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Contrasting Realities 7

I know you guys asked for a long part, bs I've got an exam tomorrow oo I barely got this one finished. Please sam7oony if its not as good as it should be - I wrote it as fast as i could =(

So I promise I'll post another one sooner than i usually do! I'll start writing it the moment i get back home from my exam! Fair enough?? =D

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My alarm went off at 5.30am. Unlike every other day, I woke up instantaneously. Infact, I didn’t really sleep. I was thinking about Dr. Nasser and how he had high expectations from us from this trip. The least I could do to this great man was to return the favors that he has paid me, but I really wasn’t sure if I was up for it. It was a very frustrating feeling.

I did my last minute preparations and said goodbye to my parents while waiting for 3abdallah to pick me up. He had insisted to drop me to the airport last night, and after letting him down the way I did yesterday, I didn’t have the nerve to say no.

We arrived at the airport at 6.45am and met up with M7ammad at Starbucks while waiting for the others. With two Venti paper cups sitting next to him, he admitted that he had stayed up all night in fear of missing the flight incase he overslept.

He was wearing a black turtle-neck and jeans. The black shirt accentuated his blue eyes, and the turtle-neck only served to add more temptation to the neck that lay underneath it.

He looked hot.

The three of us talked until the time was 7.30am. There was less than an hour left for boarding, and they still weren’t here yet. I called Layla and she told me that Rana had informed her that the plane was at 10am and not 9. When M7ammad talked to Waleed and Khalid, they said the same thing.

M7ammad and I looked at the tickets in confusion.

Where did the 10am come from?

“Ymkn she got the timings wrong” M7ammad said, ever-so-coolly.

“Shino got the timings wrong! She sent me an email with everything! I was on the phone with her! What do you mean she got it wrong? Hatha wagt ma yu7tamal fee a’3al6!”

“May5alef Hayoo bs calm down el3a9abiya ma ra7 tenfa3 al7en…just call her and find out what happened” 3abdallah said, as he squeezed my hand in failed attempts to control my temper.

To say that I was furious when I called Rana would be the understatement of the century.

She didn’t pick up.



Three times.

After the forth missed call, she picks up.


“Hala Rana, shlonich?”

Fucking formalities...

“El7amdella Haya, enty keefik?”

Haya 7af ya zbala?!

I tried to control my breathing.

“Rana, tawny a7achy Layla oo elbajeen oo galooly you told them the plane is at 10?”

“Okay, and?”

There was something about her voice, but I couldn’t tell what it was.

“The plane is at 9…oo entay gelteely ana oo M7ammad hal 7achy bl email el dazzaity…entay mo dazzatlhom the email wla shlon?”

“Eh barke ana b3atellon email la7alon 2elt 3shan ma a7e6 kil tfaseel elsafra 3endon”

It didn’t make sense to me, but I let it go. She didn’t comment about the conflicting timings.

“Oo laish you told them the flight is at 10?”

“Elzaher eny nseet el7aky b3d lma b3atelkon…sho ya3ny fee mshekleh?”

3abdallah put his hand on my face. I was surprised by the gesture, but I understood what was going on when I saw the disheveled look in M7ammad’s eyes. I looked at my reflection in the mirror on Starbucks’ counter. My face was cherry red in fury.

I started screaming.

“Fee mesheklah? Eh fee meshekleh!! Elmshekleh enich a5arteehom oo ohma lel7een eb bait-hom oo they’re barely gonna make the flight…hatha if they make it at all!! If you can’t get the freaking job done, ba6lay 7aljich instead of ruining everything the way you did”

“Layke manna meshekle…enty ro7y m3 esthaz M7ammad halla2…w henne by7a9lookum”

She paused for a second, then lowered her voice and whispered mischievously.

“Haya, kilna bna3ref enik ma kteer btebla3y la M7ammad, bs layke matwa2a3 btkon mshekleh eza et7amalty bs tayosalo elba2een. This is business after all.”

I could see the evil victorious smile forming on her face from the tone of her voice.

“Hathy elsalfa ma r7 tmer mroor elkeram Rana…oo bas ared, bykon lee 7achy thany m3 Dr. Nasser”

“Oo shu baddek t2eleelo? Eny 3melt haik 2essa on purpose? It's an honest mistake. Ana ma 3melet shi”

I wasn’t sure if her voice was more cool or frozen, but I was more inclined to attribute it to the frozen side. I felt like I was going to rupture an artery in my head. The world around me went white. I couldn’t see or comprehend. The anger was clouding all five of my senses.

“Breathe Haya breathe”

“7beebty calm down its okay”

“Haya kil shay yen7al don’t worry”

The sound of his voice and his hand rubbing mine to and fro finally forced me to snap out of my rage. He looked at me with a genuinely concerned look on his face, leaning towards me as he squeezed my palm. The call on my cell phone was disconnected.

M7ammad was staring at me, with his wide blue eyes nearly protruding. His face was expressionless. He had never seen me angry before.

After I calmed down, 3abdallah explained to me and M7ammad that the best possible option was that I leave with M7ammad as planned, and wish that the others would make it on time. If they didn’t, they would catch the next flight to London two days later. I agreed reluctantly; I didn’t like the idea of giving that bitch Rana what she wanted in the end, especially when she had all this planned just to get back at me.

After we checked our luggage in, we moved towards passport control, which was the point where we and 3abdallah had to part. M7ammad and 3abdallah shook hands and exchanged pleasantries.

“Ma awa9eek 3la Haya…deer balek 3laiha”

“La t7aty Bo Najem”

M7ammad then gave us a few moments to say our goodbyes, and moved away. 3abdallah looked at him as he headed towards the queue. When M7ammad wasn’t within hearing distance, 3abdallah spoke.

“Hayoo…tgdreen tet7amalaina layn yo9loon elbajeen?”

“I hope so…3asa bs la y6awloon. I don’t know how long I can stand this spoilt brat”

“Adree 7ayaty…bs promise me ena etha 9ar ayshay, you’ll go to him without hesitating. I know you don’t like him very much, but I know he’s a reliable guy when things get down to it”

I pulled a puppy face.

“Bs 3abboud…wallah ma at7amala ybe6 chabdy. Mabyyyy!!”

“Please? That’s all I ask”. He put his hand on my cheek.

I smiled.

“Tamer amr 7beeby”

“Oo etha ba’3aity ay shay, let me know oo I’ll be there before you know it”

“I know sweetie”

“Oo la tensain 3la6ool t6amneeny…call me anytime or sms me, oo don’t worry about the time difference”

“7ather 7beeby”

M7ammad signaled for me to come when he reached the bottom of the queue. 3abdallah kissed my forehead, then looked deep into my eyes.

“I’m gonna miss Hayooyty…la elaha ella Allah”

“Mu7ammad rasool Allah. I love you.”

I walked towards M7ammad, watching 3abdallah’s eyes following me from the corner of mine. I was already missing him, despite all the feelings I felt yesterday – despite all the feelings I’ve been feeling for the past couple of months. I wanted to go back so badly - I wanted to run back as fast as my legs could carry me. I wanted to feel his arms around me and feel his lips on top of my head. I wanted to put my head against his chest and hear his heart beating. I wanted to hear his voice in my ears, telling me that everything was going to be fine.

But I didn't.

Instead, I walked silently by M7ammad side, using all my might to keep the moisture in my eyes from turning into a vigorously flowing waterfall. I assumed M7ammad was saving his energy to stay awake rather than talk.

We got on the plane without much hope that the others will make it, and sure enough they didn’t. M7ammad lay his chair back and fell asleep straight away. I hated that he just dozed off like that. I was never a fan of long flights; I needed someone to kill time with since I rarely fell asleep.

Before takeoff, though, 3abdallah sent me a message that drew a wide smile across my face and put me to sleep like a baby.

Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone
It’s not warm when she’s away
Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone
And she’s always gone too long
Anytime she goes away

Wonder this time where she’s gone
Wonder if she’s gonna stay
Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone
And this house just ain’t no home
Anytime she goes away


desertpalms said...

its beautiful danaa =D

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goood luck!! <3

desertpalms said...

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ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

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first of all , 3asa Allah ywafgch inshallah o yfta7 3akaich fitoo7 il 3arifeen o ysahil 3alaich kil 3aseer o yfta7 nafseetch o yshra7 9adrch lil dirasa : ***

Good luck 7ayatee :D

second, U.MADE.MY.DAY .. literally wallah :D

mashallah 3alaich dandan, i'm really SO AMAZED ..
every time im done reading each part i get even more amazed by how talented u are :D (allahuma barik)

..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::.. said...

oh and i forgot .. abt this stupid ranna, intay bas wareeny wayha and i'll for sure let her hate her freakin life :P

and 3abdallah awwww, i want him :( he's too good to be true !!

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danaaa! im here :P

sorry ma midany agrah yesterday, bas i read it today as soon as i had breakfast and wrote my post.

il post mashalla wayid 7ilo, making sense to the limit... i can see how one thing led to another.. i liked how haya started to miss abdalla wanting to come back although she wanted a break from him just the day before...

this peace is amazing:

I wanted to run back as fast as my legs could carry me. I wanted to feel his arms around me and feel his lips on top of my head. I wanted to put my head against his chest and hear his heart beating. I wanted to hear his voice in my ears, telling me that everything was going to be fine.

ma t3arif ghalat isha59 illa lamma you lose them or miss them or not see them everyday (tell me about it)

ana a7is inna this length of the post is amazing. not long yet still not short, could understand every single sentence out of it, and its like saying ilzibda disregarding the details of the details...

bi5ti9aaaaar, i love this episode!

Starlight<3 said...


this is so sweet,

your writing is amazing,

every post leaves me smiling.

oOh and good luck ;;**


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7adi ma 7abet Rana 3ad ehi mn zman '3athatni lol y3ni ma tenbl3 mo leya 9ej mal a7d ykofenha =P !!

ahm shyyy ena 3abdulla and Haya still mayten 3la ba3'9 =D 9ej ya ba5t'hom <3
I'll be waiting for your next post.


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music, happiness, love,
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im glad haya is starting to miss 3abboud too, especially after the night before lma kanat taby ten7ash mena aslan!
we'll see what happens with them i guess =)

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its aint no sunchine by bill whithers =)

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