into her chest, closing my eyes and wishing they were 3abboud’s. The knowledge that they weren’t, though, made my eyes fill up with tears. “But lets do that over a mug of hot chocolate, shrayech? Lets go order mn room service”

“I’m not going out there” I said sharply as I pulled away from her embrace.

She sighed, and gently stroked my back.

“Adree ena 7mar”

“That’s an understatement Lilly”

She laughed.

“Kesarty 5a6ry wallah. 9arlich cham youm bro7cih met7amleta chithy?”

“That’s just it!” I snapped, “He wasn’t like this at all. He was all sweet and nice, eli ana en9edamt. I thought eny kint thalmeta all this time! Bs al7en madree shfee! Faj2a out of the blue, he decides to act all crazy and freak-like! What the hell is his problem?! Better yet, what the hell is stuck up his ass?” I said, speaking a little too fast.

She sighed once more, giving me a nervous little laugh. I thought there was some acknowledgment underneath it, but I wasn’t too sure.

“Adree 7abeebty, wallah adree.”

“La2 ma tadreen Layla! He was acting so unbelievably sweet those past few days. I felt terrible ena I’d formed such a nasty image of him before. 7asait myself way too judgemental oo oho ma kan mga9er weyay wallah. Bs al7en…” I let out a painful sigh, “I just don’t know what the hell is wrong with all the testosterone-containing creatures in the world!”

“All of them?” she said as she hugged me tighter.

“All of them” I said with a sulky voice, and fell back into her arms.

“Shfee el2a5 elthany ba3ad?”

“They’ve all gone crazy, I tell you. It must be something in the air…or maybe its boy-gone-crazy season or something” I said, as I proceeded to tell her about 3abboud’s attitude earlier.

“I’ll make a deal with you, zain?”

“Sounds good to me”

“I can fix one of those problems, bs you have to promise me ena you won’t ask any questions. Just trust me and I’ll make it go away”



I turned around and looked at her. Her eyes gave me a sympathetic look. I knew my misfortunes were breaking her heart.


“Just go out and act like this morning ever happened”

I stared at her blankly. I only spoke when I realized that my stare was inducing no reaction from her whatsoever.

“Mn 9ijich Lilly? Ba3ad eli sawwa feeny, tabeeny I act like nothing ever happened”

“Haya! Ma etafa8na chithee! Gelna no questions!”

“Bs Lilly – “

“You promised!”

“That’s just it. I don’t think I can do it, like I don’t have the ability to do it a9lan. I would do it if I could, but I don’t know what I’ll do if I saw him again”

She got up and pulled me to my feet.

“Nothing” she said as she wrapped her arm around mine tightly and walked towards the door, “We’re just a couple of girlies eli meshtahyeen hot chocolate…” she continued as she opened the door, ”…oo ray7een na6leb mn room service and maybe watch a little TV”. She finished her sentence as we stood in the living room, overlooking at the sofa where M7ammad was plastered infront of the TV.

“Noum el3awafy” he said with a bright smile.

“Allah e3afeek” I replied quietly.

“3ad 6afich elyom kan mu6ar mo 6abee3y lma raddain ana oo Layla”, he continued, not taking his eyes off of me. “I hope we don’t catch any colds soon”

I nodded expressionlessly.

“We were craving hot chocolate M7ammad, taby weyana?” she said as she sat on the other sofa, but placed a pile of magazines on the other seat. She looked at me and nudged me to sit next to M7ammad.

“Hot chocolate! 3ad I was just thinking the same thing, bs gelt akeed all the cafes are closed now”. He picked up the phone and placed an order.

I glanced towards Layla, and she gave me an approving nod.

“Haya they have Addicted To Love on TV. I know you’re a fan of Meg Ryan. Tabeena?” he said as he winked to me.

“Sure…etha ma taboon shay thany ya3ny”

He picked up the remote and put the movie on.

“Tadreen Layla? It turns out Haya has really good taste in movies” he said as he elbowed me.

“Ee adree…5athatny cinema weyaha a few times” she said with a wide smile.

I blushed. Not at her remark or his, but at the sudden change of surroundings. I don’t know what the hell she did, but I liked it. I was getting the best of all the M7ammad’s I knew: not the incredibly seductive M7ammad, and not the incredibly vicious M7ammad. The incredibly fun M7ammad. The incredibly cozy M7ammad. The incredibly misjudged M7ammad.

Our drinks came later on, and we sat their sipping them while making conversation. M7ammad was acting normal again. I wasn’t uncomfortable around seductive M7ammad as I was in the past few days, and I wasn’t hurt by the incredibly vicious M7ammad as I was this morning. and I couldn’t be happier to have Layla around. I finally felt in place, for the first time since I left Kuwait.

The next thing I knew was me awoken by Layla’s voice as she woke M7ammad up from next to me. With my eyes still closed, I realized that his arm was around me as my head lay on his chest, listening to his heart beating very, very slowly. The rhythmic movements of his chest underneath my chest as he was breathing felt like a mother rocking her child to sleep. The warmth of his body and his arm wrapping me up was making me warm. The scent of his M7 was my sedative. The serenity of it all made me unable to move any muscles, including the ones that would open my closed eyes.

Layla was talking to M7ammad and they were saying something in mere whispers, but I couldn’t hear them as I lay on his chest, indulged in his heart beats. I felt M7ammad removing his hands from around me and placing it to his side.

“Haya goomay namy da5el 7beebty” came Layla’s soothing voice and she gently shook me awake.

With his hands no longer engulfing me, I regained control over my muscles. I opened my eyes and smiled at her. Getting up from my position, I looked to my side to see that M7amamd was still asleep. He had a distressed look on his face, like he was having a bad dream or someone just woke him up.

I never knew grumpy could look so cute on anyone…

“Ana aga3da al7en. Entay dishay namy. You’ve had a long day”

I nodded.

“Good night 7beebty”

“Good night Lilly” I said as I gave her a tight hug. I didn’t want to let her go. “Thanks. I don’t know how else to put it”

I walked back to my room and, for the second time today, collapsed on my bed without changing my clothes.

Before I slept, my brain had one little thing to tell the little voice in my head.

I told you so…


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Finicky:* said...

Muchus Gracias!!:*

Jam3iiya(L) said...


bas i like 3abooud laish ma daggat 3ala il maskeen? i feel like hes sooo depressed ib q8 bidoonha, oo he will only get madder if she says i missed u, cuz she didnt call!! ;(

Finicky:* said...

oo noo please we'll post inshala every minute bas moo t3eedeen hal 7araka mara thania:p
oo wht's with m7amad?:p

In My Closet said...

m7amad 3arrat mn galb....ma yenfihim !!!
oo 3abood eshda3wa ma9arat ke hatha za3al !

Gutter Flower said...

i love u i love u i love u!! did i mention that i love u? walla it's like u were reading my mind.. tawny rada il bait oo im in such a bad mood ili i was crying mn misa3a.. i logged on my blogger thingy and i was thinking ina 7adi i need a dosage of m7amad.. oo 5a6ry asolif weya dandoon! oo afta7 ila new post! and what a post it was.. EYANIN!! u brought the old 7amoooood back.. just when i needed him the most!! I LOOOOOOOVE UUUUUUUU!! wayya 3alaaih.. shit shit 7adi a7is ina he likes her and layla knows.. plz 5al ekoon 9ijjj... waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay..

Even Sweeter said...


Bss ee walla why didnt she call 3abud!?

Gutter Flower said...

oh oo 7abeebat galby salamaaat oo b3eed il shar 3anich dont say that =@ oo inty dayman shay.. ur posts r so worth the wait.. go sleeeep!!

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...



afa 3laich ;**
im glad you liked it =D
oo m7ammad is a guy...who knows whats wrong with them? ;Pp


3abboud me5etfy 3an elsa7a elfaneya ;)
nafs ba3th ennas who only show up every other post lol ;)
bs i still missed you too =(


in my closet,
all the guys ma yenfahmoon!
uff! mala8a =@
7ata 3abboudoo ya3ny ma9a5ha!


gutter flower,
awww 7abeeeby =(
wats wrong =(
soolfay 7ag dandooon =(

and keep your hands off 7amood in the process loooool ;Pp

oo allah ysalmich babe...bs 5ale9at el2ejaza oor addait eljam3a fa mwa3eed nomy kilha 5arbana oo 7addy ta3bana =(


even sweeter,
it could be that she had too much pride...
it could be that layla walked in on her...

who knows? ;)
maybe we'll find out soon though ;)

Anonymous said...

mo ga3da afham :\

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

shino ma fehamty mamaty?

zwena said...

abiii 3abooood ween 3abboood

Gutter Flower said...

dandooon GO SLEEP YA MAMA! laish ga3da t3athbeen roo7ich? since ur tired im sure ur gonna fall asleep as soon as ur head hits the pillow... fa go sleeeep!!

Anonymous said...

7abeeeebty dana ;**
ma itshoofeen shar walla ... o0o la ba3ad dawam al7een akeed minhad 7alich walla
bs 9ij 3ady 6awlay kithir ma tabeen ... this is y we love ur blog soooo much cause there is always suspense while waiting to know wut happens next ;P
bs ham entay u have ur studies al7een to concentrate on ;) ... luv ur post ;**


Gutter Flower said...

and no sorry cant do i cant keep my hands off 7amood.. oo 7ata lo agdar i wont.. kaifich 3ad..

Aurous said...

7raaaaam.. :(
it's ok if you're tired and busy... we'd understand
Don't push yourself :)

going to read now :D

Charmbracelet said...

thanks thanks!! I was so happy when I saw that u updated I was so happy! Please lat6awleen ib 19!!=(

Karamilah said...

i still dont like mohamed, he is strange
r all guys jerks

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

3abboud malee8...
ma gemt a7eba anymore =(


gutter flower,
kint bag3ad asoolef weyach =(
u had a bad day 7aram =(

bs dammich youre stealing my 7amood then im gona go get my beauty sleep 3shan i wake up before you in the morning oo catch him ;Pp

cheer up! maby anam wenty za3lana =(


7abeebty entay ;**
elshar ma eyeech dear =D
ana wallah ma7eb a3aleg elnas chithee bs wallah ive been having a hectic week =(

thanks for putting up with me ;**


i figured if i dont it for my doctors whom i dont like, id do it for you guys since i actually do like you =D

mwaaaaaah! ;**


7abeeeeby ;**
no need to thank you!
i just love to hear you guys arent bored yet ;)
ill update as soon as i can inshallah =)


i used to think ena it was only the ones i met, bs apparently its everyone =\
me no likey =(

Jacqui said...

Men ma eyon ila bl zaf.. walla you have a problem with them.. they ignore you or whatever and when you approach them egolon tara even you ignoring but it's like dude u're mistreating me so watch it... after ma yenzafooon yalla yet3adelon hehe :P

Bs yay for Seductive M7ammad :P

Ruby Woo said...

magarait magarait bas kint bagoolich ina i love love love the story but I always read it through my phone fa kela magdar I comment bas walla I love it!!! The chemistry mo sij, I love it!

il mohem fa every now and then I'll drop a comment bas if I don't mu ma3nata I'm not reading it ;*

3anooda said...

ok seriously was he PMSing wila ako plan by him and Layla to get Haya to leave 3abboud and fall for him

chaneh yahal laman the boy beats the girl up in kidergarden it means he really likes her. LOOOOL

Aurous said...

I'd normally say that M7ammad is mine but I've already said that a million times ;p
and you're so tired so I don't want to fight you for him (and win) ;Pp

I wonder what happened between him and Layla to bring about this change in attitude!

Gutter Flower said...

uhwa ana 7adi abi asolif weyach walla.. bs ra7tich aham.. 7araam warach dawam oo u havent been sleeping lai 4 achoofich u post comments aw 3ala spill aw shay =S oo mafi a7ad befihmich fel sleep deprivation mithly 9adgeeny.. im an expert! so 5al ewali my bad day and go sleeep.. bs dont worry ana ill stay up lai il 9b7 3ashan i catch 7amood 7ata gabul la inty tg3deen.. lat7awleeeeeeen mama lat7awleeeeen.. ill try to cheer up 3ashanich bs :* =(

lost said...

i feel sad..
cuz every time afta7 your blog o mashoof new post iy'6eeg 5ilgi..
iy'6eeg 5ilgi a little too much..
o now i know ina i will wanna read more..
and might not find more tomorrow :(..

i LOVE the story though! ;p

On-The-Rocks said...

shino 9ayir? leash galab marra wa7da?

moi said...

shako 3ady solaf weyaha b3den?:S sheno hes getting his period or what:@!!!! la o a7essa kalb min el jamal:P!!

Pearla said...

OMG WOW ,,aaa5 no seriously wow !! i neeed the next post bkraa :p heheh,,, a9lan when i sae that 18 was up i was like yaaay finallyy yaay i was too excited ! LOL
la t6wleen 3leena plzzzz....
aaaa5 m7maad I sweaar my heart
y3werni when i read wsh yswe fHaya , uuuu5 3leeh !
I need more mooore moooore !!!! LOL..
i swear i'm addicted !!!

Mwaaaaaaaauh :x biggest kiss and hug

Captivated said...

a7ebbaa!!! a7ebb m7amad he's so adorable!

Anonymous said...

i love ur story bas post everyday oo ana ill post a comment for u walla!!

Hessa said...

7laaiiilhmm :* m7md mb wa8e7 5alaa9 :p

Abdullah said...

i told you so! :P

Starlight<3 said...

if M7ammad was a girl there would have been a perfectly logical explanation for his rude behaviour, we could just say he was PMSing.. I wonder if guys get frequent mood swings too =/

I <3 this part, I'm glad everythings back to normal.


Post soon,

Limited said...

m7mmed is back!! <3

A Journal Entry said...

akheeran he's back to his scenses..

oo shda3wa 3abood lail7een za3lan!

Anonymous said...

Yay! another post =D

Ana b3rf el7en oho t'3aer faj2a lma Layla w9alt and in the same day Layla managed to fix ely 9ar el9eb7 between Him and Haya ._.' hmmm. . lol

Wallah ana 7adi confused ma aby a'9lm Layla =\ BS HAL MOHAMMED '3athni 7adaaa bs I'll just wait and see shno mayat'hom hal Mohammed wo Layla.


Almost Twilight said...

wow dana!! this is so amazing

ur so talented mashallah

inshallah i can be able to write like this one day a7es my writings are embarrassing but im trying my best :(

love u :****

Ghareeb said...

The whole situation is dicy. I add ur acting very sensibly. I felt M7ammad somehow is not mature enough to sooth it or may be he does not want to
Nice Post Though sorry for being critique since not in a good mood or PMSing like they say

Silhouette Crime said...

ana bagoolkm shu balaah 7amoodi, allah yslamikm he is HE-MSING, yes PMSING guy style:P.. seriously i wanted to strangle him last post now i don't know a7s aba a'3aneela nafs katy perry :""cause your hot and ur cold "":

w waaain ba3aad gaaalby 3abooodiii .. missayteh wayed!! m5tfy 3n ilshasha ilfaneeya 7laailaa...

w lily ilmotherly figure belgow!!

ahhhh a7bhoum w etwalaht 3l il M7 sexiness

Finicky:* said...

lol i agree:p
check it out it's really good:)

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

tadreen? youre absolutely right!
men ma eyooon ela chithee!
if you treat them well oo t9ereen 5osh wa7da, ten7agrain oo ma ten3a6ain wayh =(


ruby woo,
i didnt even know you read this lol
bs im glad you're liking it now that i know =)
oo will look forwards to your comments =)


new appearance on my blog hehe ;)
wallah kalamich 3adel...oho wayed 3ayesh eb mabda2 boys throwing rocks at the girls they like! =(
me no likey =(


oh you are sooooo on!
ROUND 1 --> FIGHT!! =@
tra 9ar fee waiting list ba3ad ;Pp


gutter flower,
chithee elsalfa haaa? =@
we will SOOOO see!
ana bag3ad gablich!!
even though ive been oversleeping ever night for the past week, bs still bag3ad gablich =@
oo im sorry abt ams tra i fell asleep 3la my laptop hehe =\


awwwww ;**
la ytheeg 5elgch =(
ill try to write some more over the weekend, bs no promises!
bs la ytheeg 5elgch =(


on the rocks,
who knows?!
its m7ammad!
who EVER knows?!


we never know =\
sometimes i think they do get periods wallah =(
oo ee...he is lol ;)


7beeby im glad you like it =)
inshallah ma a6awel cz i feel bad wallah =)
e9eer 5air inshallah =)


after everything hes done?
hes driving ME crazy lol! ;)

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

wallah ana akthar wa7da weddy i post everyday bs kilish kilish mako majal, 3araftay? =(
i try as much as i can wallah =(


'3ayarty rayech ebser3a 7a97oooo9 ;)
shda3wa! ;)


and i couldnt agree more wallah ;)


you know, thats the explanation that guys always use for us!
its soooo unfair =(
we have nothing against them =(


which m7ammad? lol
tra 3enda enfe9am sha59eya, you need to be specific ;Pp


a journal entry,
wallah madree 3anna!
mo chenna ma9a5ha shway el2a6 =@


zain 7ata ana hal m7ammad '3athni! =@
shino hatha iffff!
we'll see what comes next i guess ;)


almost twilight,
7beeby thanks wallah ;**
oo b3dain shda3wa? tra your writings are pretty good =)
wa7da eb wa7da you'll pick up 9adgeeny...i didnt know i can write a9lan till i started blogging...
oo i still dont believe it...bs i have a very strong motivator behind my back =)


shda3wa? =)
critical is good oo i love it =)
oo we'll see what happens with m7ammad soon enough i guess ;)


silhouette crime,
t9adgeen 3ad that song is THE perfect song for him?!
7addha true!
3abboud madree waina =\
oo lilly twanes, mo?


will do ishallah =)
thanks for the info babe ;**

Labna said...

Walla ya7laile I caught up!!

Khal agolech eshlon yet ehnee

4 hours ago shai chethi legafte yabatne ehnee o garait bas cham kelma emshateta bel post ((AWAL MARA ADKHAL))

faj'a saraw sa6rain

faj'a sarat post

faj'a I scroll down wadawer parts 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 o 3ainech matshof ella elnor

CAPTIVATING! you have one more person ey7en 3alaich al7een .. mabrook 3alaich the extra 7anna!!!!
waiting for the rest :)) GNIGHT

Pearla said...

dandooon knkk gala ma r7 e6wleen
3leeena :p LOL .. yes the annoying fan is nagging,, and i don't think i can help myself to stop :p hehe i'm just simply addicted and craving for more (M7MAD) !!!! LOL

Finicky:* said...

iff i miss the old dana:s the one that used to post on a daily basis almost! walah we're starting to forget the events:(

libero anima said...

hmmm something smells fishy dude ..

btw don't you even try posting late !
a fan demands faster posts ? =$

we love ur story man .. u rock !

fay said...

I really enjoy your writing. I've been following your story for awhile now but I don't usually comment. Thank you so much for posting. When I feel bad I find myself coming to your blog and the story always makes me feel better. I love m7amed!

ZuZu said...

ok m7amad gam y7ayernii ;/

MashMosh said...

shno ya3ni i told you so ha ha ha ???
O_O m7amad ma7elw 3abood 7elw =D

Finicky:* said...

chinna stanasna 3ala salfat you don't post ilaa bil sina 7sina:p lol jk i hope everything's ok with you! i really miss ur story

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

ya7lailich wallah you read the whole thing in one go!
you know, its more than 100 pages document on word!
a7ayeech =D
o i wish you dont get 7awal tonight hehe ;)
bs im glad you liked it though ;)


3ad even on my good days i used to post every 4 days or so! ;)
chenna 8aweya i post al7en!
soon inshallah i promise...5al emeroon 4 days hahaha ;Pp


laaa laaa the old dandooon used to post every 4 days ;)
you must have me confused with someone else ;Pp


libero anima,
my fans ra7 e6egoony ;Pp
im not gonna post TOO late...how about that for a compromise? ;Pp


silent reader =D =D
thanks for following babe, im glad you're enjoying wallah =D
oo im defiently gald it makes you feel better =D


oo gam ebe6 chabdy ba3ad, shrayech? ;)


tathkereen eb the last post lma kanat ga3da tgool 7ag nafs'ha etha m7ammad did one more nice thing then he likes you, oo if not then he doesnt

well, this proved to her that he doesnt like her ;)


wallah ee estanast 3aleha raddiat wela million comment oo million follower hehe ;)
bs 9ij 3ad its still too early...i promise ma ra7 a6awel kethr theech elmarra ;)

Pearla said...

wee ish eli 4 days ? i think 4 days has pasted !! ylaa pweeeez :(

Stand-Alone~ said...

NOOO!! i wrote you a whole paragraph and it got deleted 0.o

sigh.. love story and love you more.. please post soon!

Anonymous said...


Omggg wnn are you postin' the nexxtt onee ??

I can't waiittt anymoree lol !!!

Anywaayss .. I LOVEESS ITTT !!!!

Possstt SOOOONN :***