Monday, January 5

Contrasting Realities 11

Hope you enjoy!
Mat3oob 3aleh tra! ;)


“French kiss…the movie…Meg Ryan…tawwk marrait 3aleha on channel 2” I clarified.

What the hell was he thinking?

“Oh, I haven’t seen that before”
he said, blinking quickly and shifting his eyes away from mine, returning them to the TV. “Is it any good?”

“It’s a really nice movie, bs its kind of a chick flick, so I doubt you’ll enjoy it”

“There’s nothing else on TV, so why don’t we watch it? Atleast I’ll get to know what your taste in movies is like. I’m finding out a lot of new things about you today Haya”

“Ee wallah…same here”

“Are they all bad?”

“Not nearly half as bad as I thought actually” I said, giving him a wide smile.

“That’s a good thing, right?”

“I think so…I mean, everyone knows I highly dislike you, but you’ve been proving me wrong today”. I made sure I kept the smile on my face.

“Ahhhhh! I’m not all that bad wallah. You just need to get to know me better” he said, giving me another one of his smiles.

“I guess hatha eli ga3d y9eer now” I said.

He was just about to say something we heard a knock on the door, signaling that the food was here. He walked towards the door and I turned my attention to the movie. Moments later, he came back with a tray in his hands.

“Btakleen hnee?”

“Ya3ny ent shrayek?” I teased.

He set the tray down and threw his tired body onto the seat next to me, missing my lap only by a few inches. Then, he handed me my salad and, before touching his burger, politely offered me some.

“Laa thanks maby”

“Are you sure?”

“ee bl3afya 3alaik…I would offer you some of my salad bs a7esek bt6egny”

“Bl3aks I’m a big salad fan”

“9ij? Then 7ayyak!” I said enthusiastically, ashamed about not offering him any.

“Bs they only have one fork”

“You can use mine…3ady ma tloo3 chabdy” I said, still feeling guilty about how rude I was earlier.

He took a bite of my salad, then let out a little moan of delight.

“You have excellent taste” he said as he enjoyed my salad.

We sat there, side by side, making silly comments throughout the movie and laughing at the funny parts. When the commercials came on, he excused himself to go to the bathroom, and came back minutes later with a blanket.

“Mo bardana?”

“Ya3ny shway”

He put the blanket over me and my legs that were now outstretched on the coffee table. Then, he started moving again.

“ wain raye7?”

“Bayeebly blanket ana ba3ad bardan”

He went into the room again and got another blanket. While trying to fix his blanket over himself as he sat, somehow my long brown locks became tangled with his big steel Armani watch.

I screamed.

“Aww Aww Aww!! M7ammad M7ammad eeedkkkkk”

He looked over to see my head pulled in the direction of his outstretched hand, with my hair wrapped around his wrist.

“Ambaih Haya I’m soo sorry” he said, his hand suddenly becoming as rigid as a pipe.

I tried to turn my head to untangle the watch, but my hair wasn’t that long.

“Entay hold still bas..i’ll fix it”

For the next 15 minutes or so, my head was pulled to the right infront of my body, while he tried to untangle it.

“M7ammad just cut it! Its not a big strand anyway”

“Laa laa I’ll fix it entay bas hold still”

“Thahry 3awarny mn hal hold still wallah I said through alot of neck and back pain.

“Choofay, ana I untangled most of it. There are a couple more that I think I can undo, bs I think I’m gonna have to come out a few single hairs. That’s better than cutting out a whole lock 9a7?”

A few more minutes later, he spoke once again, on top of Kevin Kline’s voice still playing in the background.

“Yeeby eedch”

“Huh?” I inquired, but did as I was told anyway.

He pulled my palm towards him and put his watch that he had taken off inside it.

“Meskay hathee…baroo7 adawer scissors bl drawers akeed ako sewing kit eb mkan hnee”

He checked in the drawers under the TV cabinet and found one. He came back and sat on the floor on both knees, taking his watch from my palm in the process. Carefully, he cut each tangled hair out. I could feel each strand becoming loose. When he was done, his fingers pulled the hair, that was now infront of my face and tucked it gently behind my ear.

“As good as new”. With his fingers still behind me ear, he used the bottom of his palm to push my head to its normal position on top of my head. My neck gave a loud crack as he did.

He laughed, and removed his hand.

“ee eth7ak ba3ad…that was painful” I said, irritated and a little self-conscious.

“Just rest it against the back of the sofa shway while you’re watching the movie, oo you’ll feel better by the time its over”

I did as I was told and we continued to watch the movie, falling silent towards the ending at the sad part. When it finished, I stretched with a huge smile on my face, surprised to find that my neck was flexible again. I looked at M7ammad to find him fast asleep next to me.

I shook his shoulder lightly.

“M7ammad goum nam da5el 3shan la y3awrk thahrk bacher”

“Ee ee” he said, turning over to my side of the sofa with his eyes still closed.

“M7ammad nam da5el…mo nam el9ob elthany” I said, keeping the tone of my voice only a little higher than a whisper. I didn’t want to wake him up.

He opened his eyes, and looked at me. A wide smile made its way to his face. A wide happy smile that is. It was the first time I’ve seen one of those from M7ammad’s lips, and even though it only made an appearance for a spilt second, it was forever imprinted in my head.

It was…breathtaking…to say the least.

“I missed the movie?”

“I don’t know at which part I lost you” I giggled. “I told you that you wouldn’t like it. It’s a girly movie”

“Hey! I liked what I saw…and if I wasn’t so exhausted from today, I would’ve seen it all” he said defensively.

“Zain yala goum 5al nam…tomorrow is going to be a long day. We need to be on campus by 9am”

“Haya bs weddy a6lb mnch 6alab, 3ady?" he said in a shy voice. It souded adorable coming out of him.

"Ee akeed shda3wa?"

"Please ga3deeny etha ma ge3adt by 8...a5af I oversleep”


He wished me goodnight before we entered our rooms. It was 11pm, and I realized I hadn’t heard from 3abboudy all day. I reached into my purse and switched on my phone.

13 New Messages

From: 3abboud
I miss you already…its only been a few hours =(
eldeera tlawe3 elchabd without you =(

From: 3abboud
7amdella 3asalama 7beebty ;**
How’s London?

From: 3abboud
Lel7een ma we9altaw?

From: 3abboud
Hayooo sh9ayer? Wainkom kil hatha?!

From: missU
You have 6 missed calls from: +96512345678 (3abboud)

From: Dad
Shlon London? Mukanich mbayen 7beebty ;**

From: 3abboud
Hayooo wainich?! Tra ana bedait a7ateech =(
Please sms me or call me as soon as you can

From: missU
You have 5 missed calls from: +96512345678 (3abboud)
You have 2 missed calls from: +96587654321 (Dad)
You have 1 missed call from: +96512121212 (Layla)

From: Layla
7amdella 3asalama =)
tried calling you but your phone was off
did Rana tell you about the new arrangements?

From: Dad
Haya 7beebty sh9ayer? Laish lel7een jehazich mu’3la8? 6amneeny 3laich 7beebty.

From: missU
You have 18 missed calls from: +96512345678 (3abboud)

From: 3abboud
Haya no matter what time it is, please get back to me as soon as you can. I’m worried sick about you. I checked with the airline oo your plane landed ages ago, laish your phone is off?

From: 3abboud
Haya ana ga3ed na6rch oo ma ra7 anam…call me when you see this oo don’t text me 3shan asma3a…I’m waiting zain?!

That last message gave him away. He was starting to fall asleep, and he set his phone to 7beebty ;** profile that only alerted him to calls from me. He never put his phone at night on silent incase I needed something, but also made sure no one else woke him up from his beauty sleep.

I smsed him just to make sure, though.

Hala 3abboudy ;**
There were a few problems hnee oo I kinda got caught up with everything here and forgot to switch my phone on. I’m so sorry 7beeby, I’ll explain later inshallah. Will call you when I get a chance, so please don’t worry if I don’t pick up. Plz 6ammen dad cz he’s worried too. I miss you like hell =(
Sweet dreams =)

Sure enough, he didn’t reply. I fell asleep hoping that tomorrow would end up being a better day.

Whether it was or wasn’t is up to you to decide...


Anonymous said...


khal agra :P

M said...

hmmm a7eb 3aboooodi... bes chinna m7amed wayed wayed cute!

Anonymous said...


ambeeh kesar kha6ree :( alf o setemyat o 3eshreen miss call

why she didnt call back :@

o zwena etgol why she didnt switch her mobile on bedal ga3da o akil o suwalef weya m7amad :@

HAYAAAAAAAAAAA :@ 7ade ma7abait'ha .. 7aram 3bdallah kesar kha6re :( and she didnt even call !!!!! 7adha qahratne :@

..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::.. said...

dandan .. thank u sooooo much wallah u made my day (technically my night :P)
i needed it so much, it changed my bedtime mood :D


ta3abch mara7 .. it was a great post and i really enjoyed every bit of it o i swear to god that ur detailed description made me picture everything that as if i was watching the story instead of reading it :D

ahhh n m7ammed is a really sweet guy ..

can't wait for the next post :D

lost said...

more more more!!!

Pourqoui said...

i luv m7md i9ara7a <3 even though I also luv 3aboody :p Thank God I'm not haya walla allah y3enha

tough luv ;/

moi said...

awww =( 3abood yakser el5a6er!, m7ammad is so cute! madry shanagy:P

Livingmylife said...

aaah a5eran! .. waay m7amad 7aba galbii ! bas ham 3aboudy!

iff madri shasawi ! i love both!

9a3ba wayid ;/ she has to break one of their hearts!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE (a3ayez wagool LOVE) IT!



MashMosh said...

alllaaaayyyyy love it wayed tslam edich xD loool yallah cant wait for the next part babe...

7aram 3boood =(

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

egraaay egraaaay ;)


chenna its getting harder and harder to decide everyday ;)


she didnt wanna call him 3shan la tga3da....farg elwagt bl kuwait 3ndhom elfayir oo bacher dawam =(
bs ee i agree..haya mal 6ag!
mskeen 3abboud =(


7beeby its always a pleasure ;**
im glad i changed the mood =D


taww elnas 3la more...i need to recover lol ;)


ee 7adda =\
elmskeena her decision is getting harder everyday...oo ehya already confused abt 3abboud =(


entay nagay wa7ed oo ana ra7 artha blthany lol ;)


its so difficult to pick...wallah her decision mo shya kilish =\


7beebty tslmeen ;**
adree 3abboud kesar 5a6ry =(

FourMe said...

that's not long that's short.. write a longer one next time :p

zuz said...

m7ammad sexyyy;p;p,3abdallah maskeen bas boring;p

Think-Become said...

a5ir sentence ma fahamt-ha.. loved the way haya's hair got tied up with his watch!!

5anshoof shino bi9eeer bacher :P

amazing post loved it so much.. you didn't make m7ammad smoke a cigg!! isn't he a smoker i guess :P

Zaina said...

way 3abdallah di3la! ;p lool wallah he is!
lazgaaaa... okay adree inhum makh6oobeeen or whatever, bas okay lazem ya36ee haya space shwaya. lazem iseer nafs m7amad shwaya;p now, HE'S a man ;p ma7ib 3abdallah. di3laaaa...

libero anima said...

ba9eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee7 !

Stand-Alone~ said...


Ok,, amazing post.. i just didnt want it to finish... now i cant work coz i wanna know what happenes next.. *sigh* 7araam 3boood.. and m7ameed 9ar wayeed cute!!!

Halawa said...

If she chooses M7ammad over 3abood I might die... literally XD

It's UNFAIR! I mean, I like them both *blushes* yes, I've fallen for another imaginary guy.. or a couple of them.. 3abood, m7ammad, Edward, Ian from the Host... NOT GOOD! Too many imaginary guys I'm crushing on LOL.

Oh Oh and <3 <3 Dana for mentioning me in that post of yours. Luvek. I'm glad you liked it,, I know you expected more, but that's because you're one talented writer love. *grins*.

So you're gonna read the sequel? New Moon? *jumps up and down and nods*.. YES? :D... should I send it over?

A Journal Entry said...

i love french kiss.. i love meg ryan.. i love u for this wonderful post!

Anonymous said...

Teslam Edich 3la hal poast =) 7adi I liked it specially ena it's long ;)
a7la shy hatha elpart when you were watching the TV :> I don't know how bs I don't hate Mohammed anymore bs at the same time 7ada kaser 5a6ri 3abod 8lba 3leech =( bs mo men Haya wallah kela mn that Lebanese BITCH RANA ehya eli 5alt Haya y9eer feha kel hatha y3ni if I were Haya adz msg 7a8 3bdallah a8ola 7elk feha =P bs el7sana elw7eda mn eli 9ar hatha kela ena Haya knew some good things about Mohammed ma kant t3rfhom.

Can't wait for the next post ;> a7es law Haya mo daza msg 3adi elyom elthani 3bdallah y8e9 his ticket o yro7 laha lol!


Hessa said...

5ala99 I love m7amad now :p wayed cuutte :*

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

ya 6ama3a ;Pp
next one is bound to be short ;Pp


ee bs 3abboud eyanen!
ya3ny etha ehya ma taby 5al ta36eeny eya!
ana bartha fee boring! =D


ra7 tefhamha next post ;)
oo i guess ma 9ar a chance ena he smokes...
bs ee, he's a smoker ;)
maybe he'll smoke soon ;)
i guess ma 9ar chance! ;)


7aram 3laich =(
adree he's lazga, bs loo a7a9el thefr 3abdallah wallah ma ahedda! =(


libero anima,
laaa laaaa la t9ee7een lol ;)


eee adreee m7ammad 9ayer wayed <3 yen7ab!! =D
bs 7aram haya didnt wanna wake him up =(



exam to read...excuse to waste time?

ah wat the hell?! send it over =D

im glad you likey =D
tra theres nothing better than imaginary guys =D
they're simply perfect! =D


a journal entry,
awwwww ;**
7beeby i love you tooo! =D
french kiss is one of my all time favorites...along with addicted to love 6ab3an =D


3ad 3abboud maynooon oo esaweeha! ;)


m7ammad is sooooo adorable ;**
wallah yen7aaaab!
bs 5al haya ta36eeny 3abboud! =D

Halawa said...

*hugs Dana and jumps along with her*

YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! Hayni r7 ab3ato :D :D :D LUVEK!

Hahaha... LOOOOOOOOOOL imaginary guys are just THE BEST! THE BEST BEST! *sighs*.

nyxxie said...

you're keeping a lot of people entertained aren't you ;p

sadia said...

i've soooo much catching up to do!
tonight for sure inshalla!

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...




i love love love jumping!=D

this time, though, im reading it AFTER my exam eli next week! ;)


entertainment is always good ;)
hope i entertained you! ;)


yea i was wondering where you were ;)
yalla i wont post another one till you're done readin ;)

7aLeeB KaKaW said...

ahlaaaan.. ;P !! i read ur whole blog.. :P walaah eewanis.. nice story.. :P bs a7is 3abdulaah wayed lazgaa.. :P ya3nii fich 3anha shwayaa.. :P bs they look cute.. :* 7abait il story :P !!


sadia said...

all done!
:) what a great read
:( i want a guy!

Aurous said...

I'm so happy... thank you for the long post and y36ech el3afya.. :)

enshallah all your post will be like this :D

Nemo said...

maskeeen 3aboody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nemo said...

thnx :))