Tuesday, September 29


i missed you guys!

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayed! :D :D :D

my time away was much needed and very VERY very good for me :)

bas then again if you were interested in finding out about that, you'd be reading spill ;Pp

elmohem, i just wanted to write up a special post just to tell you how much i miss you all! how much i miss writing! how much i miss your comments and seeing you around ;**

bs then again, i'm back! so yaaaaaaaaaaay!

i'm back with alot of inspiration (and fun-facts-to-know-and-tell), and on top of it all, a very very VERY long post that i really hope you enjoy! =)

looking forward to seeing you around!
but until then, i have ALOT of catching up to do ;)

ps: i SUPER-MISS love, M, GutterFlower (elkalba), change and tigerlilly! wallah i miss your writings and your presence so so very much that i cant even begin to put it in words!!

pps: i might have a surprise for you guys that i really think you'll like, but im still contemplating the idea...and if it wasnt so late now and i didnt have dawam early in the morning, i'd start working on it now =)

ppps: i posted contrasting realities 29 incase you didnt notice :)


zuz said...

dandoooon!! welcome back :D! naby super extra long post :@ capeesh?!

ZoN said...

just want to say i missed u being around

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

zuuuuuuuuuuuz!! =D =D

i missed you!! =DD


oo b3dain the super extra long post is out mamaty! i wrote two posts ;)

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

wallah i missed being asround too!

and i missed you guys!! =D =D

and i missed you wayed! you disappeared even before i disappeared! its good to see you =D

Hala said...

I see we are all back in a way or another.. we missed you too..!!

Ruby Woo said...

thank u thank u thank u!!!

missed u wayed :*

love ;** said...


I cannot begin to tell you JUST how much I missed you seriously!!!

I am so glad you are back and writing again :D

I love you babe ;**

Standy said...

ITS YOU.. sub7an allah, yesterday before i sleep you came to mind and now you are HERE lool..

you've beeen missed ALOT!!
ba3ad alot its not mu3abir enough on how you've been missed..

I am glad to hear your super hyper and al7amdulliah you are much better and time did you good =)


p.s you owe me burgerking =p

Rawan said...

wanasa you posted please la te5tifeen again

Gutter Flower said...

again.. hi? oo umm.. laish kalba =$

M said...

you don't understand SHKETHER I missed u!!! o btw 3ajeeb kan ilpost :**

Gutter Flower said...

ya zaga, since u moderate comments oo ur accepting them y3ni ga3da tgrainhum.. fa since ur reading them riday ebser3a mb tn6reen esboo3 lai ma u get like a bazillion comment b3dain trideen 3alaihum kilehum!

i love you?

ok mala da3i el question mark.. kz i adore u a9lan.. oo inty tadreen.. adry ga3da t5izeeny a7een..

ufff i missed u so much walla..

Butterfly Chick said...

Welcome Back Dear :)

Waiting for your new posts

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

I missed you too! Ive been away too long :(

Ruby woo,
Ba3ad galby entay!
I was writing this last post and just thinking of u all the time since u said this is the only story left that u read, so I put in a little extra effort just for you! Hope u liked it ;*

Ba3ad galby entayyyyy ;**
I missed you more wallah!!
I was reading ur blog the whole time I was away, but I just wasnt commenting :/
Love u more bella ;*

Oh super hyper I am ;Pp
And im loving it loooool!
Oo b3dain afa 3laich, entay bas ta3alay oo ull find a couple of quadraple whoppers waiting! In the airport if need be ;)

Ill try my best :)
Oo inshallah khair :)

Gutter flower,
Many radda 3laich :P

Akeed mo kithry...9adgeeny mo kithry ;**
Wallah ya M ma tadreen shkether I missed ur writings ;*
(Which I also kept reading while I was away hehe)

Gutter flower,
Okay 8arart ared 3laich kesarty kha6ry :P

Butterfly chick,
Hopefully soon :)
Thanks for reading babe ;*

Ruby Woo said...

Hahahah ee yours is the only one left. I like it since its not another version of all the others. I was waiting wayed for another post so gilt in the meantime aroo7 adawerli another story bas MAKU they're all the same and then you posted ;*