Monday, December 8

Contrasting Realities 5

Exactly two days later, I called 5alty um-3abdallah.

“Bashray Hayooo”

“I like your suggestion 5alty”


“Bs 3ndy shar6 wa7ed”

“Tamreen amr 7beebty”

“I won’t do anything gabl la ag3ad m3 3aballah face to face and have a serious conversation about this with him”

“Oo laish tgoleenly ana hal7achy o ma gelteela oho?”

“L2ana oho 7achach entay mo ana 5alty”

She sighed.

“9ar 7beebty”

That night, 3abdallah called me, asking me if we can go out for dinner together. He was to pick me up at 7pm, and we were going to LeNotre. After hours of staring at my closet, trying to dress appropriately for the ‘occasion’, I settled for my black strapless dress from that day.

I knew that was an excellent choice the moment I opened my house’s door and saw the look he gave me. His eyes widened and his smile broadened. He froze.

I walked towards him, till I got to the passenger door of the Khaki CLS that he was leaning against. His eyes were following me all the way, but he still hadn’t moved an inch.

“Shlon? Bnro7 wla hawant? Tra ana yo3ana!” I teased.

He blinked quickly, then looked deep into my eyes. I could feel myself blush.

“Tekfain bas yalmafjoo3a mo tro7een tfashleena hnak oo tathrbeen bl 5ams…adree feech ma t3arfeen weldch 7azzat el2akel” he said, as he opened the door for me.

I got into the seat and started buckling my seatbelt, assuming he’s moving to the driver’s seat. Suddenly, he bent down till his lips were only centimeters apart from my right ear. He whispered.

“You look stunning”

He stopped there for a few moments, breathing into my ear and down the nape of my neck. His breath in my ears tickled me. His breath down my neck left me intoxicated. When he finally moved away, I exhaled deeply. Then I smiled. It was a smile that I first used with my first crush back in 5th grade. It was the smile that proved to me that 3abdallah could be more than just my brother.

During dinner, we sat in the veranda and caught up on the past two years when we haven’t been very close. The more I talked to him, the more I imagined me and him together. I guess his mother was right; all I had to do was give him a chance and think outside the box.

It was nearly 10pm now, and we had had our dinner, our dessert and our coffee. Still, 3abdallah hadn’t managed to utter a single word about the topic we were here for. My back was aching and my legs were in pain, so I suggested we leave.

The moment we stepped out of LeNotre, a chilly breeze swept by us. I stopped, and let the wind blow through my hair and my dress. I let out a little shriek of delight.

“Ambaih! 3abboud eljaw mo 9ij!”

I stood infront of LeNotre and closed my eyes. Almost instantly, I detached myself from the world I lived in. I let the sound fill my ears and I let the flow feel every last piece of my skin. I felt the wind and I breathed the wind and I lived the wind.

“Haya...” he whispered again in my ears.

I opened my eyes and looked at him. His fingers reached to my face as he moved my flying hair out of it. With his palm still on my cheek, he looked deep into my eyes and smiled. I felt my insides turn into mush.

“Lail7een you like to walk?” he whispered again.

“Always” I giggled.

“Shrayech ntmasha shway b hal jaw?” he said, and he held his hand out for me to hold.

Standing there in the wind, looking at his outstretched hand, I couldn’t help but think about how I’ve wasted a year of my life without this perfect guy. The guy I knew inside out. The guy I knew would treat me right and put me before anything else.

I put my palm in his, and he squeezed it tightly, still looking into my eyes and smiling. We walked in silence, enjoying each others company and the beautiful weather. As the time became later, the temperature continued to drop. Suddenly, he stopped.

“Hayoo your hands are freezing!”

I snapped back to the real world and realized that I had lost all sensations in my skin. My strapless dress was not helping at all. I had left my cardigan back in his car, not thinking that the night would end up this way.

“Laa 3ady…I’ll be fine” I smiled.

“Ma7ad fine!”

He took of his jacket and put it on my shoulders. The jacket still smelled like his Polo Black by Ralph Lauren - the jacket still smelled like him. I took a deep breath and let it all in. I looked at him and smiled, but he was looking beyond me.

“Hayooo, entay la7ath-tay e7na wain we9alna?”

I looked around me. We were at Carino’s. We had walked all the way from LeNotre to Carino’s. To say that time flew by would be the understatement of the millennium. I giggled.

“Shaklk kint meshtehy Carino’s o yebtna hnee nakel mara thanya” I winked.

“Zain shbinsawy al7en?”

“Na3oodo mn 7aitho ataiyna?”

“Feech shadda tamsheen 3gb kil hatha?”


“3la ra7tich 7beebty…ana ma 3ndy mane3”

The word slipped out of his mouth involuntarily. His facial expression changed suddenly and he lowered his gaze to the floor. Even in the dark, I could see he was blushing.

He looked so cute!

“Ra7at 7beebtk ehya ra7tk”. I waited for him to look up. I needed to look into his eyes. He didn’t though.

"Now yala 3ad tra ma a7eb ogaf wayed…5al namshy!” I started walking again, with his hand still in mine.

But he didn’t move as I started walking away. His grip made me bounce back to where I was standing, and our bodies were now inches apart. We didn’t say a word – with my hand in his, our eyes did all the talking. We stood there for what seemed like an eternity but was more like minutes, if not seconds.

I smiled.

He put his arm around me, and we started walking again. Never did I feel so safe in someone’s arms before. Never did I feel such warmth radiating from someone before. I felt like there was nothing in the world that can bring me down from the clouds I was on top of.


“3yoon oo galb oo roo7 3abboudich”

“Can I ask you something that will possibly ruin this moment?”

“Nothing can ruin this moment 7beebty”

“Why didn’t you ever tell me directly that you were interested in me?”

He answered in a split second. He had obviously prepared for this before we met me. What can I say? I guess he knew me a little too well.

“Because I knew you would say no in the beginning, and would probably think I’m a sick freak and would never ever give me another chance again”

“Fair enough, but what made you think I’ll say yes in the end?”

“You keep forgetting that I know you inside out Haya. Because I knew you’re stubborn. Because I knew you needed to think about it before you dismiss it. Because I knew that once you thought about it logically, you’d realize it actually might work out. But most importantly, because I knew you’re worth the wait”

I felt butterflies in my tummy and I smiled. He kissed my forehead. Then we continued our walk back to LeNotre in silence.

When we arrived to my house, it was nearly 11.30pm. He stopped the engine and spoke.

“Had fun?”

“You have no idea”


“So is that a yes, no or maybe?”

“Agoolk wla ared 7g 5alty 5abar?” I teased.

“Yala 3ad Haya…ana mn 9iji ga3d at7acha!”

“That’s a maybe…with very high yes likelihood”

The sparkle in his eyes made me melt. Then, he suddenly put his hand on my belly.

“T’haigan meta ra7 atres hal ba6n 3yal?”

I felt heat radiating from my face.

“When the time is right” I said as I put my hand on his. I left it there for a few moments, then removed it to open my door, but he held on to my other hand. He kissed it.

“Haya, thank you for the most amazing night of my life”

My face grew accustomed to all the redness. I was running out of replies.

“No 3abboudy, thank you”

I squeezed his hand one last time before I let go. Then I walked into my house. My mom was asleep on the couch next to the door and my dad was sitting next to her reading the paper. She woke up to the sound of the door squeaking.

“Hayooo wayed te2a5arty…I was worried sick about you! Kint badeg 3laich oo obooch gal fechy 3anha shwaya”

Dad looked at me, and he just knew.

“It’s a yes, isn’t it?”

“Baba, it’s a tired-and-wanna-sleep!! Mo al7en” I exclaimed.

“Hayooo atleast goleelna sh9ar?” mom said.

Dad cut her off.

“5alas 5alas, 5alha tro7 tnam al7en…b3dain we talk about it”

“T9b7on 3la 5air ya a7la parents bldenya” I said, and kissed them both before I left.

I went to my room upstairs and lay on my bed without changing my clothes, thinking about how magical this day had been. I pinched myself a couple of times just to make sure I wasn’t asleep.

But it was only when my mobile beeped that I truly believed I wasn’t dreaming.


From: 3abboud

I am the luckiest man alive. Sweet dreams yaly ma5tha 3agl 3abboud weyach elyom ;**

I replied.

T9b7 3la 5air ya a7la 3abboud bldenya…3abboudy ana broo7y ;**


ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

just wanted to wish you all a very happy 3eed =D

i wont be posting over the 3eed period (so until early next week), so read this post slowly ;)

wishing you all a great holiday =)

FourMe said...

Am I first?

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

only second after me, but i dont think i count this time lol ;)

dp said...

all i can say is :

ohh maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan

Nemo said...


think-become said...

dandoooon la2 la2 la2, badda3ty! amazing peace ever of contrasting realities.. 3ajeeeeeeba.. ma tadreen ishkithir indimajt... lazim asajjil 9ooty so you can hear the peak of my voice while im writing this comment..

ilwath3 kan 7adda iwannis, oo funny at the same time.. i loved 3abboud's comment at the beginning when he said:“Tekfain bas yalmafjoo3a mo tro7een tfashleena hnak oo tathrbeen bl 5ams…adree feech ma t3arfeen weldch 7azzat el2akel”

i seriously advice you to put it all up in a minnie book :P

9ij 9ij 9ij yuo made my day oo hathy 9ara7a a7la 3eediya ever.

i love reading good pieces of writing.. 3asa allah la ya7rimnah minnch oo min ketabaatich

Charmbracelet said...

Sooo cuute!

B said...

awwwwwwwwwwww!! soooo sooooo cuuuute a7ebhum <3 LOVED this post wallah it was amazing!

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

im thinking ya raby who stole her initials!
wla i click the link and its you lol!

oo laish z3lana? =(
you no likey? =(


ee 7addda ;)
thats why its fictional ;)


i'm really glad you enjoyed it =D
wallah your comment made my day =)
i have the hugest smile on my face!! =D
3asa raby ma ya7remny mnk oo mn ur sweet comments oo mn ur lovely da3wat =D
3eedk mbarak dude =)


abyyyy =(


ana ba3ad a7ebhom wallah!
el fal lee oo lech! =D

TB said...

ayyamich sa3eeda anytime.. will check your blog after eid for the next post.. inzain mako sneak preview :P

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

you'll get to know why Haya was dreading that phone call to 3abboud ;)

Aurous said...


amazing... mashallah 3leech 7adha 3ajeeba :)

and Happy 3eed

Sham3at Al Jillas said...

Waaaaaaaaaaaay!!! 9ij 100% charm school... He comes from a different planet.

Anonymous said...











3abdallah hatha sij ??? abi :P 3a6eeni eya :P

o haya .. waaay haya mal kaf :P

waaay 3ala 3abdallah YA7ELWAA

waaay waaaay waaaaay a7eb hal 3abdallah

abi wa7ed a3arfa since childhood laish ma 3ende wa7ed a3arfa since childhood chan sarli 3abdallah :(

..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::.. said...

3eedech embarak dandan : D
o kil 3am wintay b5air : *

awww that was so sweet of 3abdallah ^_^

wallah i was feeling so blue and then when i read it, it took me out of my mood : )

can't wait for the next part ; )

Stand-Alone~ said...

wow.. mashallah, mashallah.. Very nice...

Cant wait for the rest..

Anonymous said...

SO MAGICAL oh my god!! 7ady estanast really this post is like 3edeya for me :D seriously this story is one of the best etha ma kant el best b3d you're one of the most talented writers 3eni 3lech barda ma sha2 allah ^^ aaaaaaaaaaah 7adi 7abet el post so romantic!! and MAGNIFICENT!
what I can say more? ma ra7 akafi o awafi eb 7a8ech =) for now ill just wait for your next post and "3edj embarek o 3asa ur days kelha happiness eb happiness ya rab ^^"


zwena said...

waaaaaaaaaay ..

all the romantic moments et9eer bel eshta o nesmat hawa yaya o ya36eha al jachet mashlaah :P min 3ether we dont have any romance in kuwait :P

Anonymous said...

olaa olaa my comment nes el qesa :P lool

sadia said...

don't do this to me!
i'm smiling like an idiot!
i'm literally breathless!
i feel like crying, but i'm smiling!
and i'm feeling extremely lonely all of a
i am sooo jealous of 7aya it's not even funny!

sadia said...


sadia said...


Eschew Obfuscation said...

Are you kidding me!! Ok, im not a cynic, really! But this is fairy tale/fantasy talking. I doubt such families and such a couple exist in our society. If they do, then more power to them, but a part of me feels the information herein is exaggerated. Noway a couple can be so cutesy. Besides, how inappropriate would it be for a guy to tell a girl he still hadn't married "mita atres hal ba6n"? Come on!

Eschew Obfuscation said...

I just realized this might be fictional! ... Sorry :r

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

thanks 7beeby kilik zaw2 ;**
oo 3eedch mbarak too =D


sham3at al jillas,
ee 7adda =D
do you know which one though?
i might move there ;)


ee wallah ana ga3da akteb elpost anony oo im like eshme3na ehya!! ana abyy =(
oo 9adgeeny its not abt the childhood thing...i know lots of guys mn ana oo 9'3eera..oo tadreen shino esawoon al7een? lel7een they pull my hair and make fun of me chenna we're 8..
idiots!! =S


ayyamich sa3eeda 7beebty...kil 3am wenty b5air =D

oo im really happy to hear i pulled you out of a bad mood =D
nothing makes me feel better than making someone feel better ;**


me neither lol ;)


ayyamk as3ad wallah your comments always put a huge smile across my face yousef =)
thanks so much =)
oo im glad you got a 3eedeya that you like! =)


zawee tra awwal mara asma3 hal justification!!
al7en 3arafna shino kanat elmshkela all along!
now we should all move to the north pole! =D


your comment made me smilleeeeeee =D
wallah i felt the same thing! =)


no no!!
no sobbing!
7ata ana im really jealous of her!
abyyyy 3abbouddd!!
wainhom sadia?! wain ra7aw el 3abbouds!!


it is a fictional story! lol ;)
bs yeah...wouldnt it be nice if things were this way? =(

oo tra there are families who exist like this (mine being one of them) sometimes i think mine is the last one of them lol ;)

oo come on, i think its very cute that a guy would ask you to be the mother of his children...well not you you, but you know what i mean! ;)

it kinda implies that he's serious oo wants you for good and see himself growing old with you! (again, not you you ;Pp)

bs wainhom hal guys? =(

Ruby Woo said...

9aak 3ala mbaraak!!!

iff wayid takhayalt ina that was me in the story mo ihya!

Slai7e6 said...

LOOLLLL 3la atres hal ba6in e3yal ;)

sadia said...

eschew obfuscation you are officially a party pooper.


dana, i don't where they are! i've searched high and low...near and far...and i haven't found any...YET!

Anoosa said...

mashallah i liked ur storyyyyyyyyy verrrrrrrrrry much and i have posted it in a forum
i hope u dont mind :p

libero anima said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaah ba9eeeeeeee7 !! walla i teared , i have no idea why =S =p

it's all just sooo romantic dude ! =D

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

ruby woo,
kilna 7a8deen 3leha...malat 3la elbamya =S


laish kil el2awadem m3algeen 3la hal comment? ;Pp


ee ma atwa8a3 youll be finding any in the future either lol ;)


ofcorse i dont! =)
bs tra i checked the link oo the story is nowhere near finished ;)
stay tuned for moooooore...wayed more lol ;)


libero anima,
adreeee =S
bs tekfoun no more tears!
chithee i'll stop writing if everyone is crying! =(

Mar8adoosh said...

i love itttttttt may9eeeer kamlaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay i want him ;p

Starlight<3 said...


that was so cute <3

But if everything was going so well with 3bdullah, why would she be dreading a call to him?

I love love love your blog :)

Don't keep us waiting,


Missy said...

awwwww <3

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

ee wallah 7atan ana i want him =(
will kamel soon ;**


thats what you get to know in part 6 ;)
im glad youre liking it...will post once i get abck inshallah ;**


adreee ;**
abyyyy =(

Missy said...

Ana b3d abii :p
Yeeebeeellllyyyyyyy @@

Missy said...

inzain yala update :p

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

wallah tawwny radda l kuwait this afternoon =)

i promise ill post a new part first thing tomorrow morning (or rather when i wake up hehe)

oo etha 7a9alt, bayeeblch! ;)

A Journal Entry said...

way way way!
butterflies everywhere! =D

the zuz said...

azwa'3?:S, twny i read all the parts, grrrreeeaaaat writing! keep it up o lat3algena like so many ppl;p

Halawa said...

Haha, you can laugh all you want, but I had the impression that you were writing YOUR life story until I started reading the comments, I read the first page of your blog last week and I was still analyzing everything up to a second ago lol. I gave the link to a couple of my friends and they were shocked, wow... we're moving to Kuwait!

Let me say this: Mashallah, you are VERY talented, I'm surprised you haven't written a book! Listen, have you read Twilight? YOU SHOULD, after reading what you wrote I believe you should write a full novel and get published!

Take my recommendation, read Twilight, You won't regret it... it'll give you more insight into your story. Your story is like an Arabic version of it and I REALLY can't wait for your next post. Many worldwide authors started out like you, and I believe you should take yourself more seriously. You've got talent love.

Looking forward to reading more!

Take Care,

PS, If you're going to read Twilight, PLEASE don't read any spoilers or anything! Just the book itself. If you want, I'll send it over as an e-book.

Single & Fabulous said...

amazing piece ! at the beginning I thought it was a true event happened to you, o kent bagoolich bel barakah o Allah la ye'3ayyer 3alaikom o min hal kalam, bas I realized it was fictionary, yet really really amazing, i shivered when Haya shivered, I blushed when she blushed, i lived every moment as if it was me because you make it so vivid ! Keep it up sis

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

a journal entry,
eee i know!!
everytime i read this post a7es nafs elshay! =(


the zuz,
thanks 7beebty ;**
oo ill try to update as much as i can 3shankom ;**


7beeeeby thank you so much for your kind words =D
you put a huge smile across my face! =)
oo yea, this blog is the fictional part of my life, Spill is where all the real stuff goes hehe ;)
bs im so glad you're liking it =D

oo lel2asaf i havent read twilight yet l2ana i havent had much time lately =( bs i've heard alot about the book! im really dying to read it!!

if you have the ebook version, then please please please do share! =D

i can upload it onto my mobile and tghen read it whenever i get a chance! =D

i would be eternally grateful! =D


single & fabulous,
thank you so much ;**
im glad you're liking it! =D
oo like i said, this is where the fictional stuff goes, and Spill is where the real stuff is ;)

Halawa said...

Eh wa law!

Sure sure, I'll send it over to you, but erm, give me your e-mail lolz. It's not on ure profile.

Ahaha, I download books on my mobile too, lol, never have time to sit on the pc either!

Lot's of love,

Anonymous said...

i was just wondering.. when he put his hands on her tummy and told her "mita batris hal ba6in?".. did he mean food or a baby ;p???