Saturday, April 25

Contrasting Realities 23

ehda2 5a9 7ag Gutter Flower:
no, there was no fly on her face ;Pp


It wasn’t fair.

I never saw it coming.

I was caught off-guard.

It was unexpected and unannounced.

And uncalled for, for that matter.

In less than a split second, and in one swift move, M7ammad’s hand slid behind my neck and he closed the distance between his face and mine, not giving me a chance to react.

His lips locked with mine. It didn’t start off gently like I always presumed kisses would. He was practically devouring my lips. Like he’d been hungry for them. Like he’d been waiting for them for a long time. Like he’d been holding back for too long, and is now, finally free.

I didn’t know how to react. I didn’t know when to react. I was, yet again, frozen.

And though I never kissed him back, I never pushed him away either. I just closed my eyes and felt every senseation coming to my brain from my lips.

It started off powerful and intense, to the point where he was actually pushing my face closer to his with his hand from behind my neck. He bit on my lips and sucked on them, but never once dared tried parting my mouth or using his tongue.

Eventually though, it got softer and more passionate; less lusty perhaps. He kiss became softer and softer, and I felt the pressure of his lips on mine becoming lighter and lighter till I could only feel them on my lower lips. Then I felt the smoothest tug on my lower lips, and then…

And then they were gone.

I couldn’t open my eyes instantly. It took me a while to react. Even though I could no longer feel his lips on mine, I felt his heavy breath on them.

His face was obviously still close to mine.

And they did nothing but accentuate all the sensations that were still being transmitted from my lips. I consciously knew that his lips were no longer in contact with mine, but somehow, it didn’t sink in. I could feel electricity zooming through my body, entering every cell in it as it traveled, as if to make an announcement to each and every one of them about what had happened.

Haya Al-Flani has been kissed.

Her first kiss.

In the middle of a department store.

Not by 3bdallah, as she’d always imagined.

By someone whom she doesn’t even like.

Or does she?

How long did it last? Seconds? Minutes? Hours?

I wouldn’t have been surprised if they’d told me days. But I had lost complete track of time. And space. And….person?

Infact, I only realized that I’m losing my balance when I felt M7ammad’s hand behind my neck grip me tighter and his other one support my arm.

I finally opened my eyes.

The first thing I noticed was the red lipstick all over his lips…all over his mouth…all over his chin. Looking up I saw the dazed expression on his face, like someone just told him he was flying to the moon tomorrow. I could even see something more there. Shock? Disbelief? Guilt? Pleasure?

Then it clicked.

It was guilty pleasure.

Then I looked up. And our eyes locked.

Neither of us spoke. Neither of us could utter a word.

But somehow our eyes did all the speaking.

Looking into his deep blues now, I don’t know how I missed what I was seeing now before. I suddenly saw all the yearning, all the longing, all the holding back, all the regret, all the fake attitude, all the jealousy, all the anger, all the guilt, all the sorrow, all the lust, all the waiting, all the hoping, all the dreaming…

All the things he’d been keeping inside him for so long.

As I read it now, I realized it had always been there, but I never saw it. It was like I suddenly learnt the language of the words spoken by his eyes that I couldn’t decipher before.

It all made sense to me now.

I knew my eyes were speaking back to him, but I didn’t know the stories they were telling. And even though I had no control over what was being said, I could feel my soul pouring out.

I felt my eyes swell up and I felt the tears form inside them. The more I read into his eyes, the more I felt that my soul was being ripped apart. I didn’t know why, but I just felt worse and worse.

With my eyes still locked with his, tears started falling from them.

“Haya…” I could barely hear his voice. It was filled with so many chocking emotions.

He started reaching for my face “Haya I’m sorry…I don’t -”

The moment his fingers touched my face was the moment that it all sank in. I couldn’t stand there anymore. My emotions were taking over me. I was breaking down.

I just ran out of the store.


In My Closet said...

WAW...!!!! As simple as that...

Gutter Flower said...

Awalan.. HAHAHAHA.. I'm out o cheft update minich o I was gonna read as soon as I get bk hom bs MA GEDART ayawed roo7y especially after ma I read "ehda2 5a9 7ag Gutter Flower" HAHA.. I love u..

Ma3arf shagool.. A7is bamoot.. Ga3da fel restaurant AGRA "u can imagine how much of a loser I am".. O bs 3ainy 6a7at fel akil.. O chethi my mouth is hanging open ili a'6in I'm drooling aw shay.. HAHA ew sorry.. La bs 9ij ma3arf shlon aw9ef shu3oory 3an this post.. U made my dream come true.. Thank u.. It was everything I wanted.. It exceeded my expectations.. I expected ina itha 9ar shay chethi its going to be SO good.. Bs this.. Was AMAZING!! Dandoon! Ma3arf shagool! Shit shit! WOW! Bs plz lat5aleenha tkerha.. A7is byet'haweshon o bt3a9eb 3alaih aw shay.m plz la2 :'(.. She obviously loves him!!

Lai7een my jaw's dropped.. I'll read it again when I get bk home mn il 5ar3a.. Hahahha.. Amazing amazing!! Amoooot 3alaich ya galby! :***

Gutter Flower said...

Shit 9adeny migraine I think mn il post..ta3abny nafseyan!! Ili I commented b3dain ge3adt chethi weya rab3y mfahya.. They're like shfeech quiet? I'm like huh? Madri.. *visualizing m7amad kissing her* a55 dandooooon! I think I'm falling for a fictional character.. Remember wat I said abt me being "emotionally dead"? Well wen it comes to m7amad I'm 100% alive! Hahahhahahaahha :'(

Anonymous said...


-mary poppins (maly 5ilg sign in)

Nora said...

huh? her first kiss was not from 3abdulla? arent they married?? im confused!

zuz said...

:O:O:O yawaily welaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah:P bos eb ne9 el department store!!! hatha waina 3anny:P:P!!

Aurous said...

I soooo wish I was her now ;p

libero anima said...


ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

in my closet,
yup! =D
i guess life can be pretty simple after all ;)


gutter flower,
wallah enich habla! ;**
bs hamm a7ebich! =D

your comment mawwatny the7k! oo tra 3ady i read posts all the time when im with my freinds...oo killa nafs elreaction ;Pp

theyve all established ena i have an imaginary bf oo ena i text him all the time bs save the messages to my drafts ;Pp

**SIGH** bob 7abeeby! ;**


mary poppins,
as long as you likey =D


laa laa theyre not married!
theyre like pre-engaged, if that makes any sense!
ya3ny ohma they were trying things out for a while to see if haya can think of him in a more than a brother way, oo if that worked, then they would have an engagememnt and what not =)

bs theyre not married, or OFFICIALLY engaged for that matter =D


ma tshofeeny dazzait'hom london 3shan e3eeshoon 7ayat'hom bel dept stores ;Pp

yala ta3aly london weyay ymkn out luck changes 3n debenhams eli hnee ;Pp


i think we all do ;Pp

bs 7aram...shes a nervous wreck =(

not that it wasnt totally worth it, but shes a nervous wreck ;Pp


libero anima,

la7tha laish no? lol!

Anonymous said...

short bas mu3abir...AMAZING!

Jacqui said...

That was one powerful kiss, one that I actually felt I was involved in :/ I felt all the emotions running through her and omg it was AWESOME!

more more more more more more please!!!!!

M said...

That was AMAZING! :**

Gutter Flower said...

mo 3ala kaifich mat7ibeeny a9lan.. o cham mara agolich kilmn yara il nas eb 3ain 6ab3a? inty il habla!!!


ufff ana lai7een mt2athra bel post.. 3ad hal mara if u didnt post soon bathib7ich.. oo abi LONG POST LA!!!! tara ma cheft a7ad eta3eb nafseyan gadich! shsafitich? kila m5alyatni fi 7arb a39ab!!

On-The-Rocks said...

more moore moooooore!

am az ing, simply amazing!

let him follow her, pleaase lol

FourMe said...

ya lahwy!

Islander said...

ayyyyyy the pain.. kan iy3awer hal post kan latheeeeeeeeeeeth

nora said...

NOOOOOOOO you cant do this to me!!

and then what happens? he runs after her? she runs back to him??

pleaseee dont take too long, i miss my m7ammed!!!

Starlight<3 said...


You amaze me ;* This post had so many vivid descriptions and emotions I felt almost as if I was standing in the department store watching them, no it was so much more I felt like I could hear their thoughts, sort of like Edward Cullen would or Matt Parkman from Heroes. Basically what I'm trying to say was this post was undoubtedly your best one yet.

Ahh! & when they kissed, I could have sworn my own body was tingling. Call me desperate but in my defence reading too many love stories has done that to me ;p But being the strong believer in destiny that I am, I believe it shall come to me whenever it will but a girl can still dream ;p

You have no idea how wonderful this post was, I am still spazzing over how amazing it was :p

Je t'adore beaucoup.

Post a.s.a.p,


Anonymous said...

Andd YAAAYY he likeess her, i hope she likes himm backkkk <333

POstttt soooooooooonnn, I LOOVEEED IT xxx

Anonymous said...

DUUUUUUUUUUDEE!! plz post b4 this week is over!! that was gooooood!

Hessa said...

Omagoodii :O Yaaayyy! t7mast lol :p
thiis post is Freaakin-tastic *Hearts* Thaaankkks A lot :D

CuteandCuddly said...

LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!

*Bella said...

-D am visualizing the scene as i write this *Sigh* i love this post *bush* at last they realized their feelings or Moh7amad's feelings!!

*sigh* please dont torment us =( post a soon as possible xoxox

Stand-Alone~ said...

omg omg omg.. i knew i shouldnt have read this post early in the morning.. i have a presentaion to do infront of like 50 peopel and i am scared eni ra7 a5aba9 and with each word i say the next would be "m7amd" or "haya" or "kiss" or "me want" =p LOOL!!


Stady Presenting:
"today i will be talking to you about data management; it is importand to know why m7amded kissed haya.. manageding the company's asset is a very critical factor as much as haya's feelings for m7amded"

kill me, kill me now!!!

Gutter Flower said...

AHAHAHAAHAHAAHAHA Stand-Alone's comment theba7ny mn il '6e7ek.. HAAHAHAHAH..

Stady Presenting:
"today i will be talking to you about data management; it is importand to know why m7amded kissed haya.. manageding the company's asset is a very critical factor as much as haya's feelings for m7amded"

goood one goood one =p

Gutter Flower said...

tadreen hay yamkin akthar post agra.. one of the few posts fel blogosphere ili they were so good that i read them more than once.. no3 ili i memorized them by now =p.. said...


ive been waiting for this post 3ala a7r mn el jamr ..
so 2day morning my friend comes to skool ruine the story
n says .. HE KISSED HER .. !!
i was like who kissed who ?.. !! she says M7amad kissed haya ..!!
i stood stuned for 10 min trying to understand what she said
btw am still in my skool uniform=Pp adree 3aab6
i was a silent reader .. but after what i read .. ill speak OUT LOUD . .DAAMMMNN GURRRLL .. u did a great job * round of apluse *

waiting for the next post ..!! la tb6eeen 3lainaa ;***

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

you guys!! madree shagoolkom!! your feedback 3la hal post kan shay mo 6abee3y! eli everytime i get a comment, lebtesama tsheg wayhy! =D
wallah madree shagolokom! thanks so much...wallah you're too kind! ;**

glad you enjoyed it galby ;**


thats good, right?
i think...i hope...i wish...



ba3ad galby wallah entay el amazing ;**


gutter flower,
wallah enich etyaneneen!
ana? ana a3atheb? ana ata3eb elnafseya?



thank you!!
we'll see about that following part hehe ;)

are those questions you had earlier starting to have answers now? ;)


ya shamatet abla zaza feya ;Pp


e3awer in a good way, 9a7?
like why dont i have any of that e3awer, 9a7?

ABY! lol!


wait and find out hehe ;)

bs aham shay your m7ammad! did we not have this discussion before ;Pp


wallah ana eli madree shagoolich 7beeby ;**
thanks so much 3la your sweet words!
you have no idea shkether you made me smile with that so glad you enjoyed it! ;**

mwaaaaaaaah! ;**

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

or does she? ;)
we'll see inshallah sooooooon! =)


im glad you liked it galby ;**
ill do my best to post soon! =)


ba3ad galby entay wallah ;**
im soooo glad you liked it! =D
mwaaaaaaaaaah! ;**


love you! ;**
inshallah soon!
i hope anyway hehe ;)


7beeby entay ;**
atlast theyre coming out oo bala laf oo dawaran hehe =D
ill post as soon as i can i promise! =)


stand alone,
tha7akteeny first thing in the morning wallah!
how did the presentation go?!

aby a3arefffffff! =D


gutter flower,
a7esich 3ady you do the same thing ;Pp

oo 9ij, you like it that much? it even comes with a dedication 7aggich...hehe!

its all the waiting i tell ya ;Pp

that means ill make you wait more for the next one 3shan you memorize it more ;Pp

hala walllllllaaaah bl silent readers ;**
glad to see you around galby!

oo loo adree ena all it took was this post to see you here, chan mn zmaaaaaan i wrote it ;)

glad you liked it galby! =)

On-The-Rocks said...

ee everything started making sense, ana noo3y ma6fooog oo ma feeni 9abir, 3ashan chithy i had so many questions, ommi killa tgoool ni6art 9 ash-hir ib ba6ny mu gadir tan6ir digeega!!

Stand-Alone~ said...

LOOL!! the presentation went on good.. i used all distractions possible so that i dont drift and say M7AMED KISSED HAYA OMG OMG OMG and give them the link to this story lool...

A Journal Entry said...

brilliant mashallah!!!
mooooore! =D

Post 24 SOON ;p said...

Yallaaah im waiittiingg!!!
Pleasee dont take as much as mn gabl ;p


Anonymous said...

PLZ post yallaaa a long one hal marra na6reeen!

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

lat7aty ;)
more things will make sense soon too ;Pp


ashwa ashwa ashwa!
t5ayaly that wouldve been so bad ;Pp

next time, no reading stories before work ;Pp


a journal entry,
awwww ;**
thank youuuu!


post 24 soon,
3ajeeba wallah ;)
i promise ill write something over the weekend =)
wallah i had an exam today oo one in a week ba3ad, bs 3shanich ;)


ill post as soon as i can galby ;)

Anonymous said...

The Site ABOUT Kuwait, FOR Kuwait and BY Kuwait!


Yousef said...

oh my god isn't that weird y3ni oho law kan ye7bha wo ehya te7ba b3d bs ma7d teklam wla 8al ay shy 7aq elthani kel wa7d kan katm da5l lma they've reached a point ena they can't handle the whole situation and someone lazm yswe shy before the other one and that's what happened "Mohammed Kissed Haya" allah yaster bs mn eli yayi bs :(

Roon said...


Pearla said...

were u waiting for my comment ;p hehe .. well i needed to relax
3shan aktb shay zen :p haha ..

THE KISS :O OMFG !! WOW 9dgg y3ne i pictured it in my head and it was beyond perfect ,,
M7mad yum i swear i can eat him all up ,, seriously he's too HOT
and his face all red b3d ellip stick what a cute face omg wow LOL uuu5 seriously too cute..
uu5 i wana be kissed by M7mad, bs shwy dandoon .. plzz ? lol

and she totally loves him but she was in denial, like she's deeply inlove with him after that kiss i just know it ! LOL

I read this part like 5 times ino shwy shwy and everytime i go all awww and i can feel my heart beating too ;p lol pathetic i know ;p i'm too desperate :|

and M7mad ran after her right ? he hugged her and she cried even more then they talked about it but once they started to talk she couldn't handle M7mad's hot face and started kissing again!! right right ? tell me i'm right :D

and plzzzzz plzzz prettyy plzzz post sooon ;*

Estelle said...

Your story is amazing. It actually inspired me to write my own lil blog:
Keep writing, though! I CANT WAIT ANY LONGER! =P

Anonymous said...