Saturday, January 10

Contrasting Realities 12

Another long post! =)
I wont be posting for a while because I have exams =(



The dark, gloomy sky made it very difficult for me to wake up the following day. With Dr. Nasser’s words in the back of my head, though, I reluctantly pulled myself out of bed, in fears of being late for what I was here for.

I walked towards the window and looked at the outside world. The streets were wet and the sun was nowhere to be seen. The only signs of life were the moving tree branches, owing to the cold lifeless wind shuffling through them.

This is not going to be a good day…

The room was silent except for the sound of my breathing and the shuffle of my walking. I walked out into the living room to find the suite in pin-drop silence. I headed towards M7ammad’s room and eavesdropped for a few moments. All I could hear was the sound of my breath.

It was 8.10 and he hadn’t woken up yet, which only meant one thing.

I had to wake him up.

I don’t really like waking people up…

I knocked on the door.





Zain oo b3dain?

I knocked harder.

“M7ammad…wake up”


I knocked harder and more often. I was getting irritated. Why doesn’t he have an alarm set?

“M7ammad yala 3ad!! Warana she’3l!! We need to go oo ra7 net2a5ar chithee!”. My voice was loud and high pitched. Combined with the continuous knocking, I was starting to give myself a headache.

I finally heard some movements inside the room. Actually, I just heard the bed sqeaking. It was a good sign, nonetheless. It meant that he wasn’t dead.

I knocked harder and screamed louder, more irritated.

“M7ammad yalla! Ma 9arat! I’m starting to get a headache oo ent lel7een kil hatha ma teg3ad?”



“kaa shm mmmm”

“M7ammad shet5arbe6?! I cant understand anything!”


“M7ammad! Tekfa la tyaneny please!”

“Kaani kaani”. I could barely make out what he was saying.


“Eee kaani”. His voice became lower and more muffled once more.

“M7ammad mo tnam mara thanya! I’m going to go take a shower oo etha ma kint ga3ed by the time I’m done, baroo7 broo7y!”

“Yuba ga3ed wallah…bs 5alas thelfay…9ar feeny 9da3 bsebetich”


“Elsharha 3ly eny a9lan ga3da aga3dk!” I exclaimed before angrily stomping off to my room.

I got into the shower feeling anger radiating from my entire body. Didn’t he ask me to wake him up? Didn’t I try waking him up nicely? Wasn’t he the one who wouldn’t freaking bulge? If I didn’t feel funny about walking into his room, I would’ve spilled some ice-cold water on his face right there and then.

I suddenly and abruptly pulled away from the water, feeling a sharp painful sensation covering my entire body. Seconds later, that sensation proved itself to be pain. Burning pain. Standing there and thinking about how rude M7ammad was to me, I had been standing underneath the hot water for a while now, forgetting to turn on the cold water.

The little voice in my head didn’t understand why I was so surprised though. After all, if I didn’t expect this kind of attitude coming out of M7ammad, then who would it come out of? Surely after last night, I thought I had been too tough on the guy and was even starting to think I had the wrong image of him in my head all this time, but he fortified the world-revolves-around-me attitude today to new extents I didn’t think possible.

I should’ve let him sleep on the streets…

After my shower, I changed into a crimson pencil skirt and its matching grey jacket suit. I put my hair up in a loose bun, allowing a few strands to flow freely around my face and applied only the most basic of makeup. While putting on my heels, I started setting the contents of my bag and came across my mobile.

8 Missed calls.

3abboud (8)

3 New Messages.

From: 3abboud
7amdella 3asalama 7beebty ;**
I was worried sick about you ams =(
I’m sorry I fell asleep, bs mn kithr ma kint a7ateech, 7assait nafsy bayen!
Oo ra8am M7ammad mo 3ndy, ma gedart adeg 3aleh!
Call me when you wake up
ps: I miss you wayed

From: Dad
7amdella 3asalama =)
3abboud called me this morning oo told me about your message. Was really worried about you ams. Call us when you get the chance
ps: ommich msawya ma2sa bl bait cz you’re not here ;)

From: 3abboud
Lel7een ma ge3adty?
9a7 elnoum, sleepy-head! ;Pp
Call me!

From: 3abboud
Yallllaaaaah Haya ge3day!

I dialed his number, this time yearning to hear his voice.

“Hayaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”. He screamed so loudly that I had to pull the phone away from my ear.

“Please don’t tell me you did that in your office infront of everyone”

He laughed.

“laa laa ana blsayara mzareg mn eldawam…shlonich yal ga63aaaa! I miss you wayed!”

“Ma medany aroo7 a9lan! Shlon medak you miss me?” I teased him.

“Laish? You don’t miss me ya3ny?”

“La2” I lied. I missed him like crazy.

“Chathaba! Cham marra agoolich loo bt’chathbeen, chathbay 3adel or goolay el9ij akramlch”

“I still don’t miss you…not even shwaya”

“I still don’t believe you. So, how’s London? How’s M7ammad?”

“London is cool, bs M7ammad ylawe3 elchabd!”

“Laiiiish bs 7beebty, sh9ar? Entaw mo kil wa7ed eb 7ala?”

I told him about the reservations and how I was stuck sharing a suite with M7ammad. I told him how I was starting to like M7ammad after yesterday, but how, after today, all I wanted to do was now choke him and watch till his face turned the same color as his eyes.

He was generally very supportive, telling me I’ve made the right decision by asking him to stay, and asking me to be patient with his attitude problems until the others arrived tomorrow.

Until I told him that I passed out the night before. That’s when he flipped out.

“Entay mn 9ijich?! Haya may9eer chithee! This is why I should’ve been there with you! Ballah 9ar feech shay, shino kan ra7 e9eer 7azzat’ha? Who would’ve taken care of you?”

Listening to him practically screaming on the phone, I decided to omit the part where M7ammad carried me and took care of me. Partly because I wanted him to believe he was the only person who took care of me, but mostly because I didn’t want him to get a good impression about M7ammad.

“3abboud ma 9ar shay. It was nothing serious as always. I just overreacted oo I’m fine now”

“Shino ya3ny overreacted?! Shino ya3ny fine now? Kan elmafrooth ayee weyach bs killa bsebat rasech elyabes hatha”. Once again, I had to remove the phone from my ears. This time, though, it was because he was screaming so loudly.

“3abboud la t9are5 please. Ana feeny eli mkafeeny oo mo nag9a. Please la tzeed 3ly. I'm already having a crappy day.”

“Shino ya3ny mo nag9a? Tabeeny asma3 ena entay 9ar feech shay oo ana mo weyach oo agool ok? What do you want me to do Haya?”

“3abboud please calm down. La t9are5 3ly chithee, zain?”

“Don’t you tell me what I can and can’t do, Haya. Don’t you even think about telling me about what I can and can’t do. Bas tadreen shino? Elsharha mo 3laich entay, elsharha 3ly ana. Ana m36eech wayh zyada 3an elezoom”

His loud voice piercing my eardrums didn’t cause any significant pain as compared to his harsh words that felt like daggers through my heart.

But even those daggers felt like nothing compared to the feeling that crept up on me when I heard the line go dead.

His anger was justified.

That's not what ripped me apart and killed me from the inside.

It was the first time he had ever gotten mad at me. It was the first time he had ever raised his voice at me. It was the first time he had ever hung up on me.

I looked at my face in the mirror. No matter how much I tried to hold them back, tears started flowing from my eyes and fell down on my face and on my grey jacket, turning its color underneath them into black. I’ve only been awake for less than an hour, and I was already on bad terms with my roommate and my fiancée to-be.

This is not going to be a good day…


Anonymous said...

emwafega :D

agra ;p

Aurous said...

shfeehom 3aboud w m7amad e5tarbaw!!!

zuz said...

wey wey weey:S:S:S hathela shfehom??? no3hom yetafqon e9eron nice together o e3a9bon together wela sheno?;s, short post:(

zuz said...

ok mu short:$ sorry(A)!

Islander said...

I need more 3abboud and 7amood! I demnd more!

mskeena, shla 3abboud iysawi feecha chethi faj2a! shla mehtad!

moi said...

why the hell did they both get mad at her?:O 7araaaam !! MEN:@!

..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::.. said...

Wat the hell is wrong with 3abdallah !!
M7ammed could be half sleeping though when he said that or that's how he acts when he wakes up (my bro does that some times) but 3abdallah wht ! Haya told him she's having a Headache :/ 7abeebty haya i wanna go n hug her :(

o ya36eech il 3afya galby ;* hope ur feeling better now :*..

cant wait for the next part :D

desertpalms said...

miskeena =(

moody idiots!!

good luck dandooon habibi =**




Silhouette Crime said...

awaaaaaaaaiiih awaaaiiih awaaiiiihh

Pourqoui said...

msaycheeeeeeeeena ;/

allah y3eenha.. la kha6eeb yfham wala athwal yfham :(

Anonymous said...


kelesh mo khosh :\

Anonymous said...

omg 7araaam:(

..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::.. said...

oh forgot to say this ;)

allah ywafgch inshallah o ysahilch il dirasa o yfta7 3alaich ftoo7 il 3arifeen o yj3lch min il awa2il ya rab fil dnya wil a5ra :**


Zaina said...

hahaha yabat'ha pourqoui !!;p

eeeh wallaaah la kha6eeb yifham wala athwal yifham..

wa3alaya ksarat kha6rii :(

Change said...

M7md was half asleep so his attitude is justified, try waking up any guy n he'll do the same, my brother does that to me every morning..!!
Abouds anger was justified, bas shino his attitudes are not.. mala da3ee..!!
am getting hooked, keep it coming..!! ;)

FourMe said...

that's a bad start to a new day :/

Livingmylife said...

Omg! Wat an awful thing to start ur day with!

I bet she wants to go bak to bed and sleep till the afternoon!

Or screw work and go shopping!

Argh! Men, never know how to show they care bedoon ma they hurt our feelings!

M7amad 7ala 5asa! Lol

Gluck!;* and plz post soon!


Think-Become said...

hmmmm, 7amood shakla still asleep!! 3aboood might be angry bas he's gonna call again i guess apologizing because kanat la7that gthab o maybe haya ta5ith ib 5a6irha shwayya....

this is a short post, you're fooling us!!

good luck on your exams, tell us how you did and come back soon, looking forward to it!

Anonymous said...

Shno hatha?!?! Mohammed 9ij ba6 chabdi y3ni mo kafo a7d y83da >_> y3ni aro7 a83d wa7d o y8oli ro7 ethlf!! wallah 2akla b8shora =P
wla 3bdallah ma 8a9er b3d enhad feha bs eli I don't blame him 9ej 3bdallah ymken he overreacted? yes, but ma ynlam etha bydel 3la shy fra7 ydel 3la zod 7oba le Haya o 5ofa 3leha =(
bs omg mskena Haya wallah too much on her.
I'll be waiting for the next post o this one was short :( bs yallah inshallah the next one will be longer ^^

Good luck eb your exams o break a leg =D


Stand-Alone~ said...

NOO..NOO.. what, how did that happen??!!

Even Sweeter said...

Ambai wats wrong with them?! maskeena ma testahel ;x!!

Nemo said...

kela mnha ehia rasha yabes!!

7aLeeB KaKaW said...

llllaaaa 7araaaaam mo wagtaa.. !! bs akeed raa7 iyiy london 7ghaaa.. :P !!! hehe oo good luck on ur exams.. ;)

libero anima said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah !!
i don't know why im hyper i just woke up and i have an exam at 1 w 9aba7t 3ala ur story =D
wanaaaaseh .. btw dude i think you should like write a book or something =p

yalla can't wait for the rest !
and good luck in your examz ! =D

MashMosh said...

omg omg seriously omg i wasnt even blinking =P mn el 7amas ...
i think 3abood zawadha shawy =/

Missy said...

3boooouuud esta5af ou ge3ad! @@

A Journal Entry said...

3aboud laish ma yqadir enha maskeena eb ghurba oo mo wagta esawy feeha chithy =/

Limited said...

good luck in ur exams!! :** concentrate on ur studies min bdal ma u post us part 12 ..

bs shoo haa? whts up with the men PMSing today?? ybala shopping in london to change her mood =D

Starlight<3 said...

Aww, Nooh!

Even though I liked 3aboud, I kinda like m7amad more so I guess him getting mad is kinda a good thing as it gives m7amad a chance :P

Good luck with your exams ;*

Post soon =)

Hessa said...

Gd Luck sister :)! 7amoud and 3aboud r so mean! ya5e 7aram 3alaikum :(
ya3neee 9dg laish 3abood chthyy! 5ala9 i hate them both ! y8hroon :p m

lost said...


but ouch.. that's sad..
that IS going to be a bad day..
and i cant wait to read all about it :D

Halawa said...

I didn't get what m7ammad said.

Arrrgghhhhh Haya is such a drama queen =_='

YALLAH 3ad!!!! LOL

Can't wait for the next post.

when our worlds combined said...

walaaain how am i going to catch up with all of that :S 12 already :P

Anonymous said...

so i started reading your blog today, i magically found it. When i first started with her throwing the phone on the floor cause she was angry at the alarm i was thinking "oh i do that too" and then i read ina her name is haya and i'm like :O!! MY NAME IS HAYA!! But then i told myself laa shda3wa bas cause you throw the phone when you get angry at the alarm and your name is haya doesnt mean ina it's about you or anything and a9lan this thing is fictional. So i kept on reading, and then came the part where she has anger problems and the way you describe her anger is like EXACTLY my anger problem wallah. So gi3adt agi9 3ala roo7y 3ashan i dont get scared agool la shda3wa wayid ppl around me have anger problems and a9lan its not like i'm the only one called haya that has anger problems i know this haya who has minor anger problems. I read further till the part where her best friend is in love with her and that's the point where i started freaking out! I have a best friend (who happens to be wild 3ammy ba3ad) who's in love with me, and at first i ddnt accept the thought of dating him.then i started to consider till i fell in love with him. SO, we were together for about 3 years and in the forth year i had a problem: i LOVED him, bas i wasn't IN LOVE with him. and i really really really felt uncomfortable when he started saying things that would normally make a girl's heart literally MELT. He really has his way with words bas I HATED IT. (i hope this doesnt make some of you think: "she has a guy that adores every cell in her body and she's throwing it all away she's MENTAL" well i tried i seriously tried falling in love with him for a year bas then all the mushy stuff started to DISGUST me that i even told him that it really makes me uncomfortable and if he could please not say it everyday and every time i talked to him cause the thing is i loved him till he started saying these things. hahaha china i'm writing the story of my life?
I just wanted to let you knw ina you're character "HAYA" exists and HERE I AM :)
oh and there are phrases that you're HAYA said that i have said in my life i swear this is like reading about myself!
so then i started calling all my friends and i telling them the story, one tryed to calm me down by saying ina its a coindsedence, the second one said that i should tell you, the third thought that it was really funny and started making fun of me. bas its okay i have come up with a couple of theories:
Theory Number One:
You're from one of the HEROES, you knw the tv show HEROES. And you're power is similer to ISAQ'S bas instead of drawing you write. So one second you're normal and the next you're eyes turn all white with a little shade of grey and you start writing.
Theory Number Two:
I have a friend who can feel what you're feeling if you're like at the other side of the world without you telling her what you're feeling. You know there's always that feeling ily you keep to yourself she can feel them. So maybe you have a similar thing.
Theory Number Three:
You're psycic (NO OFFENCE 7OBI)
Theory Number Four:
It's coincidence (although i doubt it ;P)

PearlsAndBows said...

i love how unpredictable ur story is ! ili kil shwai i think ok now this is gonna happen o a7is roo7i fanana and then mara wa7da e9eer shai completely different which is amazin, i love the element of surprise :P

i think i'm rooting for 7amood...3abood wayed lazga for my taste! 3aash 7amood 3aash te2adab shwai o sweep her off her feet for real hal mara! :P

Lost b2amreeka. said...

akhaaiiihh hal men shrakeb roos-hom =\

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

thanks! =)
oo egray! ;)


lazem ye5tarboon...theyre men ;Pp


no3hom men, ya3ny meyaneen...kil youm eb mood =\
wallah e7na msakeen =\


wallah ma yendara 3anhom! =\
im demanding more 3abbouds and 7ammouds too, bs i dont know who to give the petition too lol ;)


madree 3anhom!!
ee wallah men! =\


do u ever end up waking your brother? lol
a7esa 3ady ybe6 3laich agrab shay beeda lol ;)
bs ee...haya gamat takser 5a6ry =\


i know...moody idiots!
bs 7aram...i've been away..see?




silhoutte crime,
i know =\


ee wallah 9aja!
la 5a6eeb wla athwal!
kilihom idiots!


adree they're crazy =\


i know mskeena =\


7beeeeeeeebyyyyyyyy ;**
wallah thanks matga9reeeen!! =D
ameeeeen ya rab lena oo lich! =)

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

ee wallah pourqoui yabat elzebda! ;)


do you still wake your brother up?!
al7een entay kesarty 5a6ry lol ;)


7adda =\
mo kafy you drag yourself out of bed a9lan, broo7ha thats a bad start =(


yabeela shopping!
who cares abt work? ;)
bs wallah yb6oon elchabd, 3abalhom ya3ny chithee they made a statement?!

thanks 7beeby ;**


entaw kilshay 3ndkom asleep!
oo tra next post will be ultra short if you think this is a short one lol ;)

thanks for the gluck wishes =)
much needed!


roo7 ekla 3ad ;Pp
wallah madry shfeehom!

ymkn 3abboud was worried, bs 7aram 5al era3y ena she was having a crap day, you know?

oo kanat tawwha tgoola ena she's angry fa 7aram =\

ps: there shall be no leg breaking lol ;)


i dont know!
yannaw el2awadem kilhom!


even sweeter,
ee ksarat 5a6ry mskeena =\


ee bs 7aram =\
laish y3a9eb 3laiha =(
5al egolaha rasich yabes oo la y3a9eb =\


7aleeb kakaw,
kilish mo wagta!
oo tawwha tgoola ena mo wagta! =\

thanks though! ;)


libero anima,
book mara wa7da?!
5al adresly a book yenfa3ny lol ;)
thanks 7beeby ;**
wallah me flattered =)

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

he did =\
7aram haya =(


who knows?!


a journal entry,
i think oho 3a9ab chan yensa nafsa =\
9ij he was worried and all, bs still, 7aram Haya =(


ee wallah!
watsup with men pmsing EVERYDAY!!
atleast she can shop in london, e7na shinsawy?!


nakel ice-cream and chocolate! ;)


bs now theyre both mad =\
ooo ehya metwahga..she doesnt know what hit her =\


all men ya8hroon ;Pp
bs ehya 7aram she was already having a crap day oo ohma ma ga99araw =\


its gonna be a pretty long day too ;)
stay tuned 3ad, it doesnt get any better! =\


m7ammad basically told her "get lost, you gave me a headache"
mskeena 7aram =(


when our worlds combined,
my next two weeks are full of exams, so i wont be posting (apart from maybe tonight)
so you have plenty of time to catch up!
you wont regret it, i promise! ;)



ma agdar ashra7lch shkether your comment made me laugh!
wallah ma agdar!
wallah i was reading it from my phone lma kint ga3da bl library oo bamoot the7k oo wahy 9ayer a7maaaaaaar! i had to try very hard to stop myself from replying to the comment and study for my exam, bs wallah its been 3la baly ever since!
its soo strange wallah!

haya has always been a figment of my imagination, bs ana ma5tha lots of traits mn lots of people (myself included) oo i put the togther...fa its really strange to have them all put into one! ;)

oo too many coincidences wallah! =D

ama 3an your theories,

i think i'll stick to number 3 --> im psychic lol ;)

let me know 3ad if i keep getting things right...ra'3m ena el scenario can be a bit different!

ps: aby m7ammad...3a6eeny eyah! =\


surprise is always nice! =)
thanks 7beeby ;**

oo he already swept her off her feet marra!
mo kil marra ehya!
its my turn now! =\


lost b2amreeka,
if we knew the answer to that question, no woman would ever suffer lol ;)

Missy said...

update ;(

M said...

ufff!! miskeena.. kelmen y9are5 3alaiha mn 9ob! ana law minha abadel ilsuit o aroo7 asawy retail therapy.. al3an abo ilrecession!

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

update bs 3shanich ;**


ee wallah 9ajja!
yl3an abo elrecession!!

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

oh i nearly forgot,

ANONYMOUS 14/1/2009

tra i told iwishiwasdead about you mn the day that you left the comment 3ndy =)

i hope you got invited =)

HAYA :) said...

well its funny ina you took traits from different ppl and it ended up being me hahaha.
and i agree about the TOO MANY coincidence..
ana i stongly believe in the first theory :) bas if you wanted to be a psyco then i'd understand ..

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

i can be psycho ;)
i can be isaac ;)

i can be anything hehe ;)

bs you know, that also means you and me have alot in common ;Pp

HAYA :) said...

well that's something interesting ;)
haha i always thought i was unique
stop checking your blog and study for your exams! :)

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

hayaaaaaa =D

tra 7addy mestansa 3laich btw lol ;)

yala ii'm going to be telling you about a new chapter of your life in a few days ;**