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Contrasting Realities 21

I know I promised you guys a post full of action bs wallah I have two exams in less than a week that I didnt study for, fa I really couldnt write more. Bs I did post a short (hopefully not too crappy) post for you till I come back cz I promised I'll post one this week.

So sam7oony if it isnt as good as you'd like it to be...wallah am so sorry =(
wish me luck - I REALLY need it!

ps: action coming up next post I promise! =D


We left the restaurant and walked towards the tube station. On our way, we passed by the shop displaying the purple dress from before. M7ammad suddenly grabbed Layla’s hand and pulled her into the shop.

“Besmellah! 7amood shfeek?!”

“Ta3aly bas ta3alay entay!” he said still dragging her into the shop without an explanation.

He went to the dress and held it out infront of her.

“7ag Noufa?”

He ignored her question.


“Eyanen! Mn 9ijik?”

“Haya mo m9adgatny” he said, pointing to me.

I blushed.

“I didn’t say ena mo 7elo shda3wa”

“Mo rathya ta5tha”

“Kint ba5tha bas-“

“Lebsee. Show her.”

“Wallah 3ajebny shda3wa?!”

“Then laish ma tabeen talbeseena?!”

Layla looked at us with questioning eyes. She was obviously confused.

“What’s going on?”

“Ma taby ta5tha”

“Mo maby bs ena ma 9ar 3arafty”

She looked at me and then back at M7ammad.

“Tra it seems like a nice dress. Chenny ana ba5tha 7aggy”

M7ammad frowned but didn’t speak.

A few moments of silence passed as Layla admired the dress before she spoke again.

“Haya may5alef tjarbeena for me?”

I gave her a very hostile look. I understood that she didn’t witness what happened the last time I tried it on, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t try it herself.

So here I was, standing in the middle of the shop with both Layla and M7ammad asking me to wear the dress.

Even though it seemed harmless, I knew better.

That didn’t mean I could say no, though.

“Erm…sure why not?”

She wrapped her hand around my arm and hugged me tightly as I walked towards the fitting room.

“Thanks Hayooyty” she said as she gave me a big kiss on my cheek.

Before she pulled away, she whispered in my ears.

“I’m so sorry I’m not wearing the right underwear for this at all bs weddy ashoofa”


Once more, I put on the dress and walked out of the fitting room, this time without the heels. When I stepped out, I could see that Layla and M7ammad were having a serious conversation about something, but awkward silence fell upon them the moment I entered.

Layla turned around from M7ammad to face me. When she did, I could tell she was impressed. She admired me for quite some time before she spoke.

“Its beautiful Hayooya”

“3yoonich elbeautiful galby”

There was silence for a few moments as she stared at me. Then she looked over at M7ammad, who had been silent this whole time.

His expression wasn’t any different from the first time he saw the dress. His bulging eyes, his sweating face, his inability to breathe…

Only this time, it was combined with a dropped jaw.

“Wala shrayek M7ammad?”

No response.

“M7ammad eldress 3ajeeb mo?”

No response.

She walked over to him and put her hand on his shoulder as he sat. I could swear I saw her pinching him just a little.

“Haa? Shino?” he looked around him in bewilderment, his eyes suddenly leaving me. Then, he looked up at Layla.

“Eldress…ga3da agool 7ag Hayooya ena 3ajeeb, mo?”

“5o ana laish yaybech hnee in the first place if it wasn’t?!”

“La y6oofich Hayooya…9ij you look amazing”

“Fineeeeee!! I’ll take it!”

M7ammad’s face lit up as he got up from his seat.


“Say it in a more girly way, why don’t you?” Layla teased him.

He blushed.

“Yala 3ad Lilly its amazing you gotta admit”

“3laich bl3afya galby”

As I was taking the dress off, I noticed a small tear on its side near the belt. I spoke to the saleswoman in the changing room about it, which made a few phone calls to other branches, and told me that a new one will be available tomorrow for me to pick up. After explaining what happened to M7ammad and Layla, we walked out of the store and continued our shopping spree.

It was only the afternoon, and the day had become as awkward as I would imagine it can ever become.

I missed 3abboud tremendously, but taken out those feelings out on M7ammad.

And Layla witnessed it.

M7ammad played footsie with me, and not only did I not feel guilty about it, but I actually enjoyed it.

And Layla witnessed it.

M7ammad trying to ever-so-innocently feed my even though there was someone else on that table whom he is actually closer to that he could’ve started with (or stopped at for that matter).

And Layla witnessed it.

M7ammad’s lack of breathing and dropped jaw as I tried on the infamous (and now I’m thinking God-forsaken) purple dress.

And Layla witnessed it.

Its official. Things can’t become more awkward than this.

And it was only when I came to this realization that I could actually feel myself loosening up, because it was only then that I concluded that no matter what happens, today cannot get any worse. That’s when I decided to relax and enjoy whatever’s left of this very strange day.

Looking back, I don’t understand how it slipped my mind that the world goes by another law.

Murphy’s Law.

'Things can always get worse'


M said...

LOL I agree things can always get worse!

Good luck 7abeebty.. Allah ywafgech :*

Dazzlin said...

thanx daahling 4 the post..good luck on ur exams o inshalla tinji7een in both of them with flying colours...

loved this post..i wana know what happens between them..who will she end up with.. o wats with 3abboud not talkin to her?!

thanx again o goood luuuck!!!! :**

Pearla said...

Dandooooon i want some action on the next post LOL .. yum m7mad i wana eat him ;p ...
and teh serious talk between m7mad and layla i wonder what they were talking abt , but im sure layla was like tara elbnt m56ooba leave her alone, and he's like i can't i wana eat haya up ! LOL ;p
waiting for me ya 2albeee ;*

and best of luuuck on ur exams,, inshalla u'll kick asss ;*
mwaaauh xoxo

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Your writing is unbelievable... as in published author quality... and I'm not speaking about this chapter but all your work in general.. XD


Waiting for your next post oo GOD LUCK on your exams!!


Anonymous said...

i believe in murphy's law !!
i want to read the next post asap!!!
when can we expect it ??? :D

Aurous said...

Things can (and will) always get worse ;p

good luck with your exams :D

Starlight<3 said...

Things can definitely get worse but it always depends on how we take it, because in the end no matter what happens it always comes down to us.

I liked this post though I would've liked it a bit longer, and good luck on your exams. Inshallah you'll do well :)

We need more description on Haya :P

Post soon,


zuz said...

obrigadoooooo dandooooon;*** , shokran shokran jazeeelan;p bas naby more!!

nora said...

aakhh 3alla hal m7amaad!!

o inshalla haya will prove that teory wrong!!!

Silhouette Crime said...

7abait the end

Stand-Alone~ said...

AWWW THANKX DANDAN *HUGS* wallah you are the best....
this post was nice..

wishing you all the best in the exams and hope you come back to us with liftted spirit...

Ghareeb said...

UR right Dandoon things can be way worse than they are.
Bad3eelik for ur exam.
Remember u do ur part (studying) and leave the rest for Allah (outcome) OOps i sound like shiekh now

Islander said...

even when you think you've hit rock bottom, there's still room to go lower is my law..

good luck with exams! blog more when ur done xx!

On-The-Rocks said...

and? and i can get a lot better too, when are they going back to kuwait?

a little reminders:

mohammed is a smoker fa he should smoke

haya has a family fa she should contact her parents

they have a boss fa he should be calling or texting them somehow


i must see this purple dress, bas it sounds like last year:P this year, all the fashion industry is focusing all the shades of green and blue and you can see that in the fashion shows of famous desginers this year, let her find a dark navy dress haahha

abi a3arf shino galat layla, let the story be told from different point of views mithil heroes, where they tell the story, b3adain the next episode they tell the story from a different point of view which will then have the same conclusion as the previous episode... this way, the story is less confusing :) love your posts

Hessa said...

Good luck hun :D!

CuteandCuddly said...

oh my god i want a purple dress now :(

M7mad is so cute walla i want to take him shopping with me :)
he really supports buying a dress for no reason other then it looks good on you :)

yalla when will my shopping buddy come on a brown horse ( with a black american express card)
since he is the man he should pay for the purchases :P

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

welcome, oh fellow follower of murphy's law ;**


too many questions lol ;)
patience my dear patience ;**
im glad youre enjoying babe =D


no no!
there shall be no eating haya up!
he will be eating me up ;Pp


forth is the new FIRST!! ;**


awwww ;**
ba3ad galby wallah, im soooo flattered! =D
im really really glad someone thinks so highly of me =D

you are too sweet! =)


another firm believer! ;**

welcome to the club! =D

next post inshallah after my exams...which is after next monday inshallah =)


sister in jinxhood! ;**
a7ayeech 3la your optimism thats very similar to mine ;Pp


wallah you can keep looking at things positively, bs ma yemna3 ena there are days when everything simply decide to go wrong =\
you know those days? i hate em!!

oo thanks for the wishes galby, much needed! ;**


tadreen a7eb ur comments! =D
killa they make me smile!



hehe =)
well lets just say her misfortune might add a bit of entertainment in our lives ;)


silhoutte crime,
7abbitich el3afya galby ;**
im glad you liked it =D

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

7beeby wallah thank you so much 3al hal da3wa el7elwa!
walla its much needed ;**


thanks 3al da3wat! =D
oo hey! i dont mind as long as it works hehe!
i need every last bit wallah! =)


that is SO true on so many levels wallah!
the amount of time that ive proven this law correct is SCARY =\

thanks for the wishes babe ;**


you are getting waaaaaaay ahead of yourself lol ;)
have some patience dear...everything will make sense in due time 9adegny i havent forgotten any details ;)

youll understand why 7amood hasnt been smoking, and why she hasnt talked to her parents, and why their boss hasnt called all very VERY soon ;)

and even though the story will remain from haya's point of view, you'll know everything that happened in the convos very soon hamm and then things will be crystal clear to you ;)

even though the VERYYYY last post (the finale) wont be told from haya's point of view ;) so that should be interesting ;)

oo you're right abt the is very last year hehe ;) but its my all time favorite ;)

allah ysalmk this is day 4 of them in london...oo they leave on day 10 inshallah, which means we have 6 more days in london ;)

adree its kinda slow paced, bs i promise everything will be clear by the end of day 6 ;) --> which isnt necessarily going to be next post hehe ;)

methl ma ygoloon: kil shi bwa2to 7elo ;)


thanks ya ba3ad galby entay ;**


bs so2al...why brown horse?

oo i want a purple dress too...laish ma 3ndy a7ad eyeebly =(

Roon said...

it's karma i tell u..
>< cant this story be a utpoian made?

^^ good luck in ur exams..

i almost failed in my mocks, taking 2 Cs, n totaly lettting go before the exams start in just a month..

Yups.. Murphy's law.. ^^ i should bookmark that in my brain..


Confesssions said...

Awwww i think that they should hook oo y5al9ona, 5al iwali 3abod :P

On-The-Rocks said...

allah wanasa iloved your reply

CuteandCuddly said...

I dont like black or white horses they are so prince charming and since i only want a shopping buddy I want to keep those horses free to acommedate my prince charming ;)
so if you are out there you can rent the white or black horse at


Change said...

yaa hal purple dress..!! hehehe..

good luck in your exams love ;)

Gutter Flower said...

*Dandoon succeeds in dragging Gutter Flower all the way to the blogosphere and glues her butt there* HEY! TARA E3AWER! u need to massage my head now! all the hair-pulling did some serious damage to my scull!

inzain.. awalan.. ana lai7een ma zafaitich 3ala ur reply 3ala my comment mn il last post.. since when do nora and haya get to share m7amad? HEY! *punches dandoon's arm LIGHTLY* OUCH! e3awer!! sorry i didnt mean toooo!! bs i get so carried away wen it comes to my baby.. =$.. sorry? sorry? alo?

thaniyan.. tadreen ina purple is MY favorite color? la la 9ij a'6in i have to meet u! 9ij! 9ij! 9ij 9ij 9ij!

thalithan.. 9ij the post was short bs i still loved it.. i love everything u write mn 9iji.. bs the next post BETTER BE LONG and filled with action! M7AMAD action!! plz??

rab3en.. inshallaaa ull do reallyyyyy weellll fi ur examsss babe.. bs shrayech TDIRSEEN?!?!?!? YALLA! JIDAMY! YALLA! YALLA! GO TO UR ROOM! ur there? OPEN THE BOOK! u did? no u didnt dont lie! ur reading this y3ni UR NOT STUDYING! make me proud! a7ibiiiiiiiiichhhhhhhhh ya galby intay ;* miss u wayed btw

Gutter Flower said...

wainich? ridy 3alay! wainicch? wainich wainich wainich? alooooooooooooooooooo?

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

karma is a bitch i guess ;)

deery balech 3la derastich mama...i mean im not one to speak kilish, know ;**

good luck with studies galby ;**


wa3alaya mskeen l9bay everyone is against him! ;Pp

good guys finish last methl ma ygoloon ;Pp


hehe ;)
im glad you did =)
cham borzaiga 3ndy ya3ny?;Pp


ambaih ambaih bada3ty ;Pp
bs ee you're long as he's good a credit card with a nice limit, then he could be on a bicycle for all i care ;Pp


the purple dress, my purple dress <3
abeeee! ;)

oo thanks galby ;**


gutter flower,
AL7EEEEEEEN you show up?
after i drag you mn sha3rcih hnee!

well, you know what?

its too late to apologizeeeeee
its tooo laaaaaaaaaaaate ;Pp


i miss you ya 3abee6a!

i cant wait to finish my exams 3shan af9l weyach hnee hehe ;Pp

oo b3dain you backed you of it, mo? disappeared off the nora oo haya 9araw 6ma3een oo they took the opportuninty ;Pp

you know what that means?



Gutter Flower said...

t5ar3eeny sa3at =| u know i always sing this song fi similar situations? like if sum1 apologizes.. aw la not apologize.. lama a7ad egool shay like yt7al6am or whatever i go like its tooo laaate to apologiiiize.. its toooooo laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate.. oo i didnt back off! u took a break, b3dain i took a break.. oo chethi.. NOT FAIR! i cant wait for u to finish exams either ;* galbyyy walla!

Pearla said...

where r u ?!?!
how did u do on ur exaaams ???
i miss uuuuu ;**