Thursday, January 1

Contrasting Realities 10

Dear Readers,

Just wanted to wish you wonderful new year ;**

May it be filled with more joy and love than you can handle ;)


When I opened my eyes, it took me a few moments to register where I was. I looked outside and saw that the sky was now dark. I sunk underneath my blanket and stretched my muscles.

How did I end up here?

As I started getting out of bed, everything slowly came back to me. Rana, british bitch, the hotel reservations and M7ammad.

A rollercoaster of feelings came back with the thought of M7ammad. A lot of admiration with a hint of disdain. A lot of gratitude with a hint of agitation. A lot of lust with a hint of fondness.

Wait – what?

Nooo nooo nooo!

Lust is bad, Haya!

I shook my head left and right, mentally dropping that last thought out of it.

I looked at the table next to the bed, and saw that the water bottle was still there. Feeling my strength come back to me, I got out of bed and walked outside the closed door of the room. The suite outside was quiet and untouched, except for the luggage that was neatly placed next to the door of the suite. The door to the other room in the suite was closed. I called M7ammad’s name a few times, but there was no answer.

Having not found my purse along with the luggage, I decided to go back to the lobby and look for it. Once I got there, I walked towards the sofa in the corner where M7ammad and I were talking earlier.

I found my purse alright. M7ammad held it tightly in his arms as he sat up sleeping on the sofa. I sat on the chair next to him, hoping he would wake up, but he didn’t move. He looked exhausted.


“M7ammad goum…”

He turned in the chair a bit, and held on to my bag tighter. I put my hand on his shoulder and gently shook him.

“M7ammad goum nam foug”

He opened his eyes and looked at me.



He opened his eyes wider. Then, he rubbed them and stretched a little.

“How are you feeling now?” he said in a slumberous voice.

“El7amdellah much better”

“Are you sure? How’s the headache?”

“It’s gone el7amdella…”

I thought about what he said for a few moments.

“Wait a minute – how did you know about the headache?”

“You told me you had a very bad headache…7ata geltlch I get you Panadol gelty la2”

“I don’t remember any of that hehe”

“I don’t blame you. You were in a pretty bad shape. 5ara3teeny Haya…wallah I didn’t know what to do oo 7addy twahagt”

“I’m really sorry I had to put you through all that. I just tend to overreact when I’m angry. What else did I say?”

“Madree you said a lot of things that didn’t make sense to me, so 6awwaft’hom”

He leaned forward and I heard his bones crack.

“Zain oo laish nayem hnee? Ako suite kamel fathy foug”

“I didn’t want to make you feel awkward ya3ny, oo its only been a few hours anyway, don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine”

I was impressed. That was very unexpected of him. Who knew a gentleman lay beneath that exterior?

“I really appreciate that M7ammad. It was very thoughtful of you. Bs ham may9eer tnam chithee ya3ny choof al7en you’ll be in pain the whole day”

“Mo mohem ana al7en Haya…elmohem entay. You’re okay now?”

“Yea…as long as I don’t get angry, I’m fine”
I said as I gave him a wide smile.

He turned my direction, and gave me a strange laugh.

“Zain, I have some not so good news for you, bs maby agoolch oo t3a9been, ok?”

“Erm...I’ll try?”

“The hotel is fully booked”, he said, choosing his words carefully.

“Enzaiiin” I said patiently.

“Oo I asked around in the hotels nearby, oo they’re all fully booked as well”


“So ana kint ban6rch lain teg3deen 3shan a6amman 3laich, oo b3dain I’ll go check in other hotels that are further away, oo b3dain me and the guys can take the tube to the campus”

“Shda3wa tra elsalfa ma te7taj kil hatha, you guys just stay with us mako shay”

“Haya I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable or put you in an awkward situation. Don’t worry about me and the guys, we’ll be fine”

“I’ll take it personally if you guys go anywhere else. Ana ma artha tetbahdaloon over formalities chithee. E7na 3yal deera wa7da oo we’re not kids ya3ny. Plus, its the same arrangement we wanted except that we share a kitchen and a living room. Mafeeha shay”

“Haya look. I know you don’t exactly like me very much, oo I don’t wanna impose myself on you“

“Whether I like you or not has nothing to do with this situation M7ammad. Ent tetwa8a3 ena just because I don’t like you mathalan, I’ll let you sleep on the streets?”

“Bs ana maby- “

“M7ammad, elmawthoo3 mentehy” I said firmly.

He fell quiet for a few moments.

“Zain oo Layla?”

“You’re her husband’s best friend. I know she won’t mind, trust me.”

“5alas then as you please”

We headed to the suite together, discussing what we should have for dinner along the way. Given the fact that we were both too tired to move, we settled for room service. Each of us went into our rooms to change and shower.

After my shower, I put on a baby-blue Juicy Couture training suit and started drying my hair. I heard M7ammad’s muffled voice over the roaring blow-dryer and I turned it off.

“Shino?” I yelled back so he can hear me from behind my room’s closed door.

“Shino btakleen?” I could barely hear what he was saying.

Forgetting to tame my hair, I stepped out of my room and into the living room where he was sitting in the middle of the only sofa infront of the TV. He was wearing a GAP sweatshirt over tracksuit pants. His casual look only managed to add to his charisma.

“If I looked like this laman I showed up to work yesterday, then laish Nasser ye6anaz 3ly? Shfee the just-out-of-bed look?” he said, giving me one of his sly smiles again. I realized that it was the first time he’d seen me dressed casually.

“Because you looked a lot worse than this” I teased, while quickly combing my hair with my fingers.

“Zain shino btakleen?”

“Shino 3ndhom?”

“Ta3alay look at the menu” he said, as he got up from the sofa and sat on the floor.

“Oo laish halga3da ballah?”

“3shan entay ta5theen ra7tech blga3da”

I couldn't decide whether the tone of his voice was nervous or awkward. Knowin M7ammad, though, I realized that only a very few settings made him nervous. So I figured that he was just feeling awkward and he didn't know how to act in this setting.

“Goum eg3ad zain? La tnarfezny oo t5aleeny I make you sleep on the streets” I said jokingly, trying to make him feel more comfortable.

“Zain zain…la t6egeeny bas” he said, getting up to his feet and sitting at the opposite end of the sofa, as far away from me as possible. “I think I gonna have a burger”

“Ana mo wayed yo3ana…I think I’ll just have a salad”

He ordered our food, then started channel-surfing the TV while we waited for it to arrive. When he was done with all channels, he started over again from channel 1, still staring at the TV in silence.

“French kiss?”

“I beg your pardon?!” he said in a very confused tone of voice, that might have been a little hostile even. He turned his expressionless face towards me and looked me straight in the eye.


Anonymous said...

why cant you just post 2 at the time like a dubble bill or something so unfair.

B said...

huh? ma fahamt:(

Aurous said...


7aram 3leech.. I'm sitting in the reading room and I can barely hide my laugh at "french kiss" :p

Anonymous said...

@__@ omg loool ahm shay Haya "french kiss"! this post 7ada simple and clean =D 7ram Mohammed lol a7s his face 8am y36i colors =P 3la el3mom I'll be waiting for next post!


x said...

mo chena haya 3ajabha el mawthoo3?

ZuZu said...

akeed kan qa9dha the movie @@ 9aa7??

Charmbracelet said...

huh ? whats up with french kiss?=p

FourMe said...

hahaha scare the boy away why don't you :p

A 3 AM Flight said...

I don't like Haya, she's such a drama queen whose spoiled antics makes it so that everyone has to go out of their way to accommodate her every whim.

And I often forget that girls here actually do feel 'lust'.

..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::.. said...

happy new year to u too dear :** n Amen to that o same to u sweety :D

hahahaaaa .. wa3lyaa haya scared the hell out of m7ammed, guess his mouth fell wide open :P

next post plz :D

Stand-Alone~ said...

LOL!! that a movie right?

La bas 7elwa how she just said it..

ohh the situation is getting to be a little too0o0o comfotable.. me no likey,,, 7aram 3abood..

Silhouette Crime said...

french kisssssssssssss hahahahah

MashMosh said...

sho French kiss b3ad O_O lol wth?? got me thinking yallah post the next part bser3a pleezzzz ^_^ btw happy new year

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

i could if i could write more ;)
adree its mean bs shasawy =S


ra7 tefhmeen next post lol ;)


always glad to make your time in the reading productive ;)


ee his face turned expressionless!
mskeen en9edam eb 3umra! ;)


t'haigan haya 7abba elwath3? ;)


maybe not...

who knows? ;)

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

you'll find out in the next post ;)


well...i try my best ;Pp
when they come, we drive them away...oo when they leave narketh warahom hehe ;)


a 3am flight,
if you dont like haya now, you definetly will keep liking her less and less as i keep going =S

bs hey! girls feel lust everywhere! we have feelings too ya3ny its not just men!


ee 7adda en9edam l9bay mskeen =O


ee wallah 9ajja...7aram 3abboud =S
bs i guess we'll see what happens!


silhoutte crime,
eeee loooool ;)
it defiently caught him off guard ;)


you'll find out next post hehe ;)

zuz said...

its the movie:P 9a7?

Khayala said...

Your story mo 9ej.
I live it !!

I love it too ;p

moi said...

m7ammad is so cute , i think hes falling for her:P, o a7es the french kiss is the movie:P

Halawa said...

*gasps*.. hahaha... he was like WHAT? She CAN'T know what I'm thinking :p :p French kiss :S

7abibi M7ammad he's SUCH a gentleman! He's what Khaliji people call "reyyal"... we call him ZALAMEH! Dandoon, you've got me sighing and closing my eyes LOL *hyperventilates*.. it only gets better!!!

He doesn't know how to act because he's got so many confused emotions too, it's like he likes her (maybe more than likes) but he feels guilty of that because of 3abood. Arrrgggghhhhh! His "sly" smiles make me dizzy... he "dazzles me".. rings a bell Dandoon? :p

Can't wait for the NEXT one! <3

Tell me Dana, how's Twilight? Have you started reading it?

Missy said...

Haya should have called 3bood :( miskeeen!

libero anima said...

no0o00o0o0o ! the horror !
what bout 3aboood ? ..

im thinking this relationship is going to go deeper than haya expected XD

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

maybe not ;)


lovitich el3afya 7beebty ;**
im glad you're enjoying it =D


he is, isnt he? ;**
oo i guess you'll find out in the next part ;)


halawa wallah your comment cracked me up ;)
you know, you could just be right, maybe thats why he's confused ena ma yadry shysawy =S

oo ee!! i read twilight!

9ara7a it wasnt as good as i thought it would be mn kithr ma elnas msawyeen 3aleh it wasnt too bad =)


alot of the things im gonna write later on, you'll see ena ako wayed similarities bs ena i had them in my mind befire i read the book!!

its scary!! =\


the phone call will be coming up soon too =)


libero anima,
mmm...maybe ;)
we'll be hearing from 3abboud soon too ;)

Anonymous said...

haha qa9idha the movie with meg ryan right?

Think-Become said...

understood it completely, the French kiss thing i think inna its the movie that they're watching isma French kiss.. ma a3tiqid haya said french kiss minny wi66ireeej... bas m7ammad made me laugh i peg you pardon...

7addy na6ir yo9looon il bajy the next day.. i think a lot of awkwardness is going to happen!!

i feel like time started moving so slowly in this post and the previous one...have another post izyada, we need more action :P

A Journal Entry said...

heheh akeed the movie!

lost said...

the movie! ;p

Livingmylife said...

Ok ..i think its time for a new post .. shrayech??? kama todeen todan! i always post wara ba3ath .. PLZZ DO SOO ! ..

a7eb m7amad .. akthar mn 3abdala madri liesh .. a7es m7amad eloog 3aleha akthar!! ..

wya .. abee more ..

post soon plz ..

plzz ..

i said plz ..

NOW!!! . plz ? (a)

Starlight<3 said...

Lool, I dont get the ending :P

I'm guessing hes talking about a movie

Dee said...

shofay i knew better than to read each part when posted fa i waited and read them all to enjoy it more , so now LAWSM7TAY i need a minimum of 5 chapters by tonight ok? *tn7ash etkhaf e6gen'ha*

Dee said...

now seriously dandoon , that was a greatttt story , even though haya is a bit of a drama queen o et7er o klshay because 3abdullah is a jewel o ehe kelsh mo emqadreta i still like her o since im majored in economics ive got exactly 2yrs to have my own 3abdullah n m7amad:p
bs its a bit too much having them in one suit , for me i wouldnt be comfortable doins so madre shloun rethat!!
ahh i want a m7amad !! i love badboys;p

Rashid said...

Nice story ;) bes la7tha isnt the girl married? so ishbi9eer wiya rayilha?

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

you'll find out tomorrow ;)


time will be passing by very slowly from now on ;)
kil youm ra7 ykoon cham post mo wa7ed ;)

dont forget the whole story is about 2 weeks in total ;)

i dont think you'll be disappointed though...plenty of action coming up per your request and Zon's ;)


a journal entry,
kilkom supporting the movie hypothesis? ;)


mmmmmm.... ;)


wallah entay the best poster (laa poster sounds '3ala6...lets say posting person) in the blogosphere!

oo ay a7ad egool '3air chithee either a3ma or ahbal ;**

i wrote a post elyom 3shanich even though i was incredibly busy wallah ;**

its done bs it still needs a few touches here and there ;)

so i promise ill post it tmorrow ;**

wallah adree ana mga9ra weyakom =(


you'll find out tomorrow i guess ;)



wallah loo beedy chan 5ala9t l story kilaha eb yom!

laa oo kil youm, chan ketabt story ;)

bs shasawy! time is my enemy =S

if you know where i can buy longer days (36 hours or longer) i promise to give you your 5 updates now ;)

oo i guess haya only agreed 3la asas ena its just a couple of days oo b3dain eyoon elbajeen who missed their flight..fa e9eer elwath3 less awkward than ohma broo7hom, fahma?

ps: i wish you lots of 3abdallah's and m7ammads ;**


naaa...she's not married ;)
she's just with 3abboud, oo supposedly byen5a6boon soon ;)
ya3ny she's not married, bs technically ako committment of some sort if you know what i mean ;)

oo im glad you likey =)
welcome to my blog =)

sadia said...

"frech kiss"
i love that!