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Contrasting Realities 25

this is the fastest post i ever wrote for Contrasting Realities
i wrote it in like 3 hours only!
its not revised, its not edited, and maybe its not what you're used to...
bs its a post mn elgalb...lai darajat ena ymkn it was supposed to be on spill mo hnee ;)
i hope you like it ;**
ps: tra i have exams! very hectic! bs mn ams oo ana feeny inspiration oo weddy i write, bs kint bamoot mn elta3ab ams ;)
pps: i hate having to post knowing that love ;** mo hnee, bs this is all for the sake of Gutter Flower 3shan la t9eer mutilated more than she already is ;Pp

I opened my eyes slowly, only to be faced with blackness.

Pitch blackness.

As my brain started switching on, I realized that I had absolutely no recollection of where I was, and what time it was. I didn’t even know what day it was.

I turned onto my other side, only to be faced by a flickering light from the window overlooking the street, and a digital clock. The bold red digits read 8:47pm amidst all the blackness.

The first thing that hit me was that I had never seen this clock before in my life. For a few minutes, I struggled to remember where I was.

But soon enough, it all came back to me.


Did any of that happen, or was he a figment of my imagination?

There was only one way to find out.

I reached out to pull down the cover and reach for my shirt, only to realize that I wasn’t underneath any covers. I looked at my shirt, but I could see nothing from the darkness.

I ran my hand across my chest, feeling my shirt.

Surely enough, I could trace the outlines of the letters G, A and P on it.

So it was all true.
I fell asleep in his bed.

The realization made me spring up from the bed. My eyes were now adjusted to the blackness, and I could see the outlines of the objects in the room; the cupboard, the chair, the door, and the lights. I reached over to switch on the lights, and saw my reflection in the mirror infront of me, standing in the middle of Fahad’s room, just as I remembered it before I fell asleep.

I fixed whatever was fixable in my now half-dry hair, and headed towards the door, with only one question in my head: how long was I asleep?

I opened the door to find Fahad lying on the sofa, with his head up against its arm. He had a book plastered to his face in one of his hands and the other playing with his hair. Upon hearing the squeaking door, though, he put his book aside and looked at me. A beautiful smile made its way across his lips.

“Noum el3awafy”

“Allah y3afeek”
I said rubbing my eyes together, “Ambaih, ana shkether nemt?”

“Long enough for your coffee to go cold” he said with a wink.

“Oh…sorry about that” I said, cracking my knuckles uneasily.

“Please tell me you’re not apologizing for a cup of coffee”

“I’m not?” I said sarcastically.

He laughed.

“Gi3day gi3day allah yhadach…let me fix you something to drink. Do you like green tea?”


“I guess that makes two of us then! I’ll go make us some”

“Fahad, its okay, listen you really don’t have to–“

“Haya, Haya, Haya” he interrupted.


“Watch some TV till I come back” he said, flashing me another smile.

“Okay” I said, smiling back gratefully.

He disappeared into his little kitchen while I entertained myself with some of his books that were lying around. From the size of some of those books, I wondered if anyone was physically capable of reading them, or if they were simply there as references only.

I flipped through some of the books, until a particular one caught my attention. It had cartoons on the front cover and was titled Clinical Cardiology Made Ridiculously Simple.

Intruiged by the title, I picked up the book and flipped through its pages. The only things that made sense to me were some cute cartoons here and there. Apart from those, though, the only thing the book made me feel was ridiculously stupid. I made a mental note to add the author to my list of people to sue.

“It’s my favorite too” Fahad said, entering the room with a tray holding two white mugs.

“I wish I could agree” I said putting the book down. “So, you’re a cardiologist?”

“Trying to be one is more like it”

“Shkether bugalk?”

“I’m not counting hehe…its my first year a9lan”

“Oh…good luck with that 3ayal”

“Thanks! Much needed wallah!” he said. “Sugar?”

“Two please”

He handed me my cup, and then moved to his own.

“Can I ask you something?”


“Why cardiology?”

He looked away from my eyes towards the window, and let out a sigh. Then, he looked back to me and gave me a smile.

“It’s a long story…you got a few hours to kill?”

“Only if you’re comfortable sharing it with me”

“Agoolich shay bs promise me you wont freak out or anything?”


“Awwal mara eb 7ayaty a7es eni merta7 7g a7ad chithee…ya3ny I know I don’t even know you or anything like that, bs wallah 7ata when you were asleep all the way in the other room, I just felt…”
he trailed off, ”…merta7…madree, just…merta7”

I looked at him silently, not knowing what to say.

“Wallah ya Haya mo 8a9dy shay, please la tfhmeeny ‘3ala6 bs wallah a7es chenna my little sister is with me or something…madree…its hard to describe. Maybe its cz I’ve been living alone for so long that it feels nice to have another human being around for a change” he smiled.

“Ymkn” I smiled back.

“So allah ysalmch, bs la7tha….you cant laugh at how cheesy this will sound, ok?”

I laughed loudly.


“Ee okay…so allah ysalmch, when I was back in med school…I had a girlfriend, eli I was totally head over heels in love with her. My first ya3ny. The first girl I ever fell in love with, the first girl I ever proposed to, the first girl eli I actually saw her as om 3yali, you know?” he said, and his smile grew on his lips with every word he spoke.

“Ee fhamt 3laik”

“Fa allah ysalmch, everytime I was with her, kint killa a7e6 my head 3la her chest and just listen to her heart beating. It always fascinated me. Even though we were together for years, I never seemed to get sick of it. I could listen to it for hours”
He let out a little laugh to himself, “A9lan, lma ma kint agdar anam, kint I go to her place oo sit next to her on the sofa oo I put my head on her chest. I used to sleep like a baby on those nights” he said, now looking past me and smiling.

“That’s nice” I said, with a smile making its way to my lips.

“That was nice” he said.

I looked at him with questioning eyes, but he remained silent.

“Then what happened?”

“Nothing. We broke up” he said, and fell quiet again.


There were a few moments of silence as he sat there staring at me, yet I knew that look fully well. I could’ve been a clown that very instant and he wouldn’t have noticed the difference. I was just the figure infront of him as he was lost in his own little world.

“She had commitment issues. I loved her to pieces bs she didn’t wanna get married. She said she couldn’t see herself married. Ever” he said. “She said she wanted things like this, to stay the way they were…with no strings attached 3la golat’ha” he said, making air quotes with his fingers.

“I’m sorry to hear that”

His face lit up again.

“Oh no! Please don’t be. I couldn’t be with someone whom I had no future with. I just couldn’t do it. bs I’m glad I got out of it when I did. You know why?”


“L2ana when we broke up, I realized ena there is no such thing as love. I realized eni bs kint met3aleg feeha wayed. I realized ena what people keep talking about ena love this and love that, its simply a disease of missing someone too much. Its withdrawal symptoms of having grown too close to someone, and then not having them around anymore. Like when you’d get really close to your best friend and then lose them, or even your brother who travels abroad to study, or your favorite cousin who gets married or anything else that you’d get really attached to. Even your dog that dies one day. Nafs el e7sas. I call it 'Mukank Mbayen' syndrome.” He said with a sarcastic smile.

“T7iseen 9ij doctor, mo?” he said while rolling his eyes.

“7addik” I grinned.

He laughed loudly.

“Bs that’s not the point Haya. The point is, I realized that fairytales are just that...fairytales

I looked deep into his eyes.

“Oo tadreen how I know that Haya?”


“Lma raddait lkuwait I worked for a year before I came here, I worked with this girl. She was very nice oo wayed 3jebatny. Oo she was very open-minded, eli loo gayelha swalef 7ebny wa7ebk oo boyfriend oo girlfriend, kan 3ady 3ndha. Bs I didn’t. Dashait mn elbab oo talked to her parents. Bs 9adaf ena I was leaving then, oo it was too early to do something official, fa ma melachna or anything like that. Bs al7en we talk, oo I feel the exact same way as I did with my ex, even though I never really fell in love with her the same way, per se. 7ata lma a7acheeha al7en, ma net7echa swalef 7ub oo ‘3aram oo madree shino, bs ena nsolef about things in general ya3ny. Bs I’m just as attached to her, I cant imagine my life without her, and I know that if anything ever goes wrong with her, I’ll go through exactly what I went through with my ex, even though, like I said, I don’t love her, per se”

He looked at me.

“Do I make sense?”

“To a certain extent, yes”

“What I’m trying to say is, just because it feels right doesn’t mean it necessarily is. Oo just because things are great doesn’t mean they will necessarily remain. Oo just because you miss someone so much doesn’t mean you were in ’love’. Oo just because bad things happen doesn’t mean you have to forget them. Bl3aks, the only thing it means is that you have to learn from them. I mean, look at me, I’m basing my whole career 3la a mistake” he laughed to himself once more, “Bas its okay, because it’s a mistake that taught me all this fahma 8a9dy?”

I nodded.

“I guess what I’m trying to say is, not all mistakes are bad. Sometimes you need to be shattered into pieces so you can realize how much potential there is in you when you glue it all together. After all, they say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, 9a7?”

“Yea I guess”

“Sorry 9ada3tich eb swalfy oo mashakly. I don’t even know why all this came out wallah. Bs wallah erta7tlich ya Haya. There’s something about you…about your face…mashallah wayed muree7 wayed greeb 3al galb”

I blushed.

“Laa mako shay. You probably will never know how much you’ve helped me with what you said. I mean, its like you knew exactly what I was going through and what I needed to hear”

“Yea it was kinda written all over your face that I hit a nerve” he winked.

“It was?” I asked, surprised.

“Yea. Wayhich wayed mu3abir...may5esh shay hehe”

I blushed again.

“So tell me Haya, since it hasn’t killed you, what’s making you stronger?”


Anony said...


Anony said...


Missy said...

3boood wainaa:(

Daloul said...

duuuuude thats deep !
bass i loved it ow it made sense to mee
i was so mishta66a that you posted :P
love yew post soon:*

Hend said...

YES I AGREE WITH FAHAD he just said what i needed to hear ! keep up ur so talented mashallah
and check mine :*

Anonymous said...

wa2akheeran u posted yla 3athreenich gd luck, nice post thanks;p

Pearla said...

i started clapping zy elhabla when i saw your post on my dashboard !! ino omg yay .. and i threw my papers away (3nde midterm and i hate books , i jst print ili da5el 3lena LOL ) o i'm gona read now :D
I LOVE YOU AND I MISS YOU ;* wallaaahi i do ;* MWAUH

Pearla said...

okay so this post reminded me of Gutter !!

and for you Dandoon I'm very very sad =( where is M7mad ? M7mad ? Hello ? Are you there ?? :| M7mad ? 7abeebi ? M7mad ??

And 7beebty how are your exams ? I hope your doing really good , and don't say laa it sucked l2n a7s its all kalam fa'9e and you did good , better that u expected !!

and mn jddd hal post damej ben your feelings and the story o kelah together ,, about love, trust and kelah m3 ba3a'9 .. your going through something I guess , and i hope ma y2ther 3ala nfseetk , l2n you Doctors ay shay mumkin y2ther feekm , so RELAX .. Ignore kl eli 7olek and enjoy your books .. L2n 9ra7a aham shay nfseetk o INTY DANDOON , aham shay DANDOON !!
Mwauh ;* If you need anything i'm here ...
and le e6wleeen 3leeeena will be waiting for the next post and M7mad better be in it, or else !!! u don't want Pearla to get mad ;p e97eeeek ;p LOL
*hugs dandoon* for good luck ;) hehe

Crescent said...

i like fahad,
kalama wayed ya3jbny :P , it makes lots of sense .. and madwe bs i blve it aswell :)
hope u post soon :p

CuteandCuddly said...

thank you love it !!!!!!!!!!
and Fahad is to die for !!!!!!!!
cant wait fro the next one !!!!!!!
it was amazing so dont worry about how it sounds it just like the other ones beautifully written :)

Karamilah said...

wayed ba3ad 7baitah,
i fund his talk soothing enough even for me not just for haya

bas 3abood, ok 3abood ywaly laish ma ys2al, bas m7md iln7s

Starlight<3 said...

I really liked this post, I've been having one of the worst days ever and this really made me feel so much better.

One of my close friends passed away yesterday night and I was all depressed about it but reading this really makes me want to hope she's in a better place and just move on because this was meant to happen and my tears won't ever bring her back. May she R.I.P

You have no idea how much this post helped me even if it was talking about love and not necessarily friendship.

Thank you, I needed something to get me back on track. I have a final tomorrow and I don't know how I'm going to pass it.


Aurous said...

"'Mukank Mbayen' syndrome"

this Fahad is a typical medical student/doctor ;p
everything is a syndrome or a disease to us ;p

one more thing, but don't get this the wrong way: I feel like Fahad is "you" if you were a guy ;p

M said...

"I realized that fairytales are just that...fairytales”


so true..

this is the best post ever.. 9ij mn ilgalb..

love u :*

Limited said...

Wow .. that was deep ..

It made me think .. an amazing post Dandooon!

zuz said...

7aram kelesh mo a medicine student ely katba hal post:P:P!! bas that was really good !!!

Gutter Flower said...

adry ull slap me lana tawny gerait.. bs shut up il tell u later why exactly..


this post.. was.. ok 7ata ma3arf shagool.. 9ij 9ij one of the best posts ever.. it hit a nerve 3ndy ana b3ad.. so very powerful in so many ways.. 9ij deep oo 9ij min el galb 6ale3.. bs wat i made me feel related to it akthar is that a good friend of mine, wa7da wayed wayed a7ibha was going thru something similar recently.. oo galatly wayed jireeb lal 7achi ili fahad was saying.. fa reading this made me relive the moment again..

i love it.. love every word.. 9ij 9ij y3ni.. shit ma3arf shagool..

u were right lama gelty bya3jibny.. lana mo bs 3ejabny.. like i said earlier its one of my favorite posts ever.. just like U are one of my favorite bloggers ever ;) bs akeed.. y3ni i wudnt expect anything less min my twin ;) ya galby intay ;**

for the 100th time.. absolutely LOVED IT!!

amoooooooooooooooooooooooot feeeeeeeech 7abeebi.. bs im still waiting for the post u promised me.. KALBA! =@

p.s. Pearla? laish hal post thakerich feeny??

Stand-Alone~ said...

when i first saw your post i couldnt believe it!!

omg this post is 9ara7a amazing.. wajid deep and somehow it reflects the life and people that we are with..

DDDOOONNNIIII.. Miss you,, and thank you so much for the post and good luck in your exams :**

Roon said...

Nice guy..

but where is 3bdulallah?

hes been missing for a while..


i loved the stuff u wrote*

im gona start using them as qoutes ><

if u dont mind ;)

allah yewafe2ek bel examz..

take care *~

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

hmmm wara7mato allah wabarakatoh ;Pp


madree 8-)
ymkn ymkn ymkn mo gader ydeg 3laiha l2ana jehazha m5aref nafs ma her mom galat? ;Pp


im glad you liked it 7uby ;**


im glad ena fee people agree =D
will take a look once im done with my exams inshallah ;)


looooool ;)
thanks 3al 3ether lol ;)
oo 3al much needed good luck wishes ;**


aham shay ena clapping!
i wonder if anyone heard you clapping and thought you're crazy loooool! ;)
but i still love you hehe ;)

allah ysalmch m7ammad ma5eth ejaza hal cham post lol ;)
hes probably tanning since he's casper white oo elsun 3ajeeba ;Pp

this post has alot of what i think about love...what i percieve of love....and since fahad is also a doctor, so go figure ;Pp

its cute how everyone related me to haya lma a5er shay a6la3 fahad, mo? ;Pp

oo ta3aly ta3aly! shino hatha! gutter flower evrywhere! may9eer!

no bs 9ij, how did it remind you of her? ;)


that makes two of us i guess ;)
glad you enjoyed it babe wallah ;**
oo glad you're enjoying this a9lan mwaaaaaaaaah! =D


awwwww ;**
ba3ad 3umry entay wallah ;**
you're too sweet! =D


soothing, is it?
you should hang out with me more often ;)
its the same crap that comes out of my mouth whenever someone brings up love and what not hehe ;)
mwaaaaaaaaah! ;**


ba3ad 7uby entay...3atham allah ajrch 7beebty ;**
im so sorry for your loss =\

oo if you say so, then im really glad this post could help...please let me know if theres anything else i can do galby ;**

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...


ee 7add omna medical students ;Pp

you just wait a few more years and you wont even be able to have a normal conversation with non-medical people ;Pp

oo why would i get it the wrong way lol ;)

theres a bit of me in everyone in this story a9lan ;)

bs what fahad said is essentially my view of love and relationships and all that garbage hehe...its me speaking basically ;)

madree etha garaity this from quite a while ago bs if you didnt, take a look at my comment...then you'll realize that i essentially am fahad, the geeky medical student who doesnt believe in love ;)

bs ared wagoolich, theres a bit of me in everyone in that story ;)

(if only it was the bit with the blue eyes **SIGH**)

mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!! ;**


3ad tadreen thats my favorite line too? ;**

great minds think alike =D

mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! ;**


la7tha la7tha la7tha...
good think wla bad think?

cz to me...all thinking is bad! =\


looooooool!! ;)
ba3ad shasawy?
there's only so much imagination my mind can make up before reality kicks in ;Pp


twinzity ;Pp

ebtalashna eb gutterflower!
al7en 7ata bl posts elpeople egoloon hathy gutter flower ;Pp
bs bs enough being identical ;Pp

7beeby entay...wallah im glad you liked of all people can appreciate its irony ya twinzity ;**

a7ebich ya kalba ;**

(ps: i didnt promise anything **INNOCENTLY AVOIDS EYE CONTACT**)


ba3ad 7uby entaaaaaay ;**
wallah im so so so glad you liked it =D
9ij 7beeby i love getting feedback from you! =)

i miss you wayed! bs exams exams exams =(


3abdallah is...somewhere ;)
we'll find out soon enough i guess ;)
there couldve been a few hints in the previous posts about his whereabouts though ;)

oo ba3ad 7uby, feel free to do anything you want! =D
el blog bloggich 7beeby ;**

Anonymous said...

Pearla told me that I should check out your blog and I must say.. GOD BLESS HER SOUL FOR DOING SO!

I LOVE THIS! you're extraordinary talented, masha'allah! this instantly became one of my FAVOURITE stories.

I can't wait for another amazing part :D

Yousef said...

Ya 7lela Fahad he seems very nice =)
wai a7sa ra7 y9er el psychiatrist mal Haya lol bs god 9ij ture what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger SO TRUE!! bs sa3at t3awr 7eel :( .. bs still it makes you stronger ( 3adi tawa 9ayrli shy jethi and I don't for how long that i'm going to stay in pain.. )

Aurous said...

I don't need to wait a few more years... I'm already there ;p

if a normal person hears the conversations we have then they'll definitely throw us into the nearest psychiatry hospital ;p

I don't know why I said don't take it the wrong way... maybe cuz Fahad is a guy and you described him as a geeky medical student ;p

by the way... happy geek pride day ;*

love ;** said...

b3d galby, I literally JUMPED WITH JOY when I saw you posted, then I read it o shft I was mentioned so I left the laptop, ran down the streets to Ben and Jerry's grabbed a pint of triple chocolate fudge, stopped at starbucks got my coffee went back up to the room, ignored fahad, shut the bedroom door made my self comfy on the floor, and read the post :D o 5ala9t nu9 il pint, b3dain fahad za3al o I had to ara'6y but whatever it was SO worth it ;**

inzain shfee fahad (ib your story not my hubby) is dissing love ;( it made me question my relationship tadren, hmm but what he said (technically you said) made sense, and I do believe in it but honestly when you meet the person who shatters your insides and god forbid for whatever reason you part ways 9adgeny you will not get over it, and you will not move in he/she will always be in the back of your mind even if you end up with someone else.

okay enough with my mini essay ;p


Jacqui said...

Honestly this was such a nice change that I loved it, it's like he was the voice of reason talking to her and telling her it's okay to feel the feelings you are feeling but it's not okay to sit quiet and not do anything you know..

i can't wait until more parts.. ba3dain khalas kel mara i hear exams o exams hehehe ma khalesaw il exams!

Anonymous said...

i love (x infinity)this post! what fahad is saying is so true. i thought i was the only one who thought this way.
<3 ur story :)& gd luck with ur exams

Anonymous said...

yalllah poooooooostayyy !!!

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

slouchy pants,
that made me blush =$
seriously, my face was going all sorts of colors loooool ;)
7beeby im so glad you liked it wallah! you have no idea how much comments like these lift my spirits up ;**



ee wallah he's 7adda psychiatrist, mo?
oo i guess you're right...sometimes thing hurt alot, bs i guess he's right...wat doesnt kill you will only make you stronger, 9a7? ;)
3asa rabby y3eenk with what you're going keep in mind, its ALWAYS something oo pain lasts forever =)
just make sure it doesnt take up too much of your time l2ana if you lose a day for pain, its a day you're never getting back again ;)


la t7ateen, i will be right there with you in the room next door hehe ;)

oo hell yea!! im a fahad! im a geeky medical student and IM PROUD! lol ;)

bs 9ij 9ij is there a geek pride day?? does that actually exist??


ba3ad 7uby entaaaay wallah ;**
i swear i totally had a mental image of you doing wasnt difficult to imagine at all looool!
a7esch maynoona nafsy 3ady tsaweenha lol ;)

oo allah ysalmch, yeah, this is all pouring out of me...its my view of love anyway...its the way its always been actually hehe

ive met alot of people along my life (though ive never been with anyone), oo i must say wala wa7ed 7asait ena ferag 3n elthany when they walked out of my life, even though ymkn i felt different when i was around them...

bs when they walk out, it hurts shwaya...e7sas '3aby shway, bs shwaya and its GONE...disappears like nothing ever happened!

maybe you're right, maybe thats because theyre all the same, oo maybe there actually is that someone whom i will fall head over heals over, and eli like you said, if we part ways, ill never get over it

bs then again, i strongly believe its only a maybe ;)

because i stongly believe ena el2awadem mo kafo ;Pp


wallah not out of snobiness or anything, bs i havent met anyone eli i think is good enough for a forever hehe ;)

ps: hows that for a mini essay? ;Pp
pps: loooooove you mooooooooore!! oo misss you waaaaaaaaaaayed! ;**


chan zain e5al9oon exams! ;Pp
wallah i really have no problem with them finishing ;)
ya3ny if you could volunteer and maybe talk to them about that, that would be really nice of you



laaa laaaa kilish you're not the only one ;)
i thought i was the only one too, bs i have to say i was really surprised with the feedback i got ;)
i guess we're not alone after all ;)
im glad you're liking this so far ;)
oo thanks! =D


are you willing to sit my exams for me?
if you are, then ill start writing right now ;Pp

Aurous said...

there really is a geek pride day and it's celebrated may 25th :D

Anonymous said...

i miss ur posts
ow i sooo need them

cherriiMuffin said...

wow <3 amazing
hehehe ! where is 3bod ?
anyway visit my blog please <3

Kindle My Heart said...

LOOVE Fahad LOL! Great hob :)
Oo good luck with everything
P.S Please check out my blog :D

Anonymous said...

allaahyy e5aleekyy poost !!!

Pearl said...

I Dont Know where to begin and how to start..!
this post is SO intense!
i keep reading it over and over and over i cant help but agree with him!..
what he says! puts everything into perspective.. and i cant help but agree! MORE than agree..
Simply breathtakingly amazing..
your such a talented writer..

Pearla said...

Dandooon your killing me here =( post !! I MISS M7MAD

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

happy geek pride day =D
belated bs my5alef ;Pp


7beeby wallah im trying =(
9ayra kilish mo 5osh wa7da i know =(


3abboud is missing ;)
we'll find out where he is soon enough hehe ;)


kindle my heart,
glad you like him ;)
thanks 7uby ;**


allah y5aleeky do my exams for me =(


7beebty entay ;**
ur comment drew the biggest smile across my face ;**
im sooo sooo soooo glad you liked it wallah =)
you have no idea wat this means to me ;**


wallah i have exams galby =(
busy busy busy =(

Intmacy Xx said...

hello, one question im just wondering whats dewaneyat banat oo how do i read it :)?
& i am in love with ur blog plus i cant wait still you post xoxo


Missy said...

yalaa :(!

Pearla said...

GOOD LUUCK ;* I hope you acing all your exams ..

Anonymous said...

plz can u post u didn't post 4 a long time tara malait min il na6ra yala 3ad plzz whts takin u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo..... long????

someone who can't wait 4 extra long time!!

Anonymous said...

cant you take just 1 hour from your day to post bidal la we wait kil this time :( you know i read another blog and that girl posts every night ta8reeban and she have exams too laman she finish min ilderasa she posts then go to bed do the same please!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi alaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah y5aleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech pooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooost wala i'll stop reading your blog:p

Anonymous said...

yallaaah 3aaad pooostay plz plz im begging you pleeeeeeeeeese !

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

allah ysalmch dewaneyat banat is a blog with lots and lots of female bloggers from around the gulf..and well, basically its a yam3a where we talk about girls stuff hehe ;)

it hasnt been very active though ;)
bs etha tabeen invite, send me your email =)


mn 3yoony galby ;**
a couyple of days max =)
i missed you! =)


thanks ya 3asal ;**
they were much needed ;)


cant-wait anonymous,
i had exams...thats what was taking me so long =)
forgive me for prioritizing my future over my blog ;Pp


kil wa7ed ynathem wagta the way that makes them comfortable =)
oo b3dain, even though i dont like being compared to anyone, the least you can do is compare me to her when she is a 5th year medical student =)
again, forgive me for prioritizing people's lives over my blog =)


7beebty, im not forcing you to read my blog =)
whether you want to wait for updates or not, or read or not is completely your decision =)
so kaifich =)


inshallah soon =)
a couple more days...maybe sunday or monday =)
no begging needed ;)