Wednesday, December 24

Contrasting Realities 8



“Haya…we’re here already”

“Mabyyy…bs banam”


“Haya, we’re here”

“Mabyyyy bs banam” I said, as I made my head comfortable in its position. I sunk into my pillow a bit more.


“Haya we need to go”


“Ya7lailech etwanseen!”

Wait a minute…who said that?

I opened my eyes slowly, trying to adjust to the bright lights. The first thing I saw was the rain stained window infront of me and the white building through that.

Still not fully awake, I stretched my neck and spine, feeling a little crack as I did. But the crack sounded a bit muffled, not as loud as I usually hear it. Like I was resting against something soft, not a seat full of air.

I looked up, and that’s when I was speechless.

My head was perfectly fitted in the groove between his arm and shoulder. The piercing blue eyes were staring down at me.

I could swear I saw a smile - the happy type that is. I dismissed the thought just as quickly as it came. This is M7ammad. He doesn’t do happy smiles. He does sly, mysterious smiles.

“Noum el3awafy”

I blushed, pulling away from my position awkwardly. How the hell did I end up sleeping on his shoulder?! Where did the arm rest go?

“Allah e3afeek…I can’t believe I slept through the whole flight. I never do that.”

“You nearly woke up at some point. You were turning and your hand hit the arm rest so hard that the sound actually woke me up from my sleep, so I removed it 3shan you sleep more comfortably”

“9ij? Kilish ma 7assait eb shay…but that explains why it hurts hehe”

His smile was widening.

“Shfeek teth7aaaak?”

“You sound so adorable when you’re sleepy...awal mara asma3 this tone of voice mennich….9ayra 7addich dalooo3a”

Oh, crap…

I remembered 3abdallah commented about my sleepy voice several times before. After waking me up from sleep once, he just couldn’t get over how soft and baby-like my voice is when I’ve just woken up. He always told me that it would put angels to shame.

I tried to clear my throat and speak properly. The incomplete wakefulness state I was in only managed to worsen things.

“M7amaaaad….la teth7aaaak…bs 3aaaad”

He smiled again. I thought I saw a twinkle in his eye, but again, I dismissed the thought just as quickly as it came. I needed coffee. I was seeing things.

“Zain yala yal dalooo3a we’re here” he said as he got up, offering me his hand. He helped me up and I let out a little cry of pain as he did.

“Sorry Haya, wallah I completely forgot about your hand. I think I know how to fix it. Do you mind?”

erm…mind what bethabt? I thought with my hand still in his.


He massaged my palm to and fro, applying more pressure at the joints. It hurt for a few seconds, then suddenly the pain went away. He then stopped massaging my hands, but he didn’t let go of it.


“Ee wayed…how did you do that?”

“It’s this little trick I know…I tend to move a lot when I sleep too”

We started moving out of the plane and into the airport. As we walked in the long corridor connecting the terminal to passport control, I looked out through the glass. It was a sunny day, but there were big white clouds that looked like thick cotton candy. The rain was very mild, but I knew that it was heavy earlier when I saw the glistening green fields. It was yet another beautiful day in London, and all I wanted to do was spend it walking around Hyde Park, enjoying the weather and reading a good book.

The cab ride to the hotel was quiet. I was so absorbed by my surroundings that I forgot why I was here, with who I was here and what I left behind. I saw the pedestrians waiting by the traffic lights. I saw the men in suits walking down the streets. I saw the squirrels jumping around the trees. I saw the two story buses. I saw the old couple sipping their coffee.

And I saw Big Ben!

We arrived at the hotel at around 3pm. It was the closest hotel to the university’s campus that Rana could find since all the hotels were fully booked because of the course. We were told there were delegates from more than 100 different countries from around the globe were attending.

I took out the printed hotel vouchers from Rana’s email attachment and walked towards the reception. After taking our passports and necessary documentation, she handed us one key.

“You’ll be in Suite 506 on the fifth floor. We wish you a pleasant stay with us”

“I’m sorry, did you say suite?

“Yes. Is there a problem?” she said in a condescending tone.

“There kind of is. We booked a double room and a triple room, not a suite”

She punches in something in the computer, mumbling underneath her breath.

“Your reservation says that you’ve asked for a suite for five people”

“I think I know what I asked for”. I was slowly running out of patience.

She punches some more things in the computer.

“But this reservation wasn’t made by you in the first place”

I looked at her dead in the eye for a few moments.

And that’s when it clicked.

That bitch Rana!!

I think M7ammad saw the anger slowly creeping up on me, so he tried to resolve the situation.

“Is there any way you can change the suite to a double and a triple? Or even singles?”

“I’m sorry sir, but we’re fully booked because of the holidays as well as a few other things happening around town. There’s also the University of –“

“I’m here for the freaking course; I know its freaking busy!! But you can’t expect me to deal with this setting!!” I said, my voice full of anger.

The cold bitch looked at me and said, not even flinching “That’s the best we’ve got. Feel free to move to another hotel, but I can tell you, you won’t find any better deals”

“Could you just give us a few moments?” M7ammad said, pulling me away from the gaze I was holding with cold british bitch.

He took me to a sofa in the corner of the hotel’s lobby and sat me down.

“What the hell?? What the hell?? Hathy Rana mn 9ijha ya3ny? What the hell is her problem? Madree ana madree bs a7ad efahemny what the hell is her problem??”

“Haya relax shway ehdy please. 3abdallah mo hnee yhadeech oo 9ara7a ana a5tere3 lman ashoofich m3a9ba”

I got up from my seat.

“Shino ya3ny ehdy?! Shino tabeeny asawy ‘3air eny a3a9eb?! Ent gooly shino elnormal reaction in a situation like this?! I’m sorry ana mo barda nafsk oo kil shay 3ndy bhdo2, especially lman akoon metwahga b maw8ef chithy…hathy l 7mara shino agool 7g 3abdallah al7en?! Kint ga3da m3 elreyayel for 10 days makla sharba nayma ma3ahom!! Tell me shagoola!!”

I was screaming now. A tremendous amount of heat was radiating from my face. I could feel every artery in my face pulsating. I started getting short of breath. My hands started shaking. Then the shaking went through my whole body.

I felt the world go white.



Then there was black.


Anonymous said...

rana is such a bitch!

Jam3iiya(L) said...

she fainted?
i want to go to london

Charmbracelet said...

Dammnnn! Please next!! Gmt I like m7mdddd!=O

CuteShiya said...

Please don't let her fall for
m7amad mskeeen 3aboud :(
can i have him if things doesn't work out ;p << keep dreaming

Nemo said...


Anonymous said...

WTF THAT BITCH! ommmmmg a7es thab7'ha 7laaaaaaaaaaaal as I told hathi mal a7d ykofenha lma ynsker laha '9l3! 7adha tnarfez *&^%$E!!

5ant 7eli Haya wallah too much on her y3ny she can't handle kel shy bro7ha =( o el9ra7a ana M7mad ba6 chabdi! ya5i make from yourself something useful shwe!! mo kla 3la Haya :( meskena wallah ma testahl eli 9ar laha =( weeeeenk ya
3bd allah 3anha ;_;

bs that BITCH! lazm a7d yshof laha 9erfa l2na ely 8a3d tsweh mo shwe!!

Even though this part wasn't long enough =P !! bs 7adi 7beta ^^ ill be waiting for the next onnnnne :D


Aurous said...

That bitch Rana!! 9ej ma teste7y!!

Can't wait for the next part :D

zwena said...


Anonymous said...

wala qelat adab! ya3ni shino eli ebtosalag mathalan!

o ba3deen shsaar weya haya @@

o mako azwaaq m7amad lama ygol ana akhatere3 lama ashoofech em3asba haha :P

Khayala said...

That was one great post.

I loved it !
Beautifully written mshallah 3alaich ;*

A Journal Entry said...

yahee la3eenah hal rana!

Music, Happiness, Love said...

that bitch!

Think-Become said...

haya needs to know how to deal with rana.. she could've simply had someone else arrange the reservations or check the reservations herself because rana can't be trusted... bas i think haya should go back after the course oo t3allim haya ilsana3 o tzifha zaaaf ma 9ar wala estiwa!

love this episode of contrasting realities.. the connection between it and the previous episode is amazing... simple and ewannis.. aham shy inna she slept through the whole flight on his shoulder!!! yadi il fadayi7 :P

let her keep the reservation as it is and go find another hotel, and until she find another reservation dont let her cancel :P

as for rana, i think the CEO should handle her situation right now before haya gets back. haya should tell'em about all the incidents from the day of the trip where she mis communicated stuff to the others so they wouldn't be on time to this reservation to previous things that has happened... \

either she's stupid or intending to do this. either way she should be kicked out !

damn i write a lot:P

moi said...

;\ rana 9ij bitch!!! maskena weeeh sh9ar feha haya;S?!

desertpalms said...

AHAAAM SHY she saw big ben!!


why is she so angryy? she shud thank rana..shes given her a nice excuse to be with mr blue eyez ;) hehehehehehe

Missy said...

Eshda3wa she fainted ;p

tara living with guys is so much fun bas misky ba6nich ou the7ky ;pp

Miskeen 3boood thought

libero anima said...


we have to goo chee kelna jma3a to kill ranoooo =p


ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

i know!!
thats as low as it goes! =S


maybe ;)
oo i wanna go to london too! =(
its beautiful around christmas time, oo ana stuck here where the temp is 30 degrees in freakin december =S


m7ammad is a hottie =S
bs still shwayat attitude problems hehe


maybe she'll fall for him, and maybe not...who knows? ;)
oo like i was telling sadia before, you're gonna have to go through me first if you want 3abboud ;)


adree =S


ee wallah wain 3bdallah 3anha! =S
m7ammad 9ayer thaif sharaf lol ;)
bs rana yabeelha 6ag!


ee wallah ma teste7y oo 7addha 7a8eera =S


adree =S


bs ehya taby tbe6 chabd haya mo akthar =S
m7ammad 3abee6 lol! ;)
bs mskeen ena en9adam feeha youm shfha m3a9ba bl airport =S
he'd never seen her angry before!

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

thanks 7beeby ;**
im glad you enjoyed =)


a journal entry,
ee wallah...5arebat kilshay =S


music, happiness, love,
7addha wai3!
she's so 7a8eera =S


no you dont ;)
i love long comments! =)
haya didnt ever imagine that rana could do anything like this...oo lel7een mo fahma whats wrong with her attitude =S
bs atwa8a3 al7en haya will be too busy with london and fixing everything oo lma tredd tet9araf m3 rana =S
oo ana atwa8a3 shes doing this on purpose...ya3ny mo ma38oola she mixed up both things!
she knows ena haya ma tebla3 m7ammad so shes forcing her to spend time with him '3a9b =S


adree rana 7addha 7a8eera =S
you'll find out abt haya soon enough though ;)


actually thats kinda me...i love big ben hehe ;)
haya hates m7ammad...she cant stand being around him unless absolutely necessary =S


i agree!
living with guys is fun etha:
1. ehya tebla3 the guy
2. etha ohma mo bro7ohom bs oo mako a7ad weyahom!


i got only one comment, oo you told me not to publish mal 3am i didnt get =S
shfee my blog 3laich? =S


libero anima,
i know im in!
ill get the baseball bat ;)

B said...

i hate rana.

Think-Become said...

yeah, trying to sabotage her relationship with 3abood too. rana hates seeing people happy!

zuz said...

m7ammad chenna ga3ed e9er zo'3a:P?

MashMosh said...

lol @ desertpalm...
a7lilha e'3ma 3aliha =( cant wait for the rest ....

Slai7e6 said...

5al tig3ad bil suite wuhoo idawerla sheqqa . rayal yit9araf!

..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::.. said...

i dont know :'(

well i'll comment again : /

Noooooooooooo .. don't stop here :( i was so into the story and u got me off the hook !!
and m7ammed is really falling for haya :P

and this ting that is called ranna (chinee wayed haz2t-ha :P) some one should really knock some sense into her!

sadia said...

i have a feeling abdulla will be coming to london too.

Anonymous said...

i absolutely love your writing and i loved this part!!! keep going please :)

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

everyone hates rana =@


ee wallah =S
she has issues =S


you just wait ;)


the rest will be coming soon ;)


we'll see about that too ;)


this is the first time i've heard ena m7ammad oho eli likes haya...everyone else is saying its the other way around! ;)


maybe...maybe not...who knows? ;)


7beeby thanks soo much ;**
will be continuing soon! =)

Mar8adoosh said...

its not fair that 7mara rana ! and keep writing ! LOL Ma7ib an6er hehe ;p

Stand-Alone~ said...


wallah hathi Rana i want to kill her.. uff,, and yeah please dont let her fall for m7amad, 3bood wayid layiq 3aleeha..

lost said...

i LOVE this story!
it is so great!

keep writing!
and please do not make us wait!

..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::.. said...

hmmm .. la la im sure that m7aamed has a crush on haya .. :D

btw dandan.. dont even ask me y but i've always pictured u as haya (^_^)

wallah madree laish bs i feel that haya is kinda reflection of u :P

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

ee adree!
i hate waiting too wallah!
and im just writing lol ;)


im sorry? lol ;)
rana ba66a chabdy too =S
oo maybe she wont fall for m7ammad...who know? ;)


lovitich el3afya 7beebty ;**
will be posting very soon =)


haya feeha wayed menny ;)
en7a6aina eb nafs elmawa8ef el5aysa so far hehe ;)
the lazga guys, the hotties with attitude =S
bs still, we're very different people!
you'll see what i mean as the story continues ;)

ps: haya has a nice fat =S


..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::.. said...

laaaaaa2 dandoon plzz dont cry galby :s

im fat as well though just last year like this time i was skinny wallah i mean it my size was 0 .. freakin ZERO and i was almotst going to wear double zero's cz it fitted me but yzn6nee !!
and now allah la ywareech :S i dont have the guts to say my size :'(

and tara 3ndee e7sas ina ur very beautiful X D

and im so sorry honey to hear that u've gone through nfs il maw8ef il 5ays *hugs*

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

awwwww ;**

me blushy =$

hamm ana mn summer, i went up 4 sized marra wa7da =S

bs yala, lets start dieting ana oo entay! ;)